Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sending him off!!!

Well, after waiting four months we have sent Elder Taylor Carson off to Ghana.  It seems so unreal to me.  It was hard saying goodbye but I know that he will come back in two years a stronger person.   I am excited to hear of his experiences and watch his growth.  I am attaching some pictures of him at the Twin Falls Airport.  He was the only missionary flying from Twin but when he got to SLC there were around 15 other missionaries all flying to Ghana.  There were more missionaries that met up with the group in NYC.  He was a little nervous this morning but when he called in NY he seemed calmer and was enjoying the company of the other missionaries.  Keep praying for him because I am sure he has some adjusting to do.

Checking in!  He doesn't have to worry about his bags until he gets to Ghana.  What a relief!

Thanks to Cindy Shaw for getting me this great shirt!!  I will look at this picture often to remind  myself that I can do it!