Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 3

Yeah I walk in to meet President Hill and the first thing he says to me is that I am going to the bush. Its crazy here its not really the bush its pretty busy but yeah its really hard!!  I have to fetch water out of a well for water to flush the toilet and to bath in...its soooo cold!!  But they started digging our well so that should change by the end of this week!!  Oh yeah and they dig the wells by hand its not okay and they cut there lawn all by hand with a machete!!  But its way safe here there isn't any worries they have everything I need so I shouldn't need anything from home if you do though please just a lot of pictures I love pictures.

My companion is Elder D from Fiji he is a great guy and a great teacher he has been out a year next month and is a great teacher!! He knows the people really well and they all love him!!   I can't wait until we have water so we don't have to buy water that part isn't very fun we have to buy water to cook, wash dishes, brush our teeth and other things!!  We have taught a couple of people and have committed them to baptism and are going to baptize probably three people this month!!  I love hearing about things that are going on at home so keep emailing like you do I love it!!  I apologize if my emails seem out of place or don't flow i just try to talk from my heart and whatever comes to my head I write!!
That is crazy the weather is like that its soo hot here I sweat so bad lol its like dripping off of me all the time!!  As well riding our bikes I feel like I'm mountain biking every day lol its kind of fun haha i always think of Colby when I am riding and how much you would love it!   They have everything here from shampoo to soap to toothbrushes to batteries to converters its fine so don't worry about me!!  But mom holy cow you packed so much for me and before I complained but I am sure grateful you are such a good mom and packed everything I love it and have everything I need!!  Its funny I'm learning twi and its really hard to learn but everywhere i go the little kids yell abrunie haha its funny it means like white man they love Americans here they are always curious about America i love it!!   They talk really slow so i have to as well they always say you talk way to fast!!  
I actually used the plunger this morning it went really well washing clothes by hand and fetching your water out of a deep well is hard lol but its fine just something i have to get used to!!!  
We have taught a bunch of investigators and the people here are so nice and eager to learn about the gospel!  They love Jesus, everywhere here you see love Jesus so they really respect the elders and love us even if they are from a different church because they know that we are preaching about God and Jesus so thats nice!!  I love you family and I am thinking of you all the time!!
Hugs and kisses
Love you All,  Dad, Mom and Colby