Thursday, November 28, 2013

Week 10

Hey family I am on kind of early because we are traveling to Amankese today for a zone activity!!  So I am on If you want to talk I know it is very early and this keyboard I am using is terrible so if my spelling and things are off I apologize haha!!!  Mom and Dad thank you so much for the emails I love how you tell me what is going and what you are thinking, the drama, the everything it helps me feel like I’m home with you!  As well thank you for the pictures I was able to look at dropbox yesterday and saw the sunset pictures and Colby with Cami I love them so much they load fast over email so I can see them so please keep sending them!!
Mom and Dad I really love the emails and how in depth you go please keep doing that and mom please keep sending the dear elders with them please I save them all and re read them I really love doing that!   Mom I would love if you wrote down movies for me we need to see please do that for me I would appreciate it, I know I have asked you to do a lot but know I am sure grateful for everything you are doing for me!!:)  I love you both so much!!!  As well mom I am sorry I haven't put any pictures up the internet is to slow but hopefully this Wednesday or Sunday we will see just know that I am happy and safe!!:)

Hey so I have some time haha I swear I think I am either getting faster at typing haha or the time is getting longer!!  As well the weather has been great I can feel myself adjust haha I love it the other day I didn't even sweat in the morning!!! OH YEAH!!! That reminds me this week I wanted you to know that I will have to dip into my personal money a little because this week our branch went to the temple! So my companion and I gave some money to our recent converts that really wanted to go we only gave about 15 us dollars away is all but to see the joy and appreciation of the people I would have gave them 100 us dollars to see that joy and that love and appreciation for when they got home! This puts me to tears writing this because I love missionary work and I love the temple!  So know that you have helped people get to the temple from home and the people who are supporting me as well have helped members get to the temple you are doing missionary work back home!!:)  Anyway one of our converts didn't want to walk alone in the dark by this park so we woke up at three a.m. and walked her to the members and I didn't even sweat haha it was great! Sometimes I don't even sweat when I’m ironing any more haha!  I can feel myself getting used to the heat though and its weird before I used to just keep sweating after I sat down but now when I sit down and wipe the sweat away I usually stop sweating its cool to feel myself adjust!  I can eat fufu now and banco and actually enjoy it and want more of it haha!!:)  When I go home I am going to be freezing!!!  I am actually getting cold at night with my fan as well haha so I have had to use my blanket and turn my fan down sometimes haha so the lord is helping me adjust I am so grateful for it! 
I don't think I will ever get fully used to it it’s just so hot here everyone sweats!! Make sure future missionaries know how important hanker chiefs are I love mine they are so important to wipe the sweat away!  I love the people though they are so much fun and they are always laughing!!  The lot we live on though we stay in a person's home that we are leasing and they are way nice people they have a bunch of kids!  But sometimes they come in our house and we let them watch movies on our portable dvd player and they love to do that it’s kind of fun just a bunch of little kids on the floor surrounding a dvd player they come to church with us too and they aren't members so it’s nice!!!  The other day they were watching tom and jerry haha it is so hard to not just go out there and watch with them haha but I just get bits and pieces and do the lords work!! I have to say I have almost fully lost myself in the work I can feel I am almost there!  It is weird because all I care about is how I can better myself to teach more effectively to be diligent, and to love the work to the best of my ability!
Hey is Colby still working out!??  Mom I seriously love that idea of you keeping a record of the movies we need to watch so please keep doing that!! As well take a lot of pictures on Grandpas birthday, and thanksgiving please I would love that!  Thank you for sending the dear elders as well I save everyone and love them so please keep doing so maybe when I get home we can make a missionary scrap book for stuff like that mom!! Dang make sure Colby knows how proud I am of him I am so proud of him!  Dang I write a lot but seriously all I care about is my family!!:)  I love my dad and mom so dang much haha so much and am so grateful for the both of you!  As well I have been blessed with such a great brother in whom I love a ton!!:)  
This work is not easy but I love it so much!!  I just feel so grateful all the time for my family and for this gospel!!  You know some people complain about washing their clothes by hand and some complain about our living conditions but the way I see it is we know what we are going back to so just be grateful and just try to help your family know and understand how blessed we truly are!!   You know just a quick memory I remember my first Sunday here and as I rode my bike into the church there is no parking lot and there was no cars and I was like is anyone here haha and I went in and the chapel was full! The members will walk 5 to 20 miles to come to church rain or shine! Talk about fully converted!  It makes me feel so ashamed to know how selfish I was and to think about i took for granted this gospel!!  We have been blessed with so much but you know to us it seems like a sacrifice but to the members here it’s a privilege!   This gospel is true my testimony has strengthened every day of the truthfulness and fullness of this gospel I am so humbly grateful for my heavenly father blessing my family with the peace, and happiness we have in our home and more importantly the love we have for one another!!:)  Today gosh I am so grateful for my first area too and my companion the lord really has blessed me and knew that I needed to be here in Oda I remember mom in your email you said the lord knows you need to be in
Oda you might now know why now but you will in the future!! Well I truly know that the lord knew that i needed to be here gosh I am so blessed!!  my companion and I were talking last night on the bed for about four hours haha and he said when he walked into the room he knew I was his companion and as well I remember looking over my shoulder and seeing him and thinking man if that guy is my companion that would be crazy and sure enough he was haha the lord always has a plan for us he knows us and he loves us!!  Well I have written a lot today I love you all so much! 
Enjoy a milkshake for me please!!!!:)  I love you all sooo much!!!!!!!:)
Elder Carson