Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 11

Well family this week was great it went by so dang fast I can't believe it! I am on this old computer haha so it’s hard to email on haha so I'm African styling it right now!  Well I'm so glad your week was good,  I loved your emails it sounds like everyone was happy and doing good!  Thanksgiving sounded like it was a blast haha I bet you were enjoying with all that food I'm so glad you got the whole family together!!:)  Mom thank you for the email I really do enjoy your emails and how in depth you go it helps me while I'm here on the
mission to know how everything is going!  I can't believe the Tongans are trying to talk haha I wish I could hear them ha by the time i get home they will be talking for sure haha!  Dang you went paintballing
too and bowling ha that’s awesome I'm so glad that you were all happy and everything went smooth!  I opened the packages not the presents but I loved the saying that that plaque said the gift of Christmas never ends because we always have family and friends!! That is so true the most important thing about the holidays is to celebrate them with your family and to feel of our love for one another!  I would literally give everything I had to just be able to spend time with you all again and just feel of that love I miss it
dearly but I will feel it soon enough! Mom with your class just help them know how important it is to be prepared before you leave haha I was so unprepared lol but it’s so important to just be prepared and to
know this gospel!  As well help them know that the mission isn't easy but it’s worth it when you go through the mission with a positive attitude the negatives disappear!  Dad everything is safe and okay don't worry I’m doing good and adjusting well its way safe the only thing that is different is it is getting hotter haha a lot hotter
but other than that everything is safe and normal I promise you!  I am so sorry family about pictures the internet is sooo slow and I can't send them but in my next letter I will send them!  As well something
bad happened this week my companion accidently deleted all but 20 of my pictures on accident I literally started crying but the ones I wanted to send thank goodness he got them printed the week before so I
will send some in my Christmas letters to you !!:)  Thank you so much for the presents and the gifts I can't wait to open them haha I'm so excited!  As well the m and ms will be a great treat for Christmas ha I put the tree up and my companion and I love it ha we are so excited for the holidays and to call you all!! Mom that is what I have to do though is write things down in my planner that I want to send because I would never remember when I sit down it all just goes blank haha so I write it down on my planner so that’s not a bad idea but just simple emails mean so much to me!!:)

Well this week was great I really had a great week ha it went by so fast but it was great!!  On Tuesday I gave my first instruction for district council and all the elders were like wow if we didn’t know you
were a new missionary we would have thought you were a dying missionary so that was kind of a nice compliment it brought my confidence up a ton!!!:)  On Wednesday it was just normal we went out
and taught the gospel in this very hotttt weather I sweat sooo much but it’s just part of the work and I love it ha my color is changing though so bad all the Africans were like you know that your color is changing right haha.  Thursday was thanksgiving so I made those potatoes that grandma and grandpa sent me awwww they were so good, and gravy, rice, and chicken!! We as well bought fan ice for my companions one year and burnt his shirt ha we did take some pictures,  Anyway on Thursday we got together with the other oda district who are like my brothers like elder ridenour, essien, edehire, fornaro and we went to a river for fun just to strengthen our district and to celebrate thanksgiving haha well I knew we weren't going to do anything so I was really looking for a way to serve I literally was saying silent prayers like help me serve someone, well we walked into this jungle and there was a woman carrying a ton of plantains on her head so I told her to let me do it haha so I packed a bucket of plantains for almost half a mile haha my neck was so sore but I loved serving her than she asked what we were and we gave her a pamphlet so it worked out in the end!!  Ha anyway we crossed the river with the canoe that was carved out of a tree trunk.  Than Friday and Saturday were the same just teaching and proselyting its cool though my companion has enough trust in me he will just say lead us for the day and I will lead the lessons, questions, and finding so its nice he has that confidence I have to remind myself that I am still in training because my companion just treats me like I’m not haha but its giving me a ton of experience!!:) Sunday was so cool we had a baby naming and the ladies baby we were blessing she invited about 50 people so we had about 50 people visit our church haha we were so happy and in our investigators class the man teaching was nana and he knows the bible from front to back he was literally one of the reasons we have the church here in oda and Ghana, actually the church sent him to south Africa to learn more about the church so anyway this man just answered all the questions and awww it was just great I literally look forward to Sundays I love them so much the Sabbath is such a special day to me now as a missionary!!:)

As well this week we are kind of sad because we found out the Nielsons are going home :( Sister Nielsen has something wrong so they are leaving to America tomorrow we are so sad it was a sad day for us in
oda when we found out they were going home! So now if I stay in oda I may not get mail for months because they were the ones who brought us mail and everything else they were so great to us missionaries I love them so much but it may take months now but I think I will leave at transfer so we will see but dang I will miss them!!

Well that was about my week I am so happy that you guys had a great weekend I loved all of your emails,  save them and send them through dear elder again I know I ask a lot but I think it would be cool if you saved all my emails and I saved yours and when I get home  mom we can make like a scrap book with it and the pictures so I love the dear elders thank you for doing that!  The Christmas packages were great
haha I love our tree it really livens up the room!  ha anyway I have started recording things and I can't wait to send the letter home with the card but now the nielsons are gone so who knows when I will have
the opportunity to send a letter home but I have all the Christmas letters wrote and other letters so it’s just when I can send it but I am recording things for you I thought since I am so far away the only
thing I could do was that and I thought you would enjoy it haha you can see firsthand how eating fufu is and hearing me I know it helps!!:)  I love you all so much and think of you everyday again thank you for the emails I loved them and I can't wait to talk to you next week!!:)  I love you all so much, Dad, Mom And Colby I love you so much I am so happy and I am glad you are all healthy, happy, and safe!  I love you so much and am so proud I am a carson!!:)

I love you all so much!!:)

Elder Carson

Its so weird being the only white person haha but its kind of cool because sometimes I forget I'm white haha but at church the other day I was the only white person haha of hundreds of people I thought man this would
be a great picture all these black people and here this white obruni is in the middle of them but I forgot, I bore my testimony sunday in fear it was my last sunday well I started to cry I will be honest well
the people are so nice they all started crying as I was bearing my testimony I just really felt impressed I needed to bear my testimony for the visitors and the people so I trusted in the lord to help me
know what to say and the visitors were all crying and then I saw the people I baptized starting to cry so it made it harder for me to hold back the tears you know how I am it wasn't like I was bawling just
tearing up haha but it was a cool experience!!:)