Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 69- Brown Shirts!

Helloooo Fam Dam!!!!! How are you guys?  I don’t have much time to email we had light off all blessed day and it barely came on while we were playing football with a bunch of scrubs (Elder Itedjere)  so we decided to come over and email real fast.  I don’t have much time because there is only one computer and all 4 of us have to email so I’ll make it fast.....I’m alive!!!!

Love Elder Carson

P.S. Nothing really happened this week, I traveled to Accra for MLC and that was fun, I was with Elder Chatterely and Elder Nelson for 3 days and that was sick.  However the drive to Accra was very dusty, long, and bumpy.  My shirts were brown when I got back.  I am so happy about Brayden what a stud.  I will tell you more next week.  I love you all very much and pray for you when I think about it....haha no I’m kidding I pray for you every day every prayer.

Another P.S.  Elder Jessee who I just left in Kaneshie was transferred to our district so we are enjoying again.

Love you guys so much,

Elder Carson