Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 45- Throw it up!! Throw it up!!

Family!! How are you guys??  Well I guess it’s too late to write Kody!! I sure miss that guy! He truly has been a great example to me.  I always think to myself like boy I’m not going to be able to play ball when I get home what am I going to do then I always remind myself that Kody is doing the same thing.  That is so cool he is home I am happy for him.  I was so dang sad to hear about Jacks little sister.  It broke my heart for him.  Keep them all in your prayers.  I know she is in the arms of our Heavenly Father and savior Jesus Christ right now, I am so thankful for our Heavenly Fathers Plan of Salvation, knowing that I will see my family again.  I don’t know if you guys heard about our dance off in our Zone activity a couple of weeks ago.  To say the least me and Jensen should have won that battle but we had a slanted crowd.  Colby!!! DUDE you got your truck you freaking stud!!! Dude get some chicks right away man haha! Dad don’t worry about that sickness.  I always am clean here and am always on the look out don’t worry all is good, I will keep my head up my eyes open and my hands to myself. 

This week was so dang good. The weather this week was awesome.  It has been cool all week, little rainy boy it’s been nice.  This week we haven’t had anything exciting happen.  It was such a good and rewarding week though.  We had 8 investigators at church and L a girl we had been preparing for baptism said she wants to be baptized this Saturday so we are going to baptize her this Saturday we are so happy for her.  I was kind of reluctant at first because I didn't know if she was ready but then Saturday she said a prayer asking God to help her overcome her fears and be baptized. She also said she wants to be a member of the lord’s church and I was so happy for that.  It was such a great experience.  The s Family came to church again but we got bad news that they are going to move at the end of this month so we won’t be able to baptize them, but it’s still a seed planted and yesterday their 10 year old boy wore a tag to church saying Elder I we were so happy.  Then another less active member we have been dealing with, we got all his daughters to come to church this week for the first time they were so happy.  As well we got my wife to come to church this week with her sister that we have been teaching it was so dang cool.  During Church they were just writing things down and the members did such a good job fellowshipping them.  Overall Sunday was a great day.  A lot of people came to church and we were so happy for them.  Dang Sunday is a make it or break it day.  If your investigators come you are stoked but if they don’t you feel terrible.  As well M our mother in this area said this month (August)  She is going to devote her time to reading the book of Mormon and coming to the church. We definitely have planted a seed in her heart.  She is stubborn aww but she loves us.  She always calls us son and she always talks to us about things we love her.  Today is actually a Muslim holiday so it’s a little crazy outside haha everyone is dancing in the streets and Muslims are everywhere.  
 Well family sorry nothing really has happened this week.  We just taught normal lessons with our investigators and yeah have had a lot of fun.  My companion and I are getting along good and the apartment is still cool.  That virus thing don’t worry about it.  President hasn't said anything about it but I will keep my eyes open.  Mom Dad and Colby I sure love you three very much.  I miss you every single day that I am here and can’t wait for the day I can give you guys a hug.  Miss you tons!!

Love you all tons!!!:) 

Elder Carson