Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 8

So I actually got your letter mom from October 9th haha and the package hasn't come yet but what do you do!  Elder Clark said one of his packages came three months after it was sent but most get here on time so lets pray that the Christmas one will get here on time!!  I loved the letter mom and I love the dear elders it helps me sometimes to just look back on them and read them, it feels like I’m talking to you sometimes!!
Dad I can't believe you don't have snow yet?? Hopefully in December it just dumps on us so you can go sledding but as wells so it feels the reservoirs!  Cami's comment made me laugh I love to read things that she says or that you guys say it always makes me smile! I read in one of my dear elders dad and you said mom is ornery as ever haha and I can just imagine you typing that and laughing while you type it haha it made me laugh this morning!:) That’s good the dodge is done though that means I will have a Cummins when I get home haha just kidding but it will be nice to have that done so you can tow the trailer to the hills this winter!! Dad keep taking Grandpa out like that I always love those memories when I think back on us going shooting or going to the hills I just cherish those now that I’m here they are just perfect memories I can't wait to come home and be able to go shooting and to go to the hills again ha it will just be so nice to have cold weather!!  Dad thank you for teaching me to be mature and to think about situations and sacrificing so much for me to be here on this mission I truly appreciate it and truly am just full of gratitude for my parents and family I love you dad so much thank you for everything!!:)

So this week was great we had the opportunity to go to the temple it was well needed!  I love going through sessions and sitting in the celestial room and just have a great conversation with my heavenly father!  As I was there I really had a spiritual experience I just sat in the celestial room and the spirit testified to me that what I am doing is right!  That I am supposed to be a missionary in Ghana Africa and things were going to be okay!!  This brings tears to my eyes as I type this because I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the comfort it has brought me here on this mission!!  The temple is so beautiful though and it’s cool because we got to watch the old film and really makes you grateful for the new one! I was able to take some photos and I will try to upload them soon but this computer won’t let me haha they are just old, slow computers!!  It was nice to see president hill too he is a great guy!  He is a really intelligent guy holy cow he has wrote books that church has asked him to write and he is very smart but he is still very new you can tell!  He is only two transfers ahead of me so he was like we are learning together but it was nice to sit down with him and he said I look great and I’m adjusting very well and I am going to be a great missionary!! As well we had a meeting about what we can and shouldn't eat haha which was helpful as well sister hill and sister wall taught us how to make bisquick and other things so now I can make pancakes but in the bush we don't have the luxuries the Accra missionaries have!  I really love it here though it has just humbled me, which I have read in the scriptures is so important to have humility in your life and I sure needed it!  I love the scriptures I look forward every morning to reading them and just learning this week I read in Alma and gosh he is the best missionary there is I just strive to be as humble, and confident as he was he was a great man!!

I have to say this basically feels like home now!! I love Oda and our branch they are such sweet people that would do anything for you!!   If I left Oda tomorrow I would be very discouraged and probably be emotional because I love the people here!  It still hasn't sunk in yet and I don't think it will you kind of just lose yourself in the work and forget that you’re in Africa!  It’s so weird to adjust because really for the first time I don't think about myself I think about how I can better myself in order to bring my brothers and sisters back to my heavenly father!  At times I’m not thinking and its weird haha I sometimes don't like it because I’m like awww I should be thinking something but really its going well!!  It’s so fun I can feel myself adjusting to the food and to the people it’s almost just like I feel like they are my people!  I catch myself talking English like them and it’s really cool!  At times your head feels like you have to change who you are but really you don't have to, over time the culture will just grow on you and change you for the better is what I keep telling myself!!  I just have to be patient I just want to be Ghanaian already haha and my companion is Fijian but he is basically Ghanaian and he always tells me to just take a step back and be patient and everything will come!!  He is a great man though I really have grown to love that guy 
So mom for your questions the best thing this week was the temple and the spiritual experience I had in there but the second would be a Ghanaian woman asked my companion and I to attend like a baby tradition!  So Tuesday morning we woke up at five and went to her house!  What Ghanaian woman do when they have a baby is keep it in the house for two weeks!  When it has been two weeks they invite family members and friends to attend what is like a baby blessing!  Well what they do is the father usually will get a glass of water and a glass of alcohol or beer!  Well then they give the baby a name and a blessing but in the blessing they give it a drink of water, and mumble some words in twi and then they give it a drink of the alcohol.  What this represents is the difference of good and bad and for the baby to differentiate the difference of the good and the bad it was really neat!  Then they get the baby and introduce it into the sunlight for a couple minutes and everyone takes pictures!  It was a really neat experience!

Me-Dowooo Paaaaaa

I love you very much!!!!!

Elder Carson