Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So another week has come and gone they are going by so dang fast haha but I’m not complaining I am just immersed in the work and trying to be obedient and work as hard as I can!  I loved your emails again you all sound happy and seem like you are doing well so that makes me happy and feel at peace here on the mission!  I appreciate you telling me everything literally the more the merrier and don’t be afraid to tell me opinions and if someone gets sick or hurt I want to know!  Dad you sound great and normal as ever haha I love you pops and am so grateful for you don’t worry about me these holidays I sometimes have my days where I get homesick but overall I have learned to stay busy and focus on the task at hand and serving my heavenly father.  Colby thanks for the email bro I love hearing how you’re doing man I’m glad to hear the sleds are running great and pulling hard haha I can't believe mom was more prepared than you and dad though haha usually you guys are on top of that but mom is always worried about being cold so it makes sense.  I am glad to hear though that everything is good and you have the tree, mine is up as well I love it...thank you mom!!:) I love you little brother I am so proud of you and proud to be your older brother:) I hope you really enjoy these holidays and enjoy the cold weather haha it’s so hot here dad haha it’s hard to put into words its weird because I will take a cold shower and still be hot haha its just humid and consistently around 30 to 37 degrees Celsius but I will get used to it!!
This week was great though my companion and I are still getting along great and I feel a lot more confident with my teaching ability and the way I speak and everything it really is just a mental battle here on the mission but thank goodness I’m used to mental things because of baseball so I am just overcoming the mental part of everything!  For Christmas I think it’s a good idea as well for you guys to get a calling card and I will buy more credit here as well so we can talk as long as we want!!:)  Thank you for doing that for me though with cami I just feel I need to talk to her if I can!!:)  Yeah mom they talk that way here it’s like broken English is what they call it but it’s a little different to get used to haha but you do I am glad you enjoyed it, I will be able to email him while I’m away and call him too!  We found out transfers on the 18th so I’m sad about that I think I will leave but I’m praying I will stay we will see I guess only the lord knows haha!  I got some letters though from the ward so express to them in my behalf how grateful I am for them and I love them dearly!   As well the Matheny's sent me a package and I opened it I will be honest!  It’s crazy because I wanted to start studying the old testament and they sent me a book about the old testament so I justified it that way haha plus I have some recent converts who will love the soccer balls, soccer is huge here and you will never guess who Ghana plays first game in the fifa world cup this year haha USA  I hope we win but I will never voice that just in case they get mad haha but I thought that was funny!!  The Matheny's sent me nerds and as I ate them with my companion...their his favorite candy by the way, I started to have tears run down my face,  I was so grateful for the candy haha then I felt dumb but truly I was so grateful and happy for them!  I thought about how we go to the movies and buy whatever we want and how selfish I was haha and took so many things for granted but I was indeed so grateful for it haha!!:) 
This week we taught a girl named G haha and we started discussing the holy ghost and she told us how she goes to 7 day Adventist and how she has a prophetess and how the holy ghost enters certain people and they fall to the ground and can't control themselves haha and they start praying for someone and how it can be dangerous haha I thought it was funny! I explained to her that the holy ghost is a comforter and used the example of how a mother comforts her new born baby does she throw it on the ground and is it dangerous or does she hold it haha and comfort it so I used that to describe the holy ghost and it went well the people here though are so confused about so many things we battle so many different beliefs, I literally feel like joseph smith and all the churches in that time literally there are so many so that’s are biggest challenge here!!  
haha I actually love fufu now it’s so good it’s amazing how your body adjust I love it haha heavenly father is really blessing me!  This week we taught around 15 lessons and contacted around 30 people but we could do a lot better than that for Christmas we are going to have activities at our church and go caroling as missionaries and just spread the Christmas joy and try to stay busy so we don’t focus on ourselves to much!    haha I have recorded so much for you to see haha I can't wait until you get it haha I recorded this drunk guy this week haha it was safe don’t worry but it was so funny he was counting these bags and he would be like 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, 16, haha it was so dang funny!  I feel great!  This week will be hard for us with going to Accra on Thursday and we will go to asmankase on Wednesday as well so we will see how we will do!!:)
This week though I was amazed on the youth in our branch they have such strong testimonies I love it because the members are never afraid to bear their testimonies I love it there is never an awkward silence in fast and testimony meeting the youth though had institute and we joined them and they shared a small lesson but then made a goal to bring as many of their friends as they can the next time, here these 19yr old youth don’t care about what the world thinks and strives to share the gospel with everyone it really strengthened my testimony!  As well this week I was amazed how conference talks are geared for us I read every one this week and I loved president monsons talk I will not fail the nor forsake thee it really was meant for me at that point in the mission I love our prophet dearly!  Well family I love you all so much I think of you daily I love the letters and the dear elders I love you all so much continue to email me as much as possible!!:)  I love you all very much, stay grateful and pray always!!:)
Elder Carson