Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 29- Dream interpreter!

Hey Family!!!:)  It sounded like you guys had a great week!  Mom qualify for that marathon dang it, I’m rooting for you and know you can do it!  Thank you for the emails, I loved them!   Dad and Colby, it sounded like you guys had a good weekend.  The Worthington’s are wild haha I can only imagine how much fun you had haha, I feel so at peace knowing you guys are happy!  Please listen to the apostles though!  I can't express to you enough the day I listened to Elder Bednar and the spirit and presence he had, I know without a doubt those men are apostles of the lord and special witnesses here on the earth.  I love them so much!!   
This week was great!   It felt so short but it was a great week!  The reason I think it felt so short was we had coordination with the ward on Tuesday, we had a special interview on Thursday, an interview on Friday, and baptisms on Saturday.  This week flew by; it may make this week drag on though.  My companion and I are getting along great.  He likes talking so I kind of just have to listen but it’s been a good change.  We had a short week but we worked very hard and still had a great successful week.  We saw a lot of miracles this week. We sat down with an investigator we met last week, brother B.  For me as a missionary I really love getting people smiling and happy, Heavenly Father has blessed me with a gift to befriend people. B is an older man, very nice, and really has a desire to receive salvation.  Elder Giles and I sat down with him and were able to gain his trust.  It’s amazing how people trust true representatives of the Lord.  He opened up and told us that he knew we were men truly called of God.  Well he informed us that he was a very influential person in his church.  He told us some incidences had come up and he was thinking about leaving his church.  Well he told us that he had been praying on what he should do then...we showed up at his door...I love this work!!!:) Be worthy to respond to the call!!  He told us he wants to go slow though however because a lot of people are looking to him to make the right choice!  Then we met with this woman we contacted last week, she was very nice her name is S.  She let us sit down with her and we taught her the Articles of Faith. We then invited her to pray and we came back two days later.  Well she had prayed and she said she thinks we are Christ’s church. She accepted a baptismal date and we will continue to teach her and hopefully she starts progressing a little more!  F came to church again!!!:)  She was having some problems with her housemates and she opened up to us.  Well as I was sitting there I just knew I had to give her a blessing!  Well she said she wanted me to give her a blessing of comfort.  It was pretty spiritual; I have really noticed the spirit and the role it plays in conversion.  She was brought to tears, and called us the next day and expressed her appreciation to us.  She is great, its amazing just be worthy and the lord will provide, it’s not easy though chii it’s hard but this week was great!
Well we then had a special interview on Thursday.  We had to travel to Accra to the temple to have her meet with President. Well on the way it is so busy in Accra Dad would go crazy, he would hate it!  Anyway we were at an intersection and traffic had stopped so it was our turn to cross with our Baptismal Candidate and we started and I turned to help her and some other old people cross the intersection and a dang taxi came and bumped me and hit my knee pretty good,  I thought I was going to be seriously hurt but it’s okay now.  It was truly a miracle if he would have been going just a little bit faster, I think I would have been coming home for knee surgery.  Anyway it was kind of a miracle because if the older people would have been standing there and if I wouldn't have helped them across it may have seriously injured them!!  Dad I'm good and all is okay don't worry, it was just a bad luck thing. 
It was so dang funny!  Ghanians they believe in Dreams here so bad haha its ridiculous.  So in Oda they say that only priesthood holders are worthy to interpret dreams.  Well one of our investigators had a dream and yep I interpreted it for him haha now on I want to be called Elder Carson the Dream Interpreter lol, it made me laugh!! 
Well family I am so grateful to be a Carson!  Mom and Dad I have really seen your sacrifice for me since I have been out here and I am truly grateful for it!  We have been blessed with such a great family!  I love each and every one of you so much!  Colb man Love you little bro thank you for the email!  Love you family so dang much!!

Love you guys Tons!!! Me-Dowo-Paaaa
Elder Duke