Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 41- Fast Week Boy!!!!

Hey Family!!! This week was probably one of my fastest weeks in the mission.  While you are training and worrying about him, about your investigators and the ward boy you stay pretty busy.  It sounded like you all had a good week.  Where is Colby even working now?  Dad I always think of you as well when I am here in this hot sun, thank you Dad for your hard work.  I was thinking about how bad I am going to be at riding when I go home but I do want to do that rock creek trail again I love those mountains.  Mom it sounded like you had a great week spending time with connor, cami and the family.  Take in every minute, chii after you go to a third world country and away from your family, boy you always want to be with them.  I had a dream I came home last night boy I woke up crying haha I will be happy for that day. 
This week was sick.  It was weird everything just fell into place this week.  Our mission has really been focusing on getting Member Present Lessons so we really focused on that and had some really great lessons with members. This week I went on an exchange with Elder Clark and we had a great day, he is from Eagle Idaho.  For my Companion and I we have been praying for Less Active and we have been able to find three in the past two weeks, Heavenly Father has really blessed us!  Well Elder Clark and I went to do a baptismal interview with my investigator Papa Yaw and while we were there a small boy came up to us and said my mom wants you to come and teach us.  So we had him direct us to his house and come to find out his dad is a less active and we had such a spiritual lessson with them.  The mother was just in awww and everyone was just smiling, she invited us back on friday so we came and she had a Ghanian Dish prepared for us Banco and Granut soup boy and we had another great lesson!  We are going to take bishop to see them ...great family.  We are planning on baptizing a young boy this saturday.  His uncle is a member and he has came to church for about 9 months now and wants to be baptized.  I hate baptizing small boys but he has a fellowshipper and he wants to so I am happy for him.  He is so dang funny he is a little slow but loves the church.   We as well taught a boy we contacted with a member, his name was J, he is around 20 and a very smart young man.  We took a ward missionary with us and had a great lesson.  You should see all the churches here awww there are so many and the pastors give the people the mentality that all churches are fine as long as they serve God and worship Jesus man its so dang frustrating helping them understand that there is only one true church!! Anyway this young boy is very smart but his Dad has brainwashed him pretty bad.  When I met him he was dressed very nice and is very rich, pastors do well here, but anyway I introduced my self as Elder which I have been given the authority to have and then he said my name is R B and I said oh brother B and he said oh Im not a brother I'm a senior Apostle haha I kind of snickered and I was like boy I wish Packer was here haha we had a great lesson with the boy and he was very receptive!  
Its amazing how truly blessed we are back home. We have an investigator whose husband is a member and their house has been flooding because of rainy season boy it has been super hard on them it makes me so sad for them, if i ever get ungrateful again I'm a very selfish person, here you see real poverty and you see people starving, count your blessings ladies and gentlemen!  Oh yeah I saw a man cooking a cat the other day my companion was like Lou Lou haha it made us laugh, I have no  Idea what meat I have ate haha oh boy pussy cat chii only in Ghana!
This week haha something very funny was we were at a members house and she was going to feed us so we were just chilling.  Well it was light off so we were eating outside and we were eating our food on these trays.  Well I was petting this Cat and it was getting a little wild, its claws were out and stuff so I threw it at my companions leg, he had his tray in his hands and he screamed like a little girl and threw his hands in the air boy I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time.  The family has three little girls and they were inside and they were like was that a girl haha it made us all laugh pretty hard!
Family I am so happy, I am working hard and trying my best to bring blessing into your lives!! I sure miss you guys all a ton!  I love you three so dang much, thank you so much for taking the time to email me, I truly feel blessed! Stay healthy, stay strong and give thanks always to our heavenly father!

I love you guys tons!!!
Elder Duke