Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 15

This week was so great!  It was so great to hear your voices and to be
a part of the family this Christmas, its true dad that is the most
important thing and you all sounded great and happy!:)  Mom don't
worry about crying I was just wondering how you were doing i
understand trust me I was pretty homesick after but like you said you
know I am where I am supposed to be and soon enough I will be home;)
Dad its true we could have talked for about 5 or 6 more hours haha but
we will have a lot to talk about when I get home!:)  Dang no coyote
this week ha I can just picture mom out there with you guys haha I’m
glad you all enjoyed though. I was able to see the pictures on dropbox
and I loved them, that coyote looked good Colby.

Well it doesn't really feel like Christmas here dang it.  Its super
hot which reminds me mom if you would I just want extra face cream
just in case that stuff is saving me out here so like maybe in
February you could send more please.  I really appreciate it!  Anyways
it’s really hot and Africans they don't really celebrate Christmas it’s
just another day to them.  At least they don't focus on the
materialistic things we do back home like presents and other things
they really understand the real meaning of Christmas.  It’s hard though
because i ask how their Christmas’s are and its like it was good and
you can't ask about presents or anything else but it makes you truly
grateful for what we have back home!!  It’s weird to think I talk with
an accent haha mom you mentioned that you were going to share my
testimony with the Matheny's were you able to I am really striving to
do missionary work everywhere!  By the way tanner and i talk
small he doesn't write a whole lot but i can truly see the difference
in him, I’m so proud of him and he sounds like he is doing great!  My
companion and i are still getting along great he is truly like my

However after we talked and enjoyed Christmas the next day we had a
huge football match between six churches haha it was so much fun and
guess what...i was the only obruny playing haha imagine that the only
cracker in Africa haha it’s so weird when i really think about it.  I
played 2 which is defense and played all three matches haha it was so
much fun and it was a great opportunity to proselyte too the other
obruny missionaries didn't want to play so they came and handed out
book of Mormons and pamphlets and i had a lot of people ask me
question so it was great. It’s cool though now i have friends in so
many other faiths and now everywhere i go i see my soccer buddies!!
After the games we had dinner at our branch presidents house and that
was great we had so much rice and chicken and salad!!:)  Friday though
my companion got sick but he is better now but i went out with
elder dike (from Nigeria)  and we went to our
investigators house who was getting baptized on Saturday and prepared
her for the baptismal questions and then met the zone leaders and
they performed the interview and it went really great but took up most
of our day!  I saw elder Wylie again and is getting ready to go home
he is a great guy i really like him!  Well then on Saturday we had our
baptism ha it was so great it brings a smile to my face as I’m typing
it!!:)  I love to see the spirit glow in our investigators after they
are baptized!  She was 28 years old and her husband is a strong
convert and they have a baby girl who is like 2 months and a small boy
who you will see in the memory card i sent home!  Anyway it was so
great to unite this family and get them in the right steps to get
sealed forever.  You can see it in her husband’s face that he is so
happy that they are on that path for eternal families dang i love it,
i love to see the lord bless and prepare the people we teach!  Well at
the baptisms i performed the baptism's in knee deep water so that was
fun to baptize in haha but i was able to get her fully immersed on the
first time ha so it was great!   So it was a great Saturday to be
a part of the baptism and help start the progression to unite a family!
 Then Sunday we had a normal Sabbath day and dang i love the members
they are so dang cool they are so full of love and you can really feel
their love!  They love to sing hyms so we always sing 4 hyms in
sacrament and the choir always sings one as well haha!!:)  Anyway
after church we went to B house and i know i mention her a
lot she is around 48 years old and she is like my second mom here haha
(she wanted me to send her greetings to you all and say she is taking
care of me)  but we have spending a lot of time there we baptized her
daughters and we couldn't figure out what was holding her back but she
committed to January 11th i think YES!!!!  I was so happy i wanted to
just jump from the couch and yell yeah baby haha but it truly bore
testimony that you just need to trust in the lord and his timing and
he will prepare them!!  Dang so that’s basically what happened this
week and something i really enjoyed from the branch was for the new
years they set goals with the Relief Society and the elders quorum 
on what they wanted to accomplish for the new years and they decided these 8 things
1.attendance at meetings
2.tithe paying
3.punctuality and sanitation
5. Missionary Work
6. Temple Work
8. Home and Visiting teaching
I really like how they set goals and we had a big lesson and it really
reminded me of a scripture in Colossians about putting off the old man
and putting on the new!  I have made goals for the new years and i
think it could be something we could all do, and strive to be better
in the year of 2014.  One of mine for example is to be more like our
savior Jesus Christ and to never complain again about anything!!  So
maybe that could be something we could all do!!:)  I am so happy for
this New Year and i am doing so well!  I truly have a testimony that
this is the true church Jesus Christ established while he was
performing his earthly ministry!  I know that the church itself is not
perfect but the teachings are!!!  I know that the savior truly lives
and he walked this earth and atoned for our sins, I am so grateful for
him!  I know one thing that Joseph smith did restore this church and i
know that he isn't perfect but neither am i but understand that the
gospel was lost they had no direction for what was truly expected out
of them they had no idea about the true word of wisdom or law of
chastity just because they hadn't been taught, but i know that as
joseph smith learned and translated the book of Mormon and received
revelations for this church he followed with exactness!  I love you
all so much it was so great to hear all of your voices!  Words can't
describe how much i truly miss you and love you!  I am grateful for
the three of you Mom, Dad, and Colby and pray for you all specifically
every day!!

I love you all tons!!          

Elder Carson at the Mission Christmas party.  They got to eat pizza and french fries.  He said that he loved the fries. It looks like there was other food besides that as well.