Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 49- Almost September

This week was a very good week.  For 12 week training, which is a program we use when we are training, it always gives us an application to apply to the new missionary for the week and for this week it was my companions turn to lead for the whole week.  He did such a great job I was really proud of him.  He is a stud and I feel he could lead right now!  We were able to go on some transfers this week.  I went with Elder Jensen on wednesday and we had a lot of fun and had some very good lessons.  Boy we were constantly laughing and playing with people.  We went to a lesson with a guy who isnt too serious but he called us over so Jensen said in twi he doesnt speak English.  He would talk to the guy in twi and the guy was like wow, white man who doesnt speak english.  We told him that he was from the bush and his father is German.  Well during the lesson I would look at Jensen and tell him he was an Idiot and Jensen (because he doesnt speak English)  would smile and say yeah......hhaha I was having such a hard time not laughing.  I told the guy that he was mad and likes to kiss and talk to goats and the guy starting telling Jensen in twi and Jensen would act mad at me haha and the guy was just laughing when I would insult Jensen in english.  It was a lot of fun!!! I also went on an exchange with Elder Uzoho and he is such a funny guy!  We had a lot of fun and taught some very good people!!  Well our people are doing very good.  J is doing good but we may have to let her go.  She knows the church is true but not willing to follow it, it makes me feel bad but there is nothing else we can do, we will do a lot of praying for her this week.  The S Family is doing awesome.  The gospel has truly changed their life and behavior.  They are three young beautiful girls named A, T and Al.  I look at the way they have progressed from when we first whent there until now....they are the reason I do missionary work.  The first time I went there they didnt even talk and now I cant even get them to quit talking.  The youngest loves sitting by me at church and always gives me hugs.  You can just see them shining with the spirit.  They have came to church for the past 5 weeks and talk to members all the time and the members have done such a great job with them.  I am so happy for them.  They will be baptized this saturday.  The oldest asked me to baptize her, the middle asked Luvhengo and the youngest asked for Uzoho we are so excited for them.    Every one else is doing fine.  At church we had a recent convert bring two of her sisters to church with her.  They are lovely girls.  Their sister is Elder Valdez's recent convert but is staying in our area and she loves the gospel.  She always tries to feed us because she says my older sister in Tema always feeds the missionaries and blessings come and I want blessings haha it makes us laugh but she doesnt have a lot of money so we dont let her!  We will tell her that her bringing her sisters to church will bless her more than what we can do.  We will teach them this week.  Also an old bishops daughter has been bringing her sister to church and we are going to teach her this week as well.  We are dealing with a lot of women in Ghana but women are way more serious than men.  Even you can look in any church and 90 percent of the congregation are women.  I always think of my mother and her example, if it wasnt for her I wouldnt be here today.  So we are excited for this upcoming months we are going to prepare a lot of people those two sisters and a man who has been coming to church and wants to be baptized so we were like ok let us teach you first boss he is a great guy named s!! 

So we had one of our MTC instructor get married this Saturday.  She was actually my teacher, she remembered me and wanted to give me a hug she is such a cool person.  Well she is a returned missionary and is marrying a returned missionary so they wanted the missionaries to come and sing.  We sang at their wedding, of course I led the thing again...gosh I need to join the tabernacle. Boy when we were practicing though and they werent listening I felt like grandma does at choir practice haha I was like boy Im like my Grandma!!!  We sang and it was beautiful.  Well Ghanian weddings after the wedding there is a lot of dancing and missionaries we got fed good.  Well they were doing a dance circle outside the church and I had to join them I like to have a little fun.  I went out there and did the AlQuida a local dance move and everyone went nuts haha it was funny I was just laughing.  I cant dance at all but It was fun. Well on our way back from that wedding we saw another wedding at my last chapel so we went inside and again got fed and got some coke.  Haha we crashed that thing boy it was awesome.  We had no idea who it was but we wanted some more food haha so we went there it was a lot of fun.  I saw Elder Nelson and he looks good, he put on 10 pounds at home haha and said he got sick with the food and said people said he sounded different...oh boy home is going to be wild haha!!! 

Well Family I am pooped out I wrote a lot this time I felt like!!  I love you three so dang much.  Thank you for the emails they mean so much to me!! I am so thankful for my family and the way I have been raised!  I truly have been so dang blessed.  You are all in my prayers every single day. I love you all very much!!!

love you three tons
Elder T-Cars