Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 2

(Today was the day before the missionaries were leaving the MTC and it sounds like there was some down time.  Taylor wrote us three times.  I am posting them all here with a space in between.  I loved hearing from him.  I just wish I could hear from him more often.)

Hey family I will try to email a little later today as well and write a little more but I have an appointment in about twenty minutes!  Today is my last day in the MTC and I’m pretty happy with that!  I have loved every minute of it, my district was awesome!  We always were laughing and joking around which made the MTC fly by its crazy how fast it went.  All I can say is the days drag on but the weeks fly by! 

I’m glad things are going well at home please keep me informed I really look forward to your emails and hearing what’s happening at home!  I’m so proud of Colby and how hard he works he is such a good young man I’m glad he is working hard and doing okay!  Tell him to do a little more pull ups though nawww I’m kidding I’m glad he is working out I know he will love it!! 

I will be honest I’m so tired it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open but I’m so happy, I’m so happy is all I can say I’m always smiling and just feel love all the time!!  Their culture is cool I really love it, it’s hard to put in words what it’s like, it’s ten times different than what we’re used to!  This mission and this MTC is ten times different than any other mission or MTC experience!  We have around 80 kids here and you can hear gangster music all the time outside and you can hear sirens and people yelling constantly, you have to be very into the lesson to not be distracted by outside experiences! I have learned patience so much here in the MTC.  It was sad to see my district leave to their missions today!  The food here is the same almost every day I will send pictures of our breakfast everyday (sometimes they add oatmeal) and send our lunch and dinner which is rice and chicken for every meal!  We have however had my favorite meal which has a weird hot dog type meat inside it!  I’m not complaining though don’t get me wrong if you hear the stories and testimonies of the natives you would never complain about anything the rest of your life!  The first day I got here it was soooooooo much to sink in how different it is here you can't put it into words you just have to experience it!  I love this gospel so much I can feel the spirit so strong everywhere I go I love my Heavenly Father and everything He has given me!!  My favorite scripture is Romans 8:39!!  I will try to email you again very soon!  I Love you guys very much!  I love you Dad thank you for everything! Mom I love you!!!  Colby (keep getting bigger) I love you little brother!!!

I apologize if things seem random but things just pop into my head so I write them!! 

Love you all soooo very much!!!

Elder Carson

Well I kind of emailed Dad a little on the other email!!  I think most of the time it will just be a general email to you, Dad and Colby on one but I had a chance to email twice today!  Football with the Africans is so much fun I can't put it in words how good they are though everywhere you go here you see someone playing football!!

I want you to know this is hard! It’s been a cake walk but it’s hard!!  Understand that drinking water all the time, being hot all the time and eating the same food all the time is something you’re not used to.  I say this to not have you have pity on me but I say this because this may seem like a sacrifice but I have never been this truly happy!  When you see little children playing in the street and running across nearly getting hit all the time, or when you see people cooking on coals with an iron pot on the side of the streets by their tin houses you should never complain about anything!  I want you to all know that I emphasize it because it means a lot to me!  Now when I think of this I just simply shake my head because we literally have everything!!  I don't want to seem preachy or seem like I’m lecturing but I just want you to ponder the thought of would you still be close to the Lord and follow His example if you didn't have a dime to your name??  I love you all so much and know you would but it has really been on my mind a lot lately!!

I am so excited to get into the field tomorrow I can’t put it in words!  I feel like I’m somewhat ready but literally the Natives know the Bible and the Book of Mormon by heart I swear I can't keep up with them their testimonies are ridiculous! 

The other day we went and got our Ghana Citizenship card and were able to go to a grocery store!  They have everything here I bought a Snickers and a Coke and oh my gosh it was the best Coke and Snickers I have ever ate in my entire life!  They make them with real sugar and a bunch of other things and it was so bomb!! 

Make sure Dad knows I am safe they have taught us everything here to keep us safe!  The water has a three system filter which is 99.9% effective on cleaning your water; they said you can't get water at home this clean!  They have taught us how to clean and keep ourselves healthy!  I will be fine I have walked around and associated with people outside of the MTC and they are such nice friendly people! 

The roads are so bumpy lol and there is a lot of speeding up slowing down, honking, sirens,  cops with big AK's and haha its wild!  The accent of the Natives I am actually getting used to and the heat as well!  I have actually been sleeping with a blanket but it’s a little cooler here right now!!  The humidity is what’s crazy you go outside and you can just feel it. It feels like a cloud is just covering you when you fill up your water bottle it’s immediately wet on the outside of it!!

I love you all so much and will make sure to email as soon as I can when I find out where I’m serving and who my companion is!!

I love you all so much!!

Love Elder Carson

I just wanted to emphasize on the last email I sent I don’t want to offend you about complaining it’s not geared towards anyone!  However I’m disappointed in myself for ever complaining it is what I wanted to get a cross!!  I love you all so much I am so happy and am so blessed and grateful!!!