Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week 71- Keep on Fighten Soldier!

1/26/2015 7:54 AM
Hey family! It’s been a long time.  In our village we have had lights off for the past couple of weeks so we can’t travel to Kade to email. We try to use the church computer but it is very slow and I usually go last so everyone else can email.  I sure appreciate the emails though they mean a lot to me.  Just to hear how you are doing and how everything is going really helps me out here.  This village is pretty sweet, don’t worry we are doing fine out here and the Lord is watching out for us every day.  It sounded like you all are doing great so I am happy about that it makes it easier on me. Please stay safe skiing and sledding.  Colby hang in there boss, magnify your calling and you will feel blessings and you will be happy trust me.  It feels so nice to help people. 
Well the village has been such a rewarding blessing in my life.  If you are selfish and ungrateful before you come out here that should change real fast.  The way people live and the poverty you see is not easy.  I hate seeing Families suffer and children suffer.  We are truly so blessed to live where we live and yet we still complain. This village has taught me a lot of how ungrateful I have been in my life.  Thank Goodness we have the Gospel and I can share that with them and help them receive blessing into their lives.  Dad thank you for the inspired thought last email.  I did somehow have that attitude.  I try justifying it Dad because this is the most Christian country in the world and every person believes in Jesus Christ.  Well every church is just taking advantage of these poor people.  Every church here takes what they call collection and of course tithe and offering and they walk around with bowls, or place one at the front so everyone can see if someone pays.  It forces people to pay and forces people to lose money

money, (sorry the internet shut off. )  I am going to lose internet our generator is going to shut off!! Everything is sweet don’t worry about me I will try to email later let everyone know I am okay.  Tell Grandpa and Grandma that I love them very much and love their emails and letters.  Also tell Preston and RaeAnne and Cami we are so blessed!!! We will have baptisms next week!  We had 86 people at church on Sunday...compared to 22 when we first came the lord is blessing us so much!!! I love you guys very much I will come to Kade next week and email you more details try to write questions for me!!! I love you all tons!!!

Elder Carson