Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 44- Half Way Done Training!!!!

Family I love hearing from you! Thank you for the emails.  Dad I always think of you chip sealing n this hot weather, thank you for your hard work.  Keep those guys at work safe, stuff happens ya dad.  Mom running isn't everything lol but Im sorry you couldn't run. Colby went to a high adventure? Where did he go?  How was it?  Zolly emailed and said he got to see you.  I wish I could have been there but I was glad you got to see him.  He is a great young man!  Thats cool that the Dimicks came down, I sure miss those memories but soon enough!  They all look so dang big I tell you what, it is going to be weird for me to see them!  Sarynn and Will look so dang big boy its weird for me because I think of them a year ago I just feel like life is on pause and have to remind myself that you are still pushing along back home!  I am so happy though.  You know I talk about home and get home sick sometimes but there is no place I would rather be then serving my God and helping my fellow brothers and sisters in Ghana.  I love Ghana and have such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father sends you to where you need to go, overall my personality fits this culture perfectly, we are always laughing and I love meeting new people. 
Well Training is half way over, they say times go by fast when you train, boy they weren't lying.  This week was okay, not our best week but we still gained great relationships with our investigators and had some very good lessons.  I want to share an experience that we had with the S family that I think I forgot to share with you last week.  We sat down with the family, the mother, the young boy who is 10 and the boy who is 5 and the girl is 14.  Well we had so many powerful spiritual lessons with them and they want to be baptized.  Well we taught them the book of mormon and how it was evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and if the Book is true then the only church on the face of the earth that uses it is the lords church.  Well it was so powerful, well we finished the lesson and asked them to read, pray, and ponder about the Book of Mormon.  They said that they would, well we invited to pray right then and ask God the Eternal Father in the name of Jesus Christ if it was true and they again agreed.  Well the mother called on the young boy I to pray.  You should have seen this boys faith, his faith was showing so exceedingly...he didn't doubt that God wouldn't answer his prayer.  As we bowed our heads down in prayer, the spirit was so dang powerful, it was so quiet and peaceful, there was so much love in the room.  Well I began to pray and talk To Heavenly Father and he began to get quieter and quieter until we couldn't hear him, then it was silent for about 10 seconds, we never heard him ask the question but everyone in that room knew and could feel he had asked God if it was true, well he didnt end his prayer but looked up and said yep It is true, haha well I told him to finish his prayer and he did perfectly and then we explained to them that, that was the spirit telling them that it was true and the Church was true.  It was just a testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father does answer our prayers if we humble ourselves as a little Child, and I was so proud of that young boy, his faith was showing, it made me question myself, how good is my faith?  Very spiritual story.  Well they couldnt come this week they traveled because G's father had a stroke, so next week for sure. 
This week I met my wife haha but no really we received a referral from these other missionaries. So we called her right away and she told us to come on wednesday, well she called us to remind us to come and we met her at this bus stop.  Well we were kind of expecting an older woman but then this pretty girl walks up to us and says what's up, I was like hey, she was like I'm J I was like what haha we laughed about it.  She has been super prepared by the lord, and is ready to hear our message, whether she accepts it I cant say..its ghana but her phone has been switched off so we haven't been able to meet her again.  We taught her the beginning of the Restoration and she already had an LDS version of the King James bible and her youngest sister is a member, we have high hopes for her.  She wants to be a fashion designer and is very smart and is always laughing, Jensen and the Apartment we were all like Carson Baptize her then come back and marry problem haha:) 
It was my Companions birthday on Saturday.  Also Elder K is going home, I was sad about that so he wanted all the south Africans in the zone to go to this restaurant called Zoo Zoo's.  Boy it was so dang good we all got big fat cheeseburgers and fries for 10 cedi oh my gosh I was in Heaven it was so dang good.  Also Elder Jensens girlfriend was our waitress she was pretty and she said she wants to make half cast with Jensen and was trying to kiss him haha it was so funny,  Then after that we got fed some mean Jollof Rice at a members then we went to G's house and she gave us some mean fufu boy it was a great day!!
Every Saturday as missionaries we go and clean the church.  The past missionaries in this area were terrible and caused a lot of bad tension in the ward but Elder Clark and our district has really changed it and turned it around. The members are so happy now and stay and all take pictures after church it is great.  Anyway we cleaned the church to help the members know that we are there to serve them.  Well as we were cleaning the second counselor to the bishopric asked me to give a talk on sunday.  Well I prepared all night and he asked me to speak on recognizing the holy ghost and the role it plays.  Here in Ghana the people think the holy ghost is dancing, clapping, singing and excitement it was a great opportunity to talk to the whole ward about the spirit and the role it plays.  I shared with them the story of I and explained the spirit very well.  Well everyone was listening and It was very good, the spirit was pretty strong...not trying to toot my own horn but it was good.  As I spoke it was really quiet in the congregation and I said Brothers and Sisters this is the spirit.  It was great.  People visit our church and say this church is boring, and if they only understood this concept of the spirit they would know so it was a great opportunity for me to speak to them.  After I had a ton of compliments from the members, most said when are you going home, and a lot said that was the first time they had felt the spirit that strong, and one man said that is the first time he has seen someone speak with real power and authority.  I was really happy with the outcome.
Well Its affliction week this week, so Im going to be living on rice and stew for a while and some eggs haha but other than that nothing really hard has happened.  The work is the same and everything is still sweet.  Mt didn't come to church again but we still love her.  For me personally I think she knows its true and is just fighting it.  She didnt go to her church either because she didn't feel like it haha so we will see.  She is like our mother though I tell you what.  She calls us her sons and loves us.  It is nice to have a woman like her here.  She is so honest too I love it.  I love her tons!!!
Kwado Asamoah didn't come dang it.  His club ball coach resigned so he had to go to Italy and discuss contract detail with other clubs but he said in a few weeks he will come so we will be excited for that. 
Well Mom, Dad and Colby!! All is well, I am happy, enduring and having a ton of fun. I am missing you guys everyday and its hard for me to see  Colby grow up and not be there to enjoy it with him but at least I get his senior year.  I love you guys tons!  Im proud to be a Carson. I thank you so much for teaching me integrity and self respect.  I love my family!!
Love you guys tons!!!
Elder Carson
Elder Duke

The trainers for the new missionaries

Elder Carson with his trainee (Elder Luvhengo) from South Africa