Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 46- Ebola is not good!!!!!!

8/4/2014 6:04 AM
Well Family we have to pray for this Ebola virus thing to get figured out.  We just have to put our trust in our Heavenly Father and all will be okay.  Just pray that no missionaries will get it and all will be okay.  I am ready and on my game right now so all is okay, we don’t need to worry or let this affect us.  I am obedient and Heavenly Father will protect me.  I appreciate that email and I was already aware of this, I had a bad feeling on Friday that something happened.  At first I thought it had to do with Cami so I was just praying for her then Sunday I realized what was going on just to the west of me.  The spirit will keep me safe and healthy don’t worry Dad and Mom I will be okay.  I love you guys!!!  It sounded like you had a pretty stressful thing to worry about with this whole Ebola thing.  

This week though was really sweet.  We were able to have a really good week this week.  We were able to plant a lot of seeds and have some really good lessons.  M is doing really well.  Boy she is stubborn but she said this month she is going to pray and read the book of Mormon to see if it is true.  I think she knows the church is true but she is just fighting it.  She is like our mother she feeds us every time we go there and she is always taking good care of us.  If stuff goes wrong I am going to her.  We as well were teaching this older man who has just suffered a stroke.  I think I mentioned him last email.  He lived in America for about 10 years and was being taught by the missionaries there.  We went to see him on Tuesday and we had previously asked him to read the pamphlet we gave him but when we asked on Tuesday he responded with when you walked in I thought to myself "For Today I am in trouble"  We all started to laugh about it.  Well then on Thursday we went to see him and we asked if he read it and he said "For Today I am dead"  haha we laughed pretty hard about it.  He is doing really well and we have taught him all of the Restoration and he loves it but we will see if we can get him to come to church. As well we have been teaching the Less Active family the S family.   We have been teaching the daughters and they again came to church again this Sunday.  We were so excited to see them again they loved the church and the members did so dang good with them.  They went and fellowshipped them so well it really helped we are hoping to baptize them the end of this month.  As well we had baptisms on Saturday.  We had 5 people baptized and my companion and I baptized L.  It was a really special program.  I performed the baptism for L and for Elder Jensen's and Uzoho.  It was really sweet I have some pictures but my memory card has a virus so I can’t send them. The S Family is moving at the end of this week so we were very sad.  We planted a very deep seed with this family and we hope that where they move they will continue to progress and be baptized.  I have been thinking a lot about this Ebola virus and these natural disasters in the world.  Family please pray for these people and ask Heavenly Father to help these people.  I have a sure testimony of this Gospel; I have never doubted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This church is so dang true and if we live and follow the commandments of our Heavenly Father we need not fear.  Know that I am obedient and doing what Heavenly Father expects out of me.  I know that we will be safe here and all is well.  I will keep an eye on it and we will be safe I have hand sanitizer with me always:)  

Family I love you all so dang much.  Please don’t ever forget that.  I love you guys and am sure proud of my family.  Know one thing that if we live the Gospel Principles we will see each other again and we will have eternal happiness.  If there was anything I would want from my family is to follow and keep their covenants so we can live together forever, this is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Love you guys so dang much!!

Elder Carson

Colby Proud of you boss and the man you are developing into, glad you got your truck hope you take care of that thing.  I love you big guy!!