Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 32-Bike Accident and Stitches

Well I have to say I love the pictures!! Cami looks darling, please tell her I say how beautiful she looked!  Colby my brother, I hope you know how big of a stud you are!  I am honored to say you are my little brother and know all the missionaries out here say you are stud!  Colby you are my hero man, I love you tons!  I miss all the family but this week I have been missing my little brother, I can't wait to get home and hang out bro.  Keep working hard and get that truck man. Mom chii you sound busy...take it easy:) Dad thank you for the email, it sounds like Heavenly Father has answered our communities prayers with some moisture in which I am so grateful for! 

This week was awesome. I can't tell you how sweet this week was!  We had a ton of success! Well transfers are here and I’m staying in McCarty, but Elder Giles is leaving to New Town! I will miss that kid...I look back and this has been the fastest six weeks of my life...I will miss that kid, I truly love that guy!  My new companion is Elder Jones from Utah I think, I don't know much about him but overall I think he will be great!  Well we were able to see President two times this week which was nice.  We saw him at our District Council meeting and it was great he is a great man I love that guy he really gets it!  Well after our DC we went proselyting and as we were eating yam and pineapple we heard a loud bang and then the locals started yelling and running to this hill.  Well I got my companion and we started to kind of get away from everything but noticed it was a car accident.  Well we stayed in the background because you can't let the people know that you witnessed it but we stayed and watched.  Well a car was going too fast on this hill and ran head on to a taxi.  To say the least I saw three people who were not breathing and that was kind of hard to see.  So please drive super safe, that is something I am supposed to tell my family...again so please keep your eyes open!!!!!!! Then as they laid on the ground they just picked them up and threw them in a taxi to get them to the hospital...I can’t mess up here so again it was another testimony that I need to always stay on the game here!  It was hard to see but it smoothed out and we started the week strong.  We had some powerful lessons this week and saw many miracles.  We gave a blessing to a man named H, Ghanaians are so funny...people sell anointing oil here and say it will heal anyone, so when we gave him the blessing he was like, I really feel it, this oil really works haha so I told him no its because we are the only ones who have the authority which turned out good!  Well then we sat down with B again and he expressed to us that since we have come here he can feel the blessings of his shop sales going up, and the locals say we are blessing the area, and so we used that as a way to help him know that ,that is a way Heavenly Father can answer his prayers to witness to him that we are a true church, then guess what...he came to church haha I was so dang happy, he came late but it’s okay, it’s a big step.  Since I have been here, 5 people that we have contacted and taught have come to church the lord really has prepared this area!  We as well had a man named J come who we had been teaching and he promised us last week but didn't come until this week...it was a great surprise. On Sunday morning I was sending people text to help them come and I almost skipped him but then I just knew I couldn't and I was grateful the spirit helped me that morning, definitely a testimony builder!  
Well after this great week, we were going to finish strong and there is a big hill before our apartment and so you can get going pretty fast on it, on your bike, well we started down the hill and I got to the bottom and some locals in cars passing by were yelling telling me my brother got in an accident. Chii it scared the heck out of me, I sped up the hill on my bike and I saw a bunch of cars pulled over and I was just praying please let Giles be okay and then he started walking down almost in tears, with blood on his nose and chin, well he got down and started telling me that a tro tro (small bus) had pulled over and while he was going down the hill he went to pass it but there was a car coming up the hill a car honked his horn and almost hit him going down the hill so all he could do was swerve and hit the back of the tro tro and he had his helmet on thank goodness but he hurt his nose small and we had to go get him stitches on his chin.  It was a member’s hospital and was really a great hospital so It actually made me feel a little more comfortable about if something did go wrong.  He is a doctor from the states basically so it was good but Elder Giles got around 6 to 7 stitches but he is all good now!!!:)  
Well family I have really gained an appreciation for each and every one of you! I am so grateful for the three of you! I love you three very much and think and pray for you every single day I have been out here!  I know this church is true and I’m honored to serve my father in heaven out here! Saying that I know he is blessing you all as well because you are the ones who have sacrificed so much for me to be here! I love you mom, dad, and colb man so dang much! 

I love you guys tons!!!
Elder Duke