Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 31-First Confirmation

Apr 21, 2014

Hey Family!!:)  How is it going?  Thank you for the emails, it’s always so good to hear from you, I miss you guys like crazy, I can’t wait to hear from you on mother’s day!  I hope we can skype and I think we will be able to!  I don’t know how it works but I will figure it out, if not we can call and skype small, because I won’t be able to skype in Private so we won’t be able to talk about much!!  The weather sounds so nice, it’s still really hot here, but it’s all good!  It’s weird for me to think that the weather is getting warm there, my mind still tells me its winter ha but I bet you are all excited to get it warmed up there! Colby's bike is sick, man I bet he loves that:)  Thank you for the videos I love them, I couldn't listen to them, hopefully next week but it still looks like home, I really miss it, I don’t think I will ever leave Burley!  I got the Matheny's package I was so dang happy! I love it!!!!!! We are going to play catch today, that is definitely something I needed, thank you so much and make sure they know how much I love it!! 
I hope you continue to like my emails I really am trying to paint a picture for you guys!  This week was really good! On Monday after we emailed we went to the beach chii I wanted to swim so dang bad!!! We saw some white girls from Germany, they weren't to cute but they pulled out the bikinis and my buddies know me and they were like Carson haha it was kind of funny, but we played soccer on the sand and just walked around it was a lot of fun!  Well we are still teaching the same people and they didn't come to church this week dang it, we will find out why tomorrow but it was kind of disappointing!  We had some really good lessons this week and were able to meet some new people we will see if they are able to progress but it’s very hard because it’s still the same thing I faced in the bush.  Anyone will allow you to sit down with them because they don’t want to be rude, but it’s about distinguishing which ones are serious and not!  The people here though are about the same to teach, they usually just speak a little bit better English but the teaching is about the same!  This Easter was awesome; I hoped you all enjoyed yours.  It sounded like you did:)  For us we got together as missionaries, only the ones in our apartment and just ate together then just sat around the table and talked it was a lot of fun, I tried making it like it would be back home, it was nice!  I ate those eggs you sent and they were so dang good:)  I apologize nothing super happened this week other than I almost beat someone again chii Ghanians they always try screwing you, this mission was definitely supposed to teach me patience! We went Easter Caroling after some baptisms on Saturday and it went really well, it was fun to be with our district we had a ton of fun.  Then as we were heading home, we stopped to by some killywilly it’s really good!!  Well I asked for 1 cedi and the lady totally screwed me, so I told her I won’t buy it and tried giving it back to her and she started making a big scene then this drunk guy picked up a cinder block and said blood will be upon your head haha he was completely wasted, he could barely stand, and so I just gave her the 1 cedi and left I figured 1 cedi isn't worth me beating that guy to a pulpit.  Then I was pretty riled up and we headed home.  Well we got off the tro tro and started to cross this busy highway.  Well as we were crossing the light turned and some cars started taking their turns going. Well it was only the ones turning right, and so the rest were at a stop, well I noticed some were going, and one missionary ran across and thank goodness I use my head, but there was a tro tro blocking the view of the cars turning right and for us, well my companion went to continue to run and I was able to grab his sleeve and pull him back, chii, I felt like I had super strength, I pulled him pretty hard and yelled and that stopped elder L, well as I pulled him back and as L stopped a tro tro zoomed by and it would have hit the both of them.  L thanked me but my companion was pretty scared and so he kind of got mad but I didn't do it for a thank you but he instead said I was wrong for doing that, haha it scared him pretty bad dang it.  However he is good now though!!  President came to church on Sunday and it was great to see him!  Our ward just split into two branches and one ward, so I am still in the ward but it isn't very big, so we got a lot of work to do!!  We have some new areas now and it will be nice to work in there, it’s a little closer to the apartment!   It was crazy though as I was sitting in Sacrament a boy needed confirmed and I just had the feeling I was going to be called to do it.  Here in Ghana the people don’t choose who does the confirmation but the bishop does.  So it usually isn't the boy’s family...kind of different, but the bishop called us as missionaries up and then asked me to do it.  Chii I was so dang nervous, it was my first one, my leg was shaking I was so nervous but it was a really special blessing the people said I did great!    Well don’t let these stories scare you , I promised I would tell you everything, know that I know Ghana, a woman form the UK visited and she was shocked how I talk and how I drink, and interact with the locals, I know Ghana and I know how to handle situations, don’t worry ever:) 
Well family I love you all to death!  I miss you guys like crazy!!!:)  Thank you for the packages and the emails! I always love reading how you are doing!  I love you all very much!!
Love you all tons!!!:) 

Elder Duke