Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 42- Dang missed the 4th!!!!

Hey Family!!! It sounded like you had a great week!  I sure missed the 4th of July and our camping trips but only one more to miss after this one, and by that point I will be coming home. Thank goodness.  It sounded like some good ole white trash you find in Idaho.  Boy that sounded like something you would see in a movie your experience at the river.  Like since I have been in Ghana for so long I may have said something...Ghanaians always have to voice their opinion and love being vocal haha I can catch myself doing it sometimes, me and some Ghanaians will get in yelling matches but then after we laugh and are friends I love these people.  Dang mom getting wild on the bike again haha wow that sounded like it would have been funny to see.  It’s weird for me not to be there because I would have been behind the pack haha but that would have been funny to see.  Colby is getting fast huh like his brother...still got some catching up to do though if he wants to compete with me haha. Overall I am glad you guys had a great week this week.  Mom take more pictures I love them seriously!!  

This week went by so dang fast again. The weeks are flying by, they say when you train that’s what happens and its true, boy they are going by so dang fast.  This week was really good it was somehow short and not a whole lot to talk about but it was a great week.  My companion and I just about know where every member stays in our area.  We have been working super hard and just trying our best.  We had our best week with 3 investigators at church this week and are doing really well.  I am so proud of my when you are training the mission culture I guess is to call your trainee your son, it makes sense and we all do it, I didn't like it at first but now I do.  Yeah Elder Luvhengo is doing really great, he is progressing so dang fast, I am so proud of him.  I told him he will be ready to train by the end of these two transfers, and I think he will be able to.  We are getting along great and doing really well.  This week we got rained out a couple days but we still worked hard and had a great week.  We contacted this lady I think on Wednesday and she was like I see you almost every day what do you do.  So my companion explained it to her and then she was like come to my house, so we followed her to her house and she made us jollof rice and bought us a coke, she was such a kind woman and we are hoping to continue to teach her and bring those blessing of the gospel in her life.  There was also this old man we contacted who is a member of Christ Apostolic church and we taught him and it’s so cool to see this man light up when we visit him, by the time we finished our message and left his house him and myself were linked arm in arm as he saw us off, it really made me realize the importance of having Charity for those you are trying to help understand the gospel.  Oh yeah in Ghana the culture is when a guest comes to your house you always "see them off" or walk them a little ways before you leave I really love that and will do that when I am at home but we won't have to walk very far because everyone has cars haha but I love that about the culture.  Well Sunday was such a great fast and testimony Sunday.  Dang I get all riled up when I am writing and I forget about things.  The S family I shared about with you last week, made such a strong  commitment to come to church on Sunday when we had a lesson on Saturday but they didn't come my companion and I were so dang devastated.  Saturday when we taught them we had such a great lesson, it was the most spiritual lesson I have taught on the mission.  The younger boy who is 10 asked us what exaltation was...that was a first for me haha and then we extended a date to the boy and the younger girl and when I extended it I said "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by your father who has the priesthood authority of god?"  They about jumped with joy, they both looked at their father and wow they accepted so eagerly, then I looked at their father who is Less Active and started explaining the reason I extended this commitment and then I said now brother S in order to have this opportunity to baptize your children into the lords church you have to renew your covenants each week and exercise your priesthood and I asked will you do that and he agreed but they didn't come boy I was so discouraged.   We are praying for them this week though!   Sunday was so nice and beautiful.  I love rainy season it is so cool here now, it’s still 85 to 90 degrees but it feels so cool, I actually sleep with my blanket and turn my fan down haha boy it’s been nice.   The reason I said that was on Sunday it was raining when we were at church and it was just so nice.  I love the testimonies here as well they are so strong and powerful and it seems that everyone wants to share theirs it’s pretty neat.  After church we ate fufu at a less actives house and that was good, but then we met as a district and cooked some steaks we bought at shop-rite and cooked up some Idahoan potatoes and boy it was such a great meal.  We really had a ton of fun with the district.  We all get along pretty good and it was such a great dinner.  Nothing like home but pretty dang close!!!    Yeah so there was my week sorry there is no flow but at first I didn't know what the heck to write about.  Oh yeah have you heard of this book 7 years in Hanoi, it’s about a guy from burley who was a POW in the Vietnam War?  My companion had it, he is a member as well and so I was wondering if grandpa knew him or anything?  (This book is about my best friends, Cindy Shaw's Uncle.  His name is Larry Chesley.  What a small world that a missionary from South Africa brings a book written by a man that grew up in Burley, Idaho where his companion is from)

Colby, Dad, and Mom I sure love you guys so dang much and miss you like crazy.  I am keeping my head up and always being prepared for the worst.  Ghana is safe though don't worry.  But family I sure love you guys so dang much and miss you all like crazy!!! I am so glad you had a great week.  Be sure to be safe!! I love you guys so dang much. Don't ever forget this church is Jesus Christ’s church!!

Love you Guys tons!!!

Elder Duke

Fourth of July dinner in Ghana