Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 7

Awwww another week has gone bye!!!! They are going by faster and faster I swear before we know it I will be calling you!!:) 

Hey!! I read a talk about gratitude and I am so full of gratitude sense I got here but what I really wanted to express was how grateful I am for all three of you !! This mission is a family affair and we are going through this together I know its not easy on you either but one thing I have learned is you just have to trust in the Lord and pray faithfully every day and he will provide a way baby!!!  I am so grateful for you all I love you all very much!!
Oh there was an eclipse here yesterday and it kind of got dark in the middle of the day it was pretty sweet mainly because it cooled down for a couple hours haha but it was kind of cool!!

Hey I love your emails thank you again for sending me emails I really like reading them haha they make laugh and helps me know that you are safe!!  I really like how you go into detail and tell me everything its very hard sometimes but when you go into detail and tell me how your feeling and what your thinking and what you think about my emails and pictures it helps me a lot!!
So another week wow!!  Mom that's so cool you went to that baptism I'm so proud of Brandon that really is a neat story I really have seen that as well the happiness that baptism brings into a person, and families life this gospel is so true and its the only way we can have true happiness in this life!! Dang I sure miss trunk or treat  mainly just the cinnamon roles and chili haha rice and beans is all good though haha:)
Im glad you liked those pictures that sister Nielsen took haha I almost made her not send them because I thought they might be gay and my companion was giving me a hard time lol but I'm glad I sent them I sure love you guys!!  Things are so good here I have to say I'm settled in and its starting to just feel like home!!  I have been here a month and the people think I have been here for years they say the way I speak the twi and my English is changing already to their culture way fast!  A Ghanaian who lives with us Elder Andoh said with the rate I'm going I should be able to speak fluently twi by the end of my mission dang me and that kid get along great!!  My companion and I are getting along great we sit and talk every night, me, him and Elder Andoh just sit for an hour eating our food and talk every night about home and things we are going to do haha we get a long great!! 
Dang this week ha there is so much to write about in such a short amount of time!!  It is getting hotter here haha its getting into hammer time or something like that and holy cow its super hot haha the Americans we just have sweat lines on our butts and in our white shirts all the time haha but its just part of the work baby, I'm getting such mean tan lines though haha my arms are just dark and my face just burns all the time haha but its so much fun to ride around and talk to people and learn ha I really have been loving it!! 
This week we killed and ate a full pig lol I have pictures and I will try to upload them on Sunday but we will see haha!!  It was crazy we just had this pig in a bag and it started to try to get out and Elder Andoh an African just started beating its head with a rock and then knocked it out kind of and slit its throat haha that was a whole new experience so I now know how to kill a pig and clean it out and cook it baby it was a lot of fun!  We got our district and ate it Saturday night after the baptism and played ludu and ate pig and yams(potatoes basically)  It was a blast!!  Little Elder Ridenour was like haha after we slit the pigs throat he was like I don't think I feel like pig anymore haha but he ate it and we had a good time!!  So yeah we baptized two more this Saturday and awww I did the baptisms and they didn't fill the font up all the way lol so I had to baptize a guy three times and a girl twice lol but then the others I only baptized once haha but it was a great time and us missionaries presided the meeting due to the branch pres being gone and our branch is kind of small so that was different but we did a good job and you could feel the spirit!!

I love our branch so much though ha its so funny I just think sometimes here I am in Africa with everyone being black and my big white face is just right in the middle haha its kind of funny!  It really hasn't like kicked in yet though I must say it feels like I'm going home soon ha its a weird feeling but I really love Africa it really is a whole new world though!  Its hard to put into words how people live here and how we eat, and buy food but its just like Africa haha and it really is just starting to feel like home!! 
Some things that I have faced is people yelling at me to go back to my country and people sometimes swerve at me with their cars but really they won't do anything!  Things are safe I have so many experiences where the spirit is just like woah don't go over there or woah don't do this at this time!  One time a guy was yelling at me and calling me so I asked him what he needs?  He yelled your serving God right so come? Well the spirit was like don't go over there just keep walking, well as I started to walk away he started yelling go back to your country nobody wants you here boy and my companion stopped and wanted to beat him but I just pulled him and said lets go haha but just know that I'm safe and always listening to the spirit!!
One thing that has really strengthened my testimony while I have been here is as soon as you learn to put your trust in the Lord and in the spirit things just go so much smoother!!  Its not easy sweating very very hard every day and eating food that is way different but when you pray with true faith that you seriously want the strength to get through the day happy and with charity the Lord will always somehow give you the strength to do so!!  I have put myself in his hands and put my family back home in his hands and I know with all my heart that he will bless you all!! I am so thankful for fasting as well!!  I can feel your prayers and your sacrifice while I'm here just know that I'm working very hard everyday to honor my family and my Heavenly Father!! 
I saw my first green momba actually today on the walk over to the cafe gosh they put raddle snakes to shame they are just evil looking snakes ha but that was my first one I saw since I have been here and my companion that was only his first too and he has been out a year now so its a rare thing so dad don't worry ha I'm safe and doing well!! 
Well I feel like I wrote a lot haha but just know that I miss you all so much and I am so grateful for your sacrifice for allowing me to be here and experience this culture and the joys of being a missionary!!  I love your emails and am so grateful for the emails and letters!!:)  I sure love you all so much please if there is anything I can do here let me know! Let me know things you really want me to answer and I will try my best!! Well family until next week it will go by fast!!:)  I love you all so so so much and think of you all every day!!:) 

I love you very much
Elder Carson