Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 43- 7 investigators at church, What Up!!!!!

Hey Mom, Dad and Colby!!! It sounds like summer is just moving along and it’s getting a little hotter every day, I feel ya trust me.  Mom it sounded like you had a great week with the matheny's.  Dang Sarynn and Will are getting so dang big...holy smokes I can't believe it, it’s really weird to me.  Yeah mom for sure imagine that day I pull into burley, there will be a lot of tears shed that day of happiness.  Dad I understand you I am being safe. Colb man dude that’s so sick man, going to be in a Cummins your junior year, boy that’s cool bro, proud of you boss.  Grandma told me about that guy that said what do you know when you were picking up wakeboarders, freaking jerk tell him I know I got a brother in Africa that would beat you haha no next time just throw him off the back and tell him to swim.  Proud of you little brother.  

Boy this week was really good.  It amazes me how the Lord prepares people for His gospel.  You know when my companion and I had nobody, no less active, no investigators...nothing, we didn't know what to do but I have a sure testimony that Heavenly Father has blessed us in this area.  This week we had a good week taught some good lessons and had as much fun as we could.  We are teaching this woman named M, I’m not sure if you remember her.  She is an older woman, really wealthy but anyway she called us over one day and asked us about the plan of salvation.  I guess previously she had visited the church for a funeral and had a lot of questions.  Well we have been visiting her and we have really gained a love for one another it has been super cool to just gain that relationship.  Now when we come she feeds us ,gives us drinks and just takes care of us, she is like our mother in this area.  Well I kept telling my companion that she would take time to come to the church but one day she would come.  Well we had a very spiritual lesson with her on Friday.  Well as we were teaching I can't tell you but I just felt we need to tell this woman we love her and want what’s best for her.  Well I said Ma, we love you and want this gospel to be a part of your should have seen her heart being softened...her response was what time does church start on Sunday, we told her ten.  Well on Saturdays we always plan for fellow-shippers to fellowship our investigators.  Well I said who should we have for M and my companion still new said I don't think she will come and I was just like well just in case.  Well when we showed up at the church he was like Elder Carson NO WAY and he gave me a five and they were there, it definitely topped my week off, it was so dang special.  That reminds me, I know missionaries don’t really bring investigators to our ward but if someone new comes I beg you with all my heart to go to that person and warmly invite them to sit by you,  I can't tell you enough how much it helps us as missionaries.  Imagine there situation, it’s like walking into a new life, and it helps when they know they have a friend to help them.  This Sunday we sang Joseph First Prayer except we sang it with the tune of come thou font.  My companion plays the piano and it was so dang good.  The spirit was so dang strong.  We did a bunch of mixing it up and practiced it very good, I didn't record it but we are doing it again except with the sisters this Sunday so I will record that one.  It was so cool I led us and everyone was just watching me and I was like Grandma would be so dang proud.  It was so cool as we were singing I couldn't see people but the other missionaries said people were crying, people were just in awwwww boy you guys would have loved it.  As we were singing the congregation was singing as well just quiet though and we had a couple things we added as missionaries and so we went quiet one time and they were still singing it made me laugh, I was like I love Ghana and when they said the full time missionaries are going to sing a song the second counselor to president hill just stood up and sang with us haha it was funny.  When we finished some people had some silent claps going on and then a lot of people were like Elder Carson you can lead huh haha I was like you betcha this is what the lord has sent me to do haha.  Literally people were crying boy it was so dang good.  This week the reason we are singing on Sunday is Kwado Asamuah a midfielder for the Black Stars Ghanas football team is going to come for a fireside on Sunday. I am going to buy a black stars jersey and have him sign it.  He is a member, his father is a bishop we are pumped to hear him speak, President Hill set it up. This week we had 7 investigators at church.  The S Family CAME BOY I WAS PUMPED, I was floating on Cloud nine at sacrament.   The boys loved it, they loved primary, and I don't think Mrs. S stopped smiling.  I was so happy, they told us they may move but we are going to get them all baptized before that day.  Something hard this week was yeah nothing really; it was a pretty normal week.  

Well Mom, Dad, and Colby.  Thank you so much for the emails.  I thank you for taking the time to email me every week.  I really appreciate it, it means a lot to me to have a family email me every week.  I feel truly blessed.  I love you guys tons!!!!

Love you guys!!!

Elder Carson

Taylor's Zone