Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 30- Don't pray for easy lives, but pray to be stronger men

Mom I loved your email, one bit of advice I have learned since I have been here is replace that fear with faith:)  I know you can do it, you can do whatever you put your mind to; don’t quit what you have started.  I loved your guy's emails so much...Colb let me know how state was little bro and fishing.  I miss fishing man a ton I’m going to try and find a pole here so I can fish but there hard to find! I have been praying for Camille like crazy, I have found a lot of peace involving her, It brought tears to my eyes as I read about her saying that, I know that all we have to do is trust in our Heavenly Father and be strong.  Know that with whatever happens his hand is in her life!
This week was great!!  We had a great and successful week.  The lord has really prepared his children and something Elder Giles and I are doing is working because we are getting people to come to church and it’s not close to our area!  B is doing great, he is starting to back pedal a little however, he knows it’s true but he is trying to fight it, we are going to teach him faith and help him understand there is only one way to really be saved and that is to be baptized by the proper authority, we will see what happens.  F is doing great, she is going to move this week, so we may help her do that if she lets us.  Ghanaians are so silly they believe that if they can do something then they don’t want help, it’s a little frustrating but we will see if she lets us.  She is still progressing she couldn’t make it to church this week because of her new house that she is building which is understandable.  She said next week though.  It was awesome Sister S came though, it was so neat she is awesome!  We really haven't taught her anything, we just told her to pray, so that is what she did and the next time we came back she was like yep this is true haha then she came with us to church, she loved it.  The lords hand is really in this work chii I don’t even feel like I am doing anything at all!  This week we are going to find more people as well so we are going to be super busy!!:) 
Well its Easter week, I would encourage you to read and ponder the message of the savior; I have gained a whole new testimony of him and am so grateful for him.  I love him dearly, so this week let’s take the time to put away our worldly desires and focus on what’s important now W.I.N. and that is our savior, without him we wouldn’t be able to live with our families forever, show him some thanks! 
Well family there is one thing that I have learned since I have been out here, and that is Heavenly Father does his best work through humble servants.  He gives us trials to mold us into the children, men, woman that he wants us to become.  These trials may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but I can promise you there is!  Remember though that Heavenly Father won’t just deliver you out of those trials but he will strengthen you to help overcome them, as he did to the Nephites while they were under bondage. We just have to be patient and continue to put our trust in him.  I love the book you sent me with President Monsons talks I almost have read the whole thing, I love that man so much after reading that book he is a prophet of God.  The man loves poetry and he had a great poem that I am trying to memorize but it basically goes along the lines that it is easy to be smiling when life goes smooth but a real man smile when all hope is lost.  As well I read a great quote that said "dont pray for easy lives, but pray to be stronger man" 

I love each and every one of you so much!  Know that I think and pray for you every day.  I will strive my best every day to bring honor unto our name!
I love you guys tons!!

Elder Duke

Elder Carson