Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 6

So this week has really been a good week!!  I loved your emails!!   I sure do miss motorcycle rides don't ever take those for granted! That's the thing my companion and I were talking and its like the first few weeks out here you are adjusting and yet you are just overwhelmed with gratitude and overwhelmed with joy!!  I literally am so grateful for everything that have and I am so grateful for my family back home.

The baptisms were so good though gosh I love the girls we baptize I love to see it change their lives and their families love!!  You can see the joy the holy ghost brings into their lives and that's one thing that I took for granted but how important the holy ghost is to have in our lives! Its truly the greatest gift we can have here on earth to allow us to make right decisions!!   

The language is going good I'm starting to understand it better I can hear more than I can speak its very hard to speak because you have to like lower and higher your voice and some words if you don't you like insult them haha so I'm learning!! 

As well we will baptize two of my boys that I have helped teach this Saturday so I will be at five in my first month and then we will baptize two more at the end of the month haha its going great!!  On our pdays we get up in the morning and we fetch water to wash our clothes and we start hand washing our clothes and that takes about an hour and half and then we clean the apartment and do any other things!! Then we walk up to the market and get some things and get haircuts!!  Then its football time baby the locals say I'm really good too I wish I would have played in high school because they say I'm the only abruney they pass to lol buts its so much fun and then we go to a mans house and he is like a father figure here who gives us bread and honey and we play games its like family home evening and we invite our investigators its so much fun!!
I sure love the people here they are so nice and they always are saying how happy they get when they see my face and they are always offering to make fufu for me!  
I sure love Oda though I think that I will be here three more transfers!! My companion will finish my training and then leave due to him being here almost one year and by that point he will have been here a year so I bet I stay and lead and he leaves!!  I love Oda though its so beautiful and its like home kind of haha kind of country!! Its still very hottttttt I am getting so tan my arms are like brown and I have only been here 4 weeks!!  

 But family I'm doing great and one thing that has been on my mind is in the book of Nephi in chapter 18 verse 21  we are counseled to pray in our families and we will be blessed!! I know we strived to do that every night but we weren't perfect!! Keep that in mind and try your best to always pray and to trust in the lord!! That is what I had to learn was to trust in the lord!!!  If you have trust in him than you know that whatever he places in front of you there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!


Family I love you so much and am so grateful for you!!! I think of you all every day!!!!

Love you All so much!!

Elder Carson
As well we are gong to the temple on the 5 of November so that will be sick I'm so pumped for that!!  Just to go back to Accra will be so cool!!  Our well will be done as well on Tuesday and I'm so happy for that because that means we wont have to fetch water and we will have clean water!!  The people and the members mom I just can't describe how fully converted they are into this gospel some walk miles to get church and some wake up at 5 am to get ready and leave by 6;30 to walk and be there by 8;30!!  They are truly converted people and I really love what they teach in our church is they teach that in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints we are equal!!  No one is better than anyone and to never judge!  They don't either when someone makes a mistake or when I make a mistake they never laugh they always smile and kindly tell you what you did wrong!!  I really love their examples and they always keep me on my toes haha.  I can't understand twi in the church so I just read my scriptures well now they are comfortable enough with me to just say elder Carson tell us about this and tell us about this haha and I have to be ready always because the people here look up to the missionaries!  
I wanted to share a word with you in twi to and try to learn it haha its basic!!
Me-Dowo    =I love you!!!:)
I sure love you!!!:)