Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 40- Time Flies!!!!!

Hey family, boy I'm pooped today, we went to this sport complex thing with the zone and played football and basketball it was so much fun but I'm exhausted haha boy I’m out of shape!  We played USA vs Africans last week with our district and so we had to rematch today, we won last week and drew today but our district is really great.  Elder Jensen and I have been able to play some catch and that has been great just to throw a little he is a stud he reminds me of Jaxon Knopp so dang much haha.  That’s crazy Kyle is leaving it seems too early but I'm sure proud of that guy he will be a great missionary!  It sounded like everyone had a pretty normal week and the BBQ looked like a ton of fun!  I wish I could have been there but we will do one when I get home, I'm just happy you guys had a good time and had fun.  The family looks great, we are soo redneck haha it made me laugh, people always laugh at me here sometime with my Idaho redneck accent haha it has been a blast.  I have to say I feel totally adjusted to Ghana the other day I was walking and it was 90 degrees and I felt fine and I was like wow this is a miracle I just feel like I know Ghanaians and how to handle any situation they throw at me!  I love you guys Tons!! 

This week was great, a new area and we have just been trying to find people the lord has prepared for us, we feel that we have found a couple.  We are preparing a young boy for baptism and a teenager as well and some others.  One of the hardest thing this week for me was politics of mission, President has been stressing so he is starting to put more stress on our numbers, I was pretty fired up but there is a valuable lesson Mom has taught me and that is to never make a decision out of anger so I just slept on it and called president a little later and we worked it out, words of advice to missionaries coming on a mission haha know your purpose and be committed.  My companion is great, I don’t know why it changed but I know that I was supposed to be this young man’s companion.  The other day when we were about to go to bed my companion was like Elder Carson I love you man ha it was pretty cool.  He is doing really great, he is pretty scared but I have been helping out and all has been good he is doing great!  So this week something awesome happened, my companion and I have been praying for Less Actives that we can meet and we have been praying and asking members and then one day my companion was like lets go down this road so we did and then a guy contacted us and he said I am currently in Oliver Cowdry's position and he introduced us to his family and we have a Family home evening set up on Thursday it was pretty cool...prayers answered...trust in our Heavenly Father.  The mission teaches you so many life lessons if you allow it to just change and mold you into the man your heavenly father wants you to become. Remember this is the lords work!  This week as well we had a woman contact us last week and had so many questions she had visited the church for a funeral and all they talked about was the plan of salvation.  She is great, and has a ton of questions; stubborn lady but we love her.  We gave her a book of Mormon and have explained it to her well we saw her three days later and she was in 2 nephi haha pretty wild, her name is M, she is around 60 and lost her husband 15 years ago and we have high hopes for her, she is very wealthy. As well we met another woman named N she was a sister to a member who just passed away last month.  She called us over and we had a great lesson and she accepted a baptismal date with eagerness so we are hoping she comes to church this Sunday!  It was pretty wild but this week we contacted a man and he invited us in and had some questions and I discerned that he wasn’t too serious but I wanted my companion to gain some experiences teaching the Restoration so he taught him but towards the end of the lesson my heart just hurt like after you do something very wrong, so I wrapped it up and got out of there.  Well we decided to go and see him again for a follow up and I asked him if we could learn outside he denied so again we went in and we taught him, and again that feeling came again, and there are pictures of Christ and things so I was just like tay your being paranoid but then a woman comes out and just glares at us and I greet her and she tells us to get out basically and gets mad but the man was like don’t mind this woman continue so my companion continued but then that feeling was still there and I was like we got to get out of here so I wrapped it up and was out of there in 2 minutes.  I don’t know what it was but we aren’t welcome in that home by whomever.  Like the first time we were there when we prayed I prayed with my eyes open and it was wild, my companion and I talked about it after our second lesson and he was like my heart feels bad bro and I told him that’s the spirit telling us to leave so it was a good lesson for both of us, all is well, just glad I am worthy to have the spirit to help me!  

The World Cup is here baby and its wild, to say the least it’s so hard to teach a lesson between 4-10 pm because there are matches haha but its been a blast.  When we played Ghana we were at an FHE and we had to stay indoors or we may have run into issues, it’s so wild here they love football.  There are big screens with projectors outside with every match and everyone is in the streets, its been a blast.  When Ghana played Germany some investigators were watching it on this big projector so they called us over, so we sat down with about 40 Ghanaians and they loved it when I sat down with them, I got them all laughing and we enjoyed Ghana Drawing with them.  When we scored we all just started running in the streets clapping, yelling, and hugging each other it was sick, so much fun.  When Ghana played usa me and Jensen were going crazy, Ghana was crying almost haha its been a blast!  

Well Family All is well!! I love you guys so dang much! I am so proud of my family, I always feel so blessed to have such a great family.  We thank our Heavenly Father for our great memories and blessings we have received!  Mom, Dad, And Colb I love you guys Tons!! The Church is true please I beg you with all my heart to never doubt it! I have had the opportunity to sit down with every type of faith and defend this church, this church is true!!! Please remember members aren’t true but the church is and I pray that we will all take the time to read our scriptures I have gained a new love for them, I feel terrible if I don’t read them every day!  Mom there is a talk in the last conference by the young women counselor I think, it was the first women in the conference magazine to talk, it really helped me answer your question you had last week, or needed help with!! I love you guys so dang much!!!!:) 

I love you guys tons!