Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 14

So I apologize that I couldn't get on earlier we had no power in Oda
and then the servers took forever to load so I am barely able to get
on!  On Wednesday though I will call when it’s around 1 my time which
is around 6 your time and we can talk for a while and work out time
better on the phone haha!!:)  It doesn't even seem real that I am
calling you in two days I am actually kind of nervous haha I know I
will cry of happiness haha!!:)

This week for me was kind of lame to say the least!  We had transfers
on Wednesday, which means Tuesday we spent the day with Elder Ridenour
who was leaving to Tentra hills, Accra that luck sack haha he is going
to enjoy.  Anyway we spent the day with him and then Wednesday my
companion had to travel with him because he is the only one who knows
how to get everywhere so that means I lost about two days proselyting.
On Thursday and Friday though we went on exchanges with the zone
leaders which was something new, it kind of mixed things up for me a
little.  So I traveled to Asamankase and was with Elder Wylie who will
go home in February. He gave me some really good compliments and said
that I already know scriptures that he learned like 4 months ago and
said I teach really well!

Our investigator though that we are going to baptize next week had to
come to church this week and she came aww I’m so happy!  We should
baptize two but for sure one this Saturday I’m so happy!  It’s crazy the
love I have for the people and for my investigators, it’s crazy as soon
as you commit to just learn this gospel and focus on the people the
negatives seem to go away dang I love this work!  Well this email
doesn't have a lot because everyone is waiting to email and so I will
be able to talk to you in just a couple of days!!:)  I love you all
very much and think of you all the time!  I love the 12 days of
Christmas and the treats ha dang I can't wait to call I love you

Love you all so much!!:)

Elder Carson