Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 13

Hey mom, dad, and Colby!  I loved your emails thank you again for taking the time to email me!  I can't believe we still don't have moisture I have been praying and fasting so we can fill the reservoirs so I hope it will come soon.  I am so sad about Uncle LaVerre I love that man but I know he is in a happier place and he is with the rest of our family in the spirit world! I am so glad that I was able to spend those couple of days with him and Mary I knew that I was supposed to so I’m glad I did!  I will miss him!
I am so glad things went smooth this week and you are all healthy and doing well, thank you for letting me know how you are doing!  Mom you sound like you are busy haha with shopping and presents but I’m glad you and grandma were able to go to the temple and spend time together!   I love the 12 days of Christmas too my companion can hardly wait to open his presents he just wants to open them all at once haha but we are enjoying them!  It really has been helping me because it’s not easy being away from your family on Christmas and sometimes I get feeling a little homesick and I read the story and I realize the blessings I have and heavenly father comforts me!  Thank you for the gifts family I love the food that I have opened I am so glad to open the other presents and eat my m and m's I am saving them for Christmas haha!  Dad and Colby it sounds like you had a lot of fun hunting coyotes I can just imagine the two of you laying down and dad giving Colby a hard time for one breathing behind the both of you haha but I’m glad you dropped one and had a fun time!  You will have to let me know how uncle laveres funeral is and how this next week will go! 
This week was so great for me haha it started out just crazy though!  Tuesday was a normal day of proselyting we gave a man a blessing and he was a nonmember and now he wants us to have the lessons with him so that really is a neat way to gain an investigator! 
Thursday we traveled to Accra and weren't able to go to shop-rite.  The conference was great though we had French fries, holy cow they were so good, and we ate rice, chicken, and they gave us a snicker, and mars little candy bar haha it was so dang good!  It was nice to see some of my mtc buddies though I hadn't seen any of them besides elder bianucci in asmankase so I was able to see my boy elder van de graff and my boy elder jones!  Elder van de said his mom found my blog and loves it so that was nice to hear but it was great to see everyone!  As well they gave us are chips to call home so I can call whenever it’s been tempting me but NEXT WEEEK BABYY!!  
Friday was a great day I went on an exchange with elder dike and we went to their area!  Literally I am so grateful for my area because I live in my area basically and they have to ride about 5 miles to get there I was sweating so bad haha but it was fun I was able to see one of their investigators that knows me pretty well and get her to church so I felt successful on Sunday!!:)  
Saturday was normal we went out on time and were able to teach a lot of people!  The woman who had her baby blessing is a nonmember but her husband is so she came to church this week and committed to baptism at the end of the month it really gave me a testimony on praying for our goals of baptism each month!  Ours is two and we had no idea who but we both felt like it needed to be two and the lord has prepared this woman E to be baptized so I feel so blessed to baptize her!  We taught a lot of people on Saturday and it was so funny we went to this one house and asked for this woman well she wasn't there so we started to leave and the mother called us back and said isn't your message for everyone why don't you want to see me!  So we sat down with her and taught her.  Well transfers was on Saturday or we found out at least and I’m staying in Oda with my companion which is unheard of for a trainer and his trainee stick together I guess it rarely happens but president said he has confident in us so I’m so glad that I will be able to spend Christmas in Oda I love it here, it’s just not crowded and it’s like the country I love it! The only bad thing is things here are a little more expensive but it seems everyone knows me here wherever I ride I see someone I know and the kids are always yelling elder Carson, elder Carson so I love it here!!  As well it will be nice to share Christmas with elder dranii we are both grateful for that!  Elder Ridenour though is going to the city haha that lucky guy gets fast internet, nice restaurants so I will miss him but I’m happy for him!!
Sunday was a great Sabbath day I loved it!  My recent converts were all there and as well the B family (The three little girls) the ones I baptized gave me a letter that had written on it we love you elder Carson and inside had written merry Christmas we love you!  It really made me feel like a successful missionary to just see the gospel bring this Idaho, country boy to this crazy country of Ghana and develop this love we have with the family!  Dang I love seeing them shine with the holy ghost and their family being blessed!  For Christmas I am giving them those ctr rings, the bubble gum, pass along cards, glow sticks and they have never had a wrapped Christmas present so I am going to wrap it for them and take it to them Christmas eve!!  I love serving and I love giving literally when I get something I am just like I need to give this away haha I feel so blessed!  As well the father is a stubborn man and when we would teach he would just put his head down and never talk to us and especially me!  Well he was really sick this week so B asked us to give him a blessing!  Well I gave him the blessing and as I was giving it I just felt so prompted to say we bless you that you will soften your heart and feel the truthfulness of this gospel and after we gave him the blessing he was full of gratitude and he was talking to us and asking questions it was great!!  This church is true haha!!:)  This week we are going to focus on E and B the mother of the three girls and we are going to drop a lot of our investigators and do a lot of finding!!:)  We are struggling with them keeping commitments it’s just hard everyone goes to church here I mean everyone!  So they have been raised in a certain church and they will know that this church is true but won’t go!!  I love them and have gained a lot of patience with them, but they just live day by day and expect miracles to happen haha "faith without works is dead," is what we always tell them haha!!!:)
Well family I Love you all so much I love the dear elders and the letters I received a lot of letters from the ward and bob and Jackie I loved them make sure they know how grateful I am for them!  I love you Mom, Dad, and Colby so much I think of you all every day!!:) 
I love you all!!
Me-Dowoo- Paaaaaaa

Elder Carson

As well twi is going great I can hear a lot of twi but it’s hard for me to speak but I can hear it and communicate small!! As well I remembered something hard this week was just wanting to call home with my chip haha it’s so dang tempting lol but I was reminded of something dad said while we were in featherville and the tree had fallen over by the road!  He said the tree closest to the river didn't have to grow that strong of roots so the tree wasn't strong but the tree's farther away had to grow long, strong roots so they were strong.  Well the one closest to the creek didn't have to work that hard and the one farther did!  We he used this parable like life and when things are given easy to you you’re not that strong haha but when you have to work for it, life is more rewarding and you are a stronger person!:)  I love that so much haha! So I decided that I need to just wait and realize the easier way isn't the best way haha!!:)