Tuesday, November 19, 2013

week 9

Wow I can't believe another week has gone by just looking back on the weeks is crazy they just seem like a big blur!!  I really love this mission I just love to meet new people and to share with them the happiness of this gospel!!  I loved your emails thank you so much again for taking the time to share with me some things back home I know things probably don't change much but when you’re in this whole new world, man it worries you sometimes haha but thank you again!
Cami is such a stinker I love hearing her stories they always make me laugh!  Dang I pray every day for her and I really have a good feeling about her for some reason!  I can't wait to have another mountain dew too I will probably say "I love you” as well haha except instead of dancing with it I will probably start bawling with gratitude haha:)  It’s amazing I have wrote in my journal things I won't take for granted ever again and that’s one of them, there are things on there that back home I would have never thought of but when you get here you are just so full of gratitude!!  You will have to let me know when that rec building is finished and how it is, I’m curious to know what it will be like!  You know don't worry about sharing too much the more you share the better I know holidays are coming up and yeah I will be honest it brings back some homesickness but overall I want to know everything!!  TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES and send them to me please!  I got all of my packages this week; I got the one that was sent from October 9 haha thank you mom I loved it so much! My favorite CANDY awwwww it was such a treat tonight I’m going to buy a big coke and eat my candy and drink my coke and watch the restoration video haha that is my treat!  I loved the pictures though whenever you send a package please send photos and take as many photos as you can! Wherever you go take photos!   Anyway I got a total of 7 packages this week holy cow you guys are spoiling me!  First I got grandmas package with peanut butter holy smokes thank you so much that food sealer works perfect and it was so much peanut butter ehhh it is so good! As well I think all the Christmas packages are here too there was 4 from you guys and 1 from grandma!:)  Thank you so much you are spoiling me!  As well I sent some letters back and some I wrote like last month so bear with me haha Elder Clark gave me some stamps! 
 Mom I’m happy for your calling that will be nice to have a little older kids!  You’re a great teacher and the Lord knows that with your great personality and love you can really influence a lot of people!  If you need help with anything, like what to say or anything let me know because I can try my best here on mission to help you! I seriously just want to help everyone it’s so cool I’m always asking people for my help I love it!!:) Dad thank you for letting me know how cami and grandma and grandpa are as well it gives me peace here on the mission to know everyone is okay!! Anyway I love you all so much thank you for the emails!!:)
So anyway transfers were this week and it was kind of a dead week to say the least for my companion and I let’s leave it at that we didn't work as hard as we should have due to transfers and due to the Neilsons coming down for apartment repairs and our water...which we have its sooooo nice!!  But are numbers weren't the greatest but my companion and I were just like lets not talk about it and work extremely hard this week so I’m excited to work hard! I feel adjusted, I feel confident, I overall am starting to feel like a Ghanaian!  So yeah transfers were this week and we lost Elder Clark and Elder Botkin so now we have Elder Dike from Nigeria in our apartment and he is a really nice missionary that I get along with very well! It’s funny the Africans always tell me how much they love me but i'm really striving every day to adjust myself to be like a Ghanaian so I can get along with the people, my investigators, members just basically everyone in Ghana!  Its hard right now because we don't really have anything I can just talk about so I’m learning about things that I can relate to them with!!  But I am still here in Oda with Elder Dranii and we were happy about that Oda is getting bigger due to our missionary efforts we now have split the districts so that’s why my companion is dl so its growing fast and we should be splitting the branch soon too so our work is really paying off! But the Christmas transfers are on the 18th due to missionaries going home and traveling so I pray that I will stay here in oda but it looks I may leave unless they let me and dranii stay together one more transfer! So I think I will just give him his Christmas packages and then with a new companion just get to know him I guess but I’m so excited to talk with you all!!:) 
Hey with thanksgiving share everything and have a great time!!:)  Grandma sent me some potatoes and gravy so I will buy a chicken and some fried rice haha and eat it with potatoes for thanksgiving but have a great time and take a lot of pictures for me!! 
The gum you sent me I love sharing with the kids they love it mainly because it’s from America they have stuff very similar here but to know it’s from America it’s a whole new thing haha and the glowsticks they like it for a minute and then it gets old for them haha but I took some too my recent converts who I just baptized and her three daughters and little boy and they loved it so it was kind of fun to see them smile and laugh with them!  I sure love them her name is Beatrice and dang she is like my second mom here! Every time we go into her home she always yells Carson and Mate haha she doesn't know dranii's name lol and gives me a hug so it’s fun she always feeds us banco and rice all the time she is awesome I love her!!:)  So Justin Beiber came on the other day and dang it made me miss cami so much ha I started to tear up!!:) 
It’s so hard right now in the cafe a boy is playing video games on the first xbox haha so they basically have everything from home here just a lot older and slower but they have all our movies everything!! 
This week was kind of cool because there was an open house in Asmankese that I traveled to with Elder Dike yesterday and for basically three hours we just invited people to the church and walked them to the church for this open house it was really fun we had a great turn out!!  A Great experience!!  I guess transfer weeks go slow sometimes because on Tuesday we found out who were leaving and so we spent the day with them and then on Wednesday they travel to Accra which is 5 hours away from us so my companion went with them and then Thursday and Friday the Nielsons came and spent three hours repairing things in our apartment so we had late days and then Saturday I went to Asmankase for the open house and then got back late again so it was kind of just one of those weeks we just forget about but we were still able to make the most of our days and see recent converts and to meet some new people!
Next week I will be able to tell you more about some of our investigators!!

This week was Gideon's birthday and the poor kid has no family I feel so bad for him just this 17 year old boy that stays with friends and aunts and his aunts didn't even know it was his birthday!!  So I bought him three seasons of the walking dead and we had a candle that we lit on some crackers and we had as much fun as we could with him us missionaries he loved it he said he was way happy so it made me happy!! I love giving though I get packages and I share my peanut butter and I share candy it’s kind of fun.
The biggest challenge that we face here is everyone is very religious! Jesus is everywhere and there are churches everywhere!! Presbies, pentacost, methodist, jehovah witnesses, 7 day evangelist, church of Christ everything so everyone is a member of these churches and know of Jesus but the bad thing is their pastors say to never talk to us or to never go near us haha so we face that a lot here and we pass JW's  Jehovah Witnesses all the time doing missionary work as well hahah it’s kind of funny but they are nice to us, only because they know we will finish them with scriptures haha!!:)  It really reminds me of joseph smith and what he was facing so we are always praying for heavenly father to soften their hearts because they are very stubborn people who really believe in god and Christ we talked to one lady who believes in trinity which is god the father, god the son, and god the spirit are all one haha and I was like so you mean to tell me Jesus talked to himself on the cross or when he was baptized that other voice that said this my son in whom i am well pleased was just another person and she was like oh oh oh oh uh uh uh I don't know but there all one haha I was just like wow but they are stubborn people we already reached our goal of two baptisms this month but next month I want to baptize three people that I think we can baptize but we will see!! 
As well something in my planner when we were visiting the Beatrice family the boy was misbehaving so Beatrice went and grabbed the willow haha and threatened him it was so funny he took off running and my companion grabbed him so Beatrice could beat him but she never did she is to kind! It reminded me of the story of grandpa telling the boys to grab theirs!!!
I want you to know that I am safe and praying for you everyday, I think about you all the time and love you so much!! Thank you again for the Christmas packages and other packages I loved them so much thank you for everything I truly have been blessed with a great family in whom I love dearly!!!  I am okay though I am always thinking about safety dad and always listening to the spirit so don't worry everything is super safe here!! I love you all so much  I will talk to you soon just a couple more weeks!!!YESSSSSSSS!!!! I love you all SOOOOO MUCH!!:)
Me-Dowo Paaaa
I love you all so much!!:)

Elder Carson