Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 47- Killing it!!!!

8/11/2014 11:39 AM
Hey family!! It sounded like you all had a very good week. I wish I could be there with you right now but I got to do the lords errand right now.  It sounded like you are really having a good time.  I hope you took lots of pictures I will love to see them.  As well let me know on the rides you went on:)  Did you go to the ice cream store that we always go to? I really am missing you guys right about now and I’m ready to hit my one year, make some one year resolutions and then get home to see you guys!!:)  I sure love and miss you all so much but I am so thankful that you are all safe and doing well.  You are always in my prayers and I am at peace knowing that Heavenly Father is watching over you!!!:) 

This week was really good.  It somehow seemed like a normal week and I feel that my emails are getting more boring and boring but I don’t know what to talk about anymore, it seems the thrill of Ghana has worn off and I feel like a dang Ghanaian.  I mean the other day we were at a funeral and Elder U and I had to take a leak so we found a spot on the wall behind the cars well right after we left it seems it was a good spot because a very pretty girl followed right behind us and squatted and let er go haha it was funny..only in GH haha where you can take a leak wherever and its cool, when I do it though it seems the children have never seen a white one before so they try to come up and get a peak hahahaha I am laughing so hard writing this right now.  So this week was super cool we had some very good lessons and have had some great experiences.  Well one day we were out finding and just talking to people and I saw a man sitting outside a store so I rode by and just thought to myself I wanted some biscuits (crackers) so I should go contact that man.  Well his name was R and he said that he doesn't go to any church (which is way weird in Ghana) and he has heard a lot about us.  Well we talk about why he doesn't go and he told us it because he knows all these churches are false and are ran for a business.  He was a very intelligent man and we told him we would be coming to see him this week we have high hopes for him.  It’s amazing how the spirit works and how it will just lead this work.  It has been so nice to train because my companion is very good and gives me a lot of compliments about how I have learned to listen to the spirit and I always tell him he will obtain it as well which he is and is doing very very good.  We taught J, again my ex-wife, and she is doing really good and is keeping commitments.  She has been reading the book of Mormon and asked us why other pastors don’t use this book because it is so good.  Well we explained to her why and she listened very very good, the spirit did and she said this Sunday she will be coming to church:)  Other than that we have been able to plant a lot of seeds in this area and hope that when other missionaries come they will be able to reap in a little more of success in this area.  I always share with my companion it’s not about baptisms, and how it takes a real man and missionary to know that Heavenly Father is pleased with you even though you aren’t baptizing anyone!! The S Family is moving tomorrow but we gave them a family proclamation and wrote on the back how to conduct a family home evening and they were really happy for that.  We are going to see them off tomorrow.  The father and I had a very long conversation last week about why he left the church but still wants his kids and wife to go.  He shared that he was a ward clerk and saw bishops and members stealing money.  Which happens a lot in Ghana and how he didn’t like being a part of it so he left.  It’s a very good reason and I said one simple line with him, I said Da don’t let those people keep you from receiving blessing from your heavenly father for living the gospel and taking of the sacrament.  I told him don’t let them affect your salvation and affect you from living with your family forever. Just because the members aren’t perfect doesn’t mean the church isn’t.  WE can’t let those people keep us from living with our families forever if we don’t renew our covenants each week then we are allowing Satan and them to win.  We have to partake of the sacrament each to prove to our Heavenly Father that we are worthy to live in his presence and live with our families forever.  Remember this as well Family!!:)  We as well this week met with another member who has a less active sister so we have started working with her.  The Less Active Family the s family is doing really good.  They came to church again on their own this is the third week in a row, we will baptize them on the 30th we are so happy for them.  We wish the father would come back but we can’t force anybody to accept this and live it.  The oldest daughter left as well to university so we were sad about that but when she comes home we will get her taught up and get her baptized.  We as well experienced an African Funeral this week.  Africans they love funerals and they really take the pain out of it.  There is a lot of singing, dancing and praising god.  A member’s mother died so we went to support her.  She was part of the house of Zion church so there false pastor did a sermon.  IT was funny we tried to be as respectful as we could but the members were all laughing it was an experience.  Boy Jensen and I were dancing singing praising the lord, I felt like I was at a freaking high school basketball game but it was fun.  We all wore our funeral ties (black) and had a good time!!:)   Well then Friday I started feeling myself getting sick my throat was killing me, so I was good I was taking my doxy and things but Saturday when I woke up I had no voice haha but I felt and feel super fine but my voice is gone.  Well Saturday was a short day for us because of that but before we went home we met this guy at his house.  He was a super nice guy that we contacted and allowed us to sit.  My companion did all the talking and did a wonderful job.  He asked him what has God done for you in your life and the guy started talking about how babies are made haha and then compared that to how great God is boy we had some good laughs about that after it made our days. 

Well Family! Ghana is still sweet.  I love it here so dang much.  I just chopped fufu at Jensens recent converts house.  Her name is MC and V, we stop by there almost every evening and have some good laughs.  They are shining examples on how the gospel will change your life.  MC is around 60 years old and is so dang funny. Family I am so thankful to honorably represent the lord in Ghana.  I am so thankful for your sacrifice so I can be here.  I have been blessed with such a great family.  I love you all so much and want you to know serving a mission is the best decision I have made.  It has truly changed me from a boy to a man and has taught me so many life principals.  A mission is truly a university for life.  I know this church is true, and I love defending it.  I love you all so much!!!

I love you all tons!!!:)