Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 1

Well where to begin...I am doing sooooo good I really love it, its gone by way fast and I can only imagine how fast the rest of my mission is going to go!!  I am district leader of the Mormon District and I love the guys so much! We are the only district that sits by each other and eats as a district thus far!! We laugh all the time there is a native named elder Eni who keeps us laughing the whole time we really are like a family and we have only been here a couple of days!  My companion is Elder Ikpah a native from Nigeria he is 25 years old which is normal for the natives here at the MTC the oldest is 30!!  Most Americans are from Utah and most of us are going to the Accra West Mission! 
Well when I was on the plane I sat by a Ghana native named Charity and she was such a sweet lady from the bronx!  She really helped calm my nerves and we talked a lot about the country! When we arrived in Ghana it wasn't as bad as people say it went quite well getting your bags is sketchy the conveyer belts are way different than Americas but you get your luggage! What happens is employees grab your bags and ask for tips to get it back if you say you have no money they give it to you!  But charity had a cousin who worked there at the airport and she grabbed her for me and walked her over to me and said dont let the boys husstle this young man he is my friend and so they took care of me!  An elder however at security when they asked for baggage check tickets the guards asks for tips and if you take your wallet out they grab everything in it a boy took his wallet out and lost around 20 to 40 dollars but i just said nawwwww man I dont have money they hasstle you a little bit but its fine!  hahaha Well on the drive over I got shotgun in the van and here in Ghana there is no driving rules haha pretty sketchy so I am in the front and our driver is honking at people swerving and were listening to loud rock church hyms and I amm like yep I'm definitely in Africa lol!! On the highway since there is no rules we hit traffic and a two lane highway turned into a four lol....crazy!! The highway is crazy people just run across highways and walk on the sides its kind of like everyone trusts everyone here in that sense!!  Everyone carries things on their heads and people walk up the streets and sell and they walk where there is traffic and they put their items really close to the windows!  You nearly hit them when you are driving its so sketchy little kids run across the roads all the time and get really close just like little 4 year children its nuts haha there is shops along the highway and things its so hard to put it down all at once!! I will keep filling you in on the experience over time!!
For the food my favorite meal is breakfast mmmmm its always a lot of bread, a boiled egg, and either oatmeal or some brown stuff who knows and lunch and dinner always have rice every meal and usually its chicken we have a fish a couple times but that's it!! We basically ate carp the other day that wasn't very good but you just plug your nose and eat away BABY!!!!  But my companion is well liked by the natives and I get along with everyone very well we always laugh and joke around.  Their testimonies are so strong and they know the book of Mormon almost by heart and they sing everywhere they go lol!  Our Hymns are sung sooo dang loud!!! 
It is really hot and humid I haven't stopped sweating since  I have got off the plane its crazy but you get used to it and know that everyone else is sweating too!! You walk outside and you feel wet almost lol!!  We went to the temple today and that is the prettiest temple I have stepped foot inside its so dang beautiful its small but beautiful I will send pictures!!!!  The hardest thing I have ate was that carp dang that was sick!!!!  My stomach is doing fine I think it was a combination of things but its good haha jet lag sucks sooo bad I have never been more tired in my life but Im getting back on track and doing fine!! I am sleeping fine I actually use tanners gift like crazy haha every time I get a chance to use it I do its nice but I actually have had to sleep with a blanket a couple nights ha I  got cold so my body is kind of adapting!!  I miss home like crazy but being here makes me so grateful to have a beautiful community i actually get really upset like mad when i think of people complaining.  if you saw this country you be soooooooooo disapointed you EVER complained about anything in your life if you live in America!!  The best experience I have had here so far was playing soccer in the rain with the natives that was way cool only once in a life time can I say I played soccer with Africans in Africa with women and children dancing and playing and singing on the side it was a neat experience!!
I love hearing what your doing at home so keep doing that please I would really appreciate that it makes me feel like I'm a part of it!!  just keep me posted on projects, classes, problems, everything I miss home but its only because I'm sooo grateful for my home and for my family!!! 
Tell Colby to work out as hard as he can because so am I lol!!  I love you guys so much you have no idea I am so grateful for you I have the best family I could ask for!! I love you Mom and Dad a ton make sure dad knows I am safe the natives help me out a ton I am learning a lot already like don't say hey to Africans it is very rude!!!  I only get an hour and that took 40 minutes lol! I love you a ton! Send me the dropbox stuff again lol oh yeah and I bought garments for 1cedi which is like 50 cents for us hahah I bought ten pair top and bottom for 10 cedi!!!!
Love you all a ton...until next week
Elder Carson