Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 5

So this week was awesome!!!! We got rained out almost every single day though so that was kind of a bummer we weren't able to work as hard as we wanted but what do you do you can't fight the weather!! Basically my schedule is way busy! When I get up I start boiling water and make oatmeal, a boiled egg, and bread lol, sometimes I make omelets  usually on Sundays   We have all types of food here I eat a lot of rice and beef sausage for lunch and dinner which is way good and indo-mie which is like top-a-ramen!!  Ha so I am eating good lol!  The other day at church someone said I'm getting fatter lol!!  Then we go out and just find people and talk with our investigators until about 9 and then come home and fetch water for our shower and then prepare dinner and then bed haha its way busy!!
Haha thats the other thing its not rude to tell someone they're fat here haha so my companion will like tell woman their fat haha it makes me laugh!  

This week was kind of cool I was able to eat snail and fufu haha so that was interesting. Snail is kind of good though just really fishy!  As well I will be eating some fufu tomorrow some members are making us some!  But you just get a big bowl and eat with your fingers so that is going to be hard for me but what do you do haha!!:)  Fufu is weird lol you don't chew fufu you just swallow its like trying to swallow a pill every time!!

Its crazy we are going to baptize five people this Saturday I'm so excited and they want me to do the baptism haha I'm pumped for that!  As well I have been adjusting so well its super hot you literally are always sweating its hard but its just part of the work baby!!

The days are flying by so fast though I can't believe it!  I have to say I really love the people here!  They are always so nice to me and they love Americans and they always offer me things!!

I'm a  firm believer that Satan knows that the first few weeks are the most vital time for a missionary!! He was sure eating me up but I was on my knees a lot and I'm so grateful for prayer! I know heavenly father hears our prayers mom so please continue to pray!  Try to have a family prayer every night and your personal prayers as well!!  

The language is going good! I'm learning slowly but surely!! The people are really patient with me and its hard because I have to learn to talk slow and dumb my English down and to emphasize every letter in a word so its been tough but its sure been fun haha!!  I have to say I'm still homesick but I have just learned mom that you have to trust in the Lord!!  I am so grateful for this gospel and to know that we will live with each other for eternity I'm so grateful for that!!  This gospel is true mom my testimony strengthens of it each and every single day!! Its so cool every Monday we have family home evening at a members house! He always feeds us honey and bread!  He is a wealthy man in Oda and always feeds us and helps us feel at home!! He is like family here and its helps!!  I am so grateful for everything I can't describe how much gratitude I have developed sense I have gotten here!! 

So a spiritual challenge this week is to write down 25 things the lord has blessed you with!!!  It has helped me to understand why I'm here on this mission to just write down everything that I have!! I always write in my journal and every day I write down what I'm grateful for!!  It has helped me a ton!!  I love my Heavenly Father so much and am so grateful for him in my life!! It's been a great week though the locals always giving me compliments and saying how happy I am!!:) They always compliment how they can feel that I don't feel that I'm better than them and they can feel of my love!!

Know that I'm so dang happy and I'm so dang glad that I'm serving a mission!! I have been so blessed in my life and to just give back two years of my life is the least I can do!!  

Just a quick thing before my time runs out haha but the children are always yelling abruni haha which is like white man. I get them chanting it and they are all like chanting abruni abruni abruni and I raise my fist and say it with them its so much fun they always come and run and give me hugs and always jump on me!! I really am so dang happy and I am grateful you are all healthy and doing well!!

Its cool too because Africans play music everywhere so its fun to always hear the music and I always dance and they love to see me dance haha so I dance and gosh dang its just a blast here and an adventure lol I'm so happy and enjoying it!!  I love you all so much!!
Dad I love you so much!!
Mom I love you so much!!
Colby i love you so much!!
I think of you every day!!!
I can't wait to hear of your week next week!!
I love you all!!
Love Elder Carson

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