Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 4

WOW so I had a full thing written and the computer blacked out haha I’m so upset but I will try again!  I am doing so good though I am getting better every single day.  Things here are getting better and better every single day though. I like the quote I learned in basketball camp; Every day in Every way I’m getting better and better and that’s how it is here I’m getting a lot better!  I eat so much they eat so many carbs here I’m going to be so fat haha I hope!!  Please keep emailing like you do where you individualize that I love it! I love hearing from you as much as possible please continue to be safe!!
Mom!!!!!!!! I loved your email!  I am so grateful for you!  You literally packed me with way more things than I need ha I have everything I need for this whole mission so don't worry I don’t need anything!  Thank you so much for being prepared!!  You driving on that tire haha that is so you lol and that is why I love you mom haha I can just see dad shaking his head when you tell him!  Hey continue for your goal to run that marathon and don't let anyone hold you back your goal was to qualify for the Boston marathon so do that mom don't settle!!  Mom I love your emails and I love hearing about your week so please continue to do that I loved the quote from president and how even a prophet was homesick!  I always tell the boys in my apartment that all I needed for me to relieve stress was to hear my mom’s voice saying hey you can do it!  So I am so grateful for you!  Mom I’m blessed with the best mom in the world!!  I love you so dang much and think of you every day!!! Love you Tons Mom!!:)
Dad!!!  Everything is going good hear I really liked your email.  Dad I will always be honest with you when I email and tell you everything don't worry about that!  Everything is safe here I’m eating so dang much and the water is coming.  My companion is a great teacher and really knows the culture very well so he has helped me out a ton I can't complain I’m starting to get it figured out!  I really have just blended in and have just watched and learned so it’s been great!  I apologize I had a full email wrote and the computer went out so things were lost but dad I’m safe and I love you emails so please keep sending them!!  Dad you’re the best dad in the world and I’m so grateful for you!! Please keep everyone safe dad!! I think of you every day!!  I love you so much Dad!!:)
So like I said I had a whole thing wrote and the stupid computer like deleted it I was so mad but everything is going super good here I loved reading all your emails!!  Please continue to write me emails and letters dear elder works so it’s nice to get them!!  This week has gone by so fast though I can't believe it! I am learning the twi okay its hard to learn but it just takes time so I have to be patient!  The ward missionaries are always over and they have taught me things which are nice!!  They always say they can feel my love and can see how happy I am!!  The culture is so different though this mission is not like they portray missions in America!  First off because it takes time for us to fetch water, wash our clothes by hand, take bucket baths, so that stuff takes time!  My companion is a great teacher though so I can't complain I’m super grateful for him he has taught me so much and is super patient with me! We are teaching so many people though I wouldn't have enough time to write them all down probably 20 people haha we are going to baptize probably five this month I’m so pumped because of that!!!  Ha one day we were out tracking and we stopped at this house and we were talking to the family and I stepped on this flat rack and my companion looked at me and shook his head! Well after he told me that is where they prepare their food I felt so bad!!!  They use flat rocks for that so I have had to get used to that ha but everything is getting better and better every day!!  Please continue to write me personal emails like you do I love them!!
I am being obedient don't worry I have been super obedient!!  It’s so hot here haha I can't believe it.  When I ride my bike it feels like I’m riding through fog haha it’s so hot the black people always laugh at me and say I’m going to be black when I go home!  As well we should do the spudman when I go home I am going to have such stacked legs!!  There is a scripture that talks about being obedient on your mission and you won’t face like hunger or soreness haha it’s so true my legs are getting so stacked and I’m never sore!  We ride our bikes like 20 to 30 miles each day haha uphill and downhill on dirt roads it’s not easy but my legs feel so good ha so let’s do it!!  

I wish I could have gone to the mountains with all of you though!! I really just want to see the fall colors and feel that cold air again! Next week hopefully the computer won't crash and I can get into more detail but know I’m super safe the Ghanaians I swear love Americans!  Half the time when they allow us into their home I think it’s primarily because they just want to talk to me about America haha then we share a lesson and convert them!  It’s really cool here because they love Jesus and know the bible from front to back I feel super unprepared with the bible but companion knows the main questions people ask so he is pretty quick and he teaches me but the people really respect us in general because we are teaching about Jesus Christ so they leave us alone! They are very nice and humble people haha I’m learning more and more about them everyday!!  I love you Family so dang much!!
I love you all so much and think of you Every day!! 
Love you MOM!!
Love you DAD!!
Love you Colby!!!

Elder Carson

This is a hand dug right outside of Taylor's apartment.
 As of today they still haven't reached water.  

Taylor's apartment.  There are four missionaries living in it.