Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 48- Subject!!!!

8/18/2014 11:49 AM

Hey family!! How is it going?  It sounded like you all had a great and busy week.  With Fair, the Rodeo, and boating.  I thought this week was going to be the hardest week for me because of homesickness but I didn’t think a whole lot about it.  I wish I could have been there but I will be there for the next one and that I think is why I didn’t think too much about it!  Boy though Elder Jensen and Uzoho and Luvhengo and I were talking about what we do for Christmas and boy that made me a little homesick.  I can’t wait to get moms cooking again.  Dad, Colby don’t complain again boy mom is the best.  Well I am glad you were able to see the family and all is well you were all in my prayers and I was glad you were able to make memories.   Saturday I was explaining to everyone what you guys were doing and it didn’t make me too homesick it kind of made me excited to go home, almost over the hump and on the downhill side.  Family thank you so much for the email though I really appreciate them.  I always love getting them and it’s kind of like a journal each week for all of us, I think it would be great to keep doing this even when I am home so we can have some family history!  I sure love my fam dam!! 

Just to answer some of your questions.  Yeah I am going to miss Jensen if he leaves me and him are a lot of like and would hang out back home.  Overall though I am going to miss this apartment we are so dang close and always have a ton of fun in the apartment.  This has been my best apartment.  Elder Uzoho is like the little brother but is so dang humble and loving so we always have a ton of fun with him and luvhengo likes to have fun and has a great sense of humor so we are always laughing and having fun.  This Ebola thing in Ghana is okay.  I know it won’t come to Ghana by the Airport but it will and can come by the borders they aren’t doing anything.  Well now in Africa the rumor is, is that we as Americans and white people started this virus and sent it here and have a hidden cure to make money off of Africa.  It is sad especially when we are trying to help them but In Africa they always blame everything on white people...hey we have’s because white people are white haha it’s too bad but what do you do.  All is well I think it will be okay!!  I don’t want to leave Ghana I want to stay here this is my mission and I can’t see myself anywhere else so I hope it doesn’t come!!  

This week was really Awesome!! We had a great Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday with the Zone.  Elder Anderson and Elder Bay do a very good job.  The APs were also there.  They did a Americas Gots Talent show except it was a contest for the best finding and contacting missionary it was pretty sweet.  Well not to toot my own horn but my companion and I we are the best finders in Kaneshie Zone, might as well sign us up to be apostles haha it was pretty fun.  Afterwards it was Elder Bays birthday so we went to this pizza place and a place called melcom and chopped pizza and I drank a dr. pepper...boy I love the city sometimes.   Well I was able to meet the APs a little better and Elder Hansen is our new AP...Great guy, we would have got along so dang good I wish we could have served with each other a little more.  We are a lot of like he is going to go home and play college football when he is finished.  Well that was a good day then we were able to have a great week throughout the week.  As well I met a guy from Liberia, His name is Elder Tolar he is a great guy and he plays ball, we got along very good and talked a lot that day.  I thought we had it rough in Ghana but they didn’t even have will never catch me complaining again.  I hope we know how blessed we are in the country we live in.  America is so dang blessed.  Well throughout the week we met and had some very good lessons.  We had an investigator that was just visiting for a couple weeks and we felt we had to teach her at least through lesson two so we did that and she loves the book of Mormon.  We were sad to see her leave.  The S family also left.  My companion with Elder Valdez on exchanges were able to have a great family home evening lesson.  They said it was a lot of fun and I know it was a very deep seed planted.  I know they will all get baptized in the future and I was glad my companion and I were able to plant that seed.  The Sa family the three girls are doing awesome it was so dang cute, the youngest is turning 8 years old today and when she told us that I turned to her father and said do you know what that means boss and he didn't know what to say but she answered loudly and excited BAPTISM haha it was awesome. The girls love the church, and are all very excited to get baptized.  They all came to church again this week and are loving it.  We have been teaching my j and have had some great lessons well we had a lesson and told her to pray right after we left to know if the church was true so we came back two days later and asked her if she had prayed.  She said yes and said that she kind of received an answer.  Well her friend she is living with told us that a voice told her that she needs to go but she doesn’t want to leave her church.  So we have been working on her and have been trying to help her understand that this is the lord’s church. We are praying for her and she said this week for sure she is coming to the church.   This is all that really has happened this week and it has been a super busy and super fun week.  We haven’t had anything to funny happen this week.  Things are just normal.  Well we were at a members house and she was feeding us some sort of grounded plantain and palmnut stew well there was a bunch of wild cats around and they were coming trying to get some food well I threw a little on the ground and they would come so they came and I snuck my hand under one and threw it on my companion boy he squealed like a girl haha I laughed and laughed and laughed he was like I don’t like cats man haha I have done that once and every time that family sees him the little girls tell him you scream like a girl haha.  It really made my week.  
For this week I ate a lot of indo-mei and a lot of rice haha and am feeling very healthy.  My voice is back and all is well.  
Family thank you so much for the emails and the thoughts.  As well I was wondering about a one year package with my card to watch some vids haha.  I can’t believe it has been a year.  Time truly flies and I can’t wait to see you guys again.  I sure love you mom, dad and Colby.  Thank you so much for the prayers and the sacrifices you have done for me.  Colby dude I still can whoop you on a bike and will be able to whoop you in a wrestling match when I get you’re still a wuss and mom your still the best mom in the world haha I love you guys so dang much!!!! 

Love your missionary!!!!

Elder Carson