Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 74- Hugs and Goodbyes!!

Well family it sounded like you guys had a great week.  All is well here in Asuom!  We had a wonderful baptism last week Sunday and had a wonderful baptism this week as well.  Asuom is really progressing the lord is blessing us out here!  Well transfers were in and Elder Itedjere is going to Oda my last area and Elder Graves is going to New town Accra.  They are both very happy but we are sad to see them go. We have gained a big brotherhood and respect out here together and it will be sad to see them leave, I love them both like brothers.  Elder Jessee is getting a guy named Elder Esplin and I will be training a new missionary.  I am happy with the transfers.  This week was somehow rough, I think because of transfers news we all were kind of dragging but it was still okay.  We weren’t able to see all of our investigators this week but that’s how it goes some days.  We are facing a lot of trials out here.  Every investigator Graves and I have is facing outside influences.  Two of our serious investigators have had their parents tell them they can no longer come to our church.  One was a 16 year old boy which is understandable but the other is a 26 year old woman who is in fear of losing her money from her family.  Satan is definitely an influence when others come to the knowledge of the truth.  I have actually really been studying Satan and his tactics so to say.  I have read the story in 3 Nephi when the king of the gadianton robbers uses flattery words to try to persuade Nephi to surrender.  Then I read about him in 2 Nephi I believe chapter 29. It’s amazing how much these passages portray Satan and how careful we have to be with him.  We see it all the time especially what we learn about in 2 Nephi.  Where he justifies things and uses a little truth with a lot of lie.  one he uses is basically Just do this for example not pay your tithing, not keep the commandments, maybe lie a little, or cheat a little or things that to us seem harmless.  He will say God will just whip you and you will be on your way, or god is merciful I can worship him how or the way I like.  My response is NO we cannot do what we wish to do with our own mortal minds, we cannot kindle our own fire, God has a way and we have to follow it!  We have to keep our covenants; we have to do everything he expects of us, it’s important.  This has really been on my mind a lot lately because Satan has sucked me into this mentality sometimes, even here on mission.  It’s okay to listen to this music it doesn’t swear, it’s okay to not study today, you studied yesterday, it’s okay to not go to church as long as you are keeping the commandments......NO don’t listen to him follow what God has told us, his plan is eternal salvation not eternal damnation. 
Family I love you a lot!! All is well. I love you guys so dang much and miss you all like crazy!  I am so grateful for you all.  Grandpa and Grandma I love you guys too, can’t believe you bought another trailer that’s sweet, love you both very much!!
Elder Carson

Week 73- All is Well!!

Mom all is well. Tell Dad that we are okay.  We had an activity as a
zone on Monday so we couldn't get around a computer to email.  We are
experiencing a lot of light off lately and it just came on so we
decided to shoot a quick email home.  I am fine.  It’s crazy about
Spencer.  Is Josie married yet?  I love you all tons.  God is truly
there, don’t ever doubt Him.  I’m glad to hear about Colby and dad, all
will be well.  Love you mom.  Tell Dad and Colby and Grandma and
Grandpa too please!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 72- Keep on Fighting the Good fight Soldier

Well family, I apologize I think it has been about 8 weeks since I have sent a good email your way.  The village is definitely not an easy place to be, but it is such a rewarding experience to live in a village in West Africa for hopefully 8 months.  Again since I have been here my gratitude towards my Heavenly Father has been increased every single day.  As you live in real poverty and deal with real problems here it makes your heart ache, but then you are constantly feeling Gods love towards his children also and that is so sweet to feel that every day!  Again I can’t write really worth a........... Yeah but I’ll try my best.  It sounded like you all had a great week.  It’s been a while since I have heard from Colby?  Did he get that Lineman Scholarship?  Also I loved the stories of Cami.  She literally is a walking testimony of blessings and miracles of missionary work.  Dad happy birthday you old fart haha!  I’ll be able to kick your butt when I get home haha chii it’s been a long time waiting for that day haha.  Happy Birthday Dad, I am always reminded of you out here.  Thank you so much for the great experiences, all our camping trips, motorcycle rides, crashes, boating chii there are plenty but Dad our family is so blessed and I know that is from your sacrifice to work hard for the family, Love you Dad.  Mom don’t worry I’ll be home in 6 months!  I have got some work to do outhere first and then I will be home. 
Well we are experiencing miracles every single day out here in Asuom.  I have gained such a strong testimony on how truly this is the Lords work and how we are merely instruments in His hands.  Now saying that as missionaries we have to do what is right, we have to be obedient and willing to submit ourselves to the Lord and his will for us.  Now trials, hardships, discomfort, and maybe opposition will come, it’s a guarantee when we are submitting ourselves to the Lords will.  Now the natural man would shake his fist into the heavens and say "God how dare you," or "God why me." However we should look at these events in the way that God trusts us. He is telling us, I’m going to make you work to return to my presence, I’m going to make you prove yourself. If you do well He will say "well done thou good and faithful servant. “It’s my prayer that we as a family are doing this. This church is true, it’s not just a normal church or a way of life, this is the dang church that JESUS CHRIST himself established a couple thousand years ago.  Family we have to do all we can because we have to be able to live with each other in Celestial glory with our wives, children, grandchildren the whole deal.  We got to keep our covenants, there aren’t any ifs ands or buts we got to do it!  Serious though this aint a game this is eternity!
This week we experienced so many great things.  First was a sweet experience Elder Graves had.  He is such a stud!  We are working on praying with faith and relying on the Spirit and  not relying on logic.  Well Elder Graves said as we were about to begin proselyting Elder Carson I think we need to go contacting here today. Now me I’m like Graves we have contacted there like every day man are you sure...he replied with he was.  So we went and contacted there. Well we contacted a woman whose name was C.  She had traveled to Asuom from Accra due to some financial difficulties and she had just given birth to twins.  Well we contacted her like the next day she got there.  C is awesome and we had some powerful lessons with her, where the spirit day.  She opened up some of her concerns and expressed her interest in knowing the true church.  Well we taught her lesson one and she loved it.  Well long story short she came to church on Sunday.  Graves is such a stud I was so happy for him he did a great job.  It was a testimony to him and me on truly relying on the Lord for direction. Well we have an Investigator I who will be baptized on Sunday.  We are so happy for him.  He has such a strong testimony!  The ZL's did the interview for him and they said he is more than ready.  We are working with some other people but we will see if they will progress.  Here in Ghana so many people want to see us, most of the time it’s for different reasons than salvation so we really have to be close to the spirit to help us discern who truly has a desire to change.  We face a lot of challenges out here. We can’t speak Twi fluently so we can’t really teach lessons in it and in the village a majority out here speaks Twi.  It has been hard but the Lord keeps placing people in our path so we are hanging in there.  We are experiencing miracles in the branch out here though.  We had again around 70 people at church again and we had 14 INVESTIGATORS at church!  The other companionship Elder Jessee and Elder Itedjere are doing awesome.  We had around 6 investigators at church and they had 8!  It was so dang cool, I was very happy on Sunday.  Then the members went after church to see some people who didn’t come and that is a huge improvement out here. Also we are doing a literacy class out here and are teaching people English and that is really helping getting people to church.  The instructor is awesome, he is our old branch president and he does a great job. 
Well family again I know everyone says this church is true but holy smokes it is.  Literally losing yourself in the service of your Heavenly Father and helping others come unto Him, you truly find it.  I have experienced so much joy since day one of my mission.  Words can’t describe what we see every day out here, but I can truly feel the Saviors love for his fellow brothers and sisters as I serve in His name.  The Savior loves us so much, as I think of him suffering in Gethsemane, pleading with God for help but still enduring through the pain, then carrying a cross all the way to Calvary, helps me understand how much he loves us!  The Saviors hand is never shortened it is always outstretched towards us; all we have to do is grab on.  I love my Redeemer so much.  I don’t think I would have gained this love if it wasn’t for the Book of Mormon.   You know to be honest I had some spiritual experiences at college which is why I am here but I had never read the Book in my entire life as member. I’m not proud of that but as I got out here I realized well I can’t tell these people to read the Book if I haven’t read it.  So I read it and I keep reading it, and I keep reading it.  This book from the first chapters all the way to the end talk about our Savior.  The book of Mormon is truly the word of God and truly draws us closer to Jesus Christ more than any other book.  Don’t ever doubt this book, don’t listen to the world, don’t listen to haters just get on your knees and ask God if it is true.  I am not the most spiritual person and can’t write what I truly want to say but I know God loves us. He has promised Angels on our left and on our right.  He won’t ever fail us or forsake us.  He is simply always there.  I so testify in the name of our great Redeemer even Jesus Christ Amen.

Well I can’t share our funny story this week but I will when I get home it’s so dang funny tho! 
I love you all tons!!!

Elder Carson

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week 71- Keep on Fighten Soldier!

1/26/2015 7:54 AM
Hey family! It’s been a long time.  In our village we have had lights off for the past couple of weeks so we can’t travel to Kade to email. We try to use the church computer but it is very slow and I usually go last so everyone else can email.  I sure appreciate the emails though they mean a lot to me.  Just to hear how you are doing and how everything is going really helps me out here.  This village is pretty sweet, don’t worry we are doing fine out here and the Lord is watching out for us every day.  It sounded like you all are doing great so I am happy about that it makes it easier on me. Please stay safe skiing and sledding.  Colby hang in there boss, magnify your calling and you will feel blessings and you will be happy trust me.  It feels so nice to help people. 
Well the village has been such a rewarding blessing in my life.  If you are selfish and ungrateful before you come out here that should change real fast.  The way people live and the poverty you see is not easy.  I hate seeing Families suffer and children suffer.  We are truly so blessed to live where we live and yet we still complain. This village has taught me a lot of how ungrateful I have been in my life.  Thank Goodness we have the Gospel and I can share that with them and help them receive blessing into their lives.  Dad thank you for the inspired thought last email.  I did somehow have that attitude.  I try justifying it Dad because this is the most Christian country in the world and every person believes in Jesus Christ.  Well every church is just taking advantage of these poor people.  Every church here takes what they call collection and of course tithe and offering and they walk around with bowls, or place one at the front so everyone can see if someone pays.  It forces people to pay and forces people to lose money

money, (sorry the internet shut off. )  I am going to lose internet our generator is going to shut off!! Everything is sweet don’t worry about me I will try to email later let everyone know I am okay.  Tell Grandpa and Grandma that I love them very much and love their emails and letters.  Also tell Preston and RaeAnne and Cami we are so blessed!!! We will have baptisms next week!  We had 86 people at church on Sunday...compared to 22 when we first came the lord is blessing us so much!!! I love you guys very much I will come to Kade next week and email you more details try to write questions for me!!! I love you all tons!!!

Elder Carson