Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 33- Be humble enough to follow

5/5/2014 8:04 AM
Hey family!! I have to say I have been a bit homesick this week, I think it is because we get to talk soon and I get so anxious for that.  I truly love you three so much!  I am so grateful for my family and I have realized that two years is a long time haha but its okay, it’s going by fast and nothing is really changing, I just wish I could enjoy some of those memories with you.  I will always be fine, the lord is always on my side and I have also used this mission as a way of giving thanks to him and to you for such a great life, and memories in which I treasure so very much!  Colby, happy birthday again bro! I love you man so much, again know you are my best friend and obviously my brother but I love you man! Dude you can date, be careful my brother...don't follow your brother on his dating pool...basically I know it was the best ever jk jk I was terrible at it, choose wisely and don't ever get serious man, I know you won’t!  Send me a pic of the bike all decked out as well!  I can't wait to ride with the family again, I miss the hills so dang much, I won’t ever leave them again!!!!!!!!  Have a great birthday and time at the sand dunes though family, take some pictures for me!!!:)  
This week was great, we had transfers on Wednesday and said goodbyes to people on Tuesday!  I made another goal for this transfer...be humble enough to follow!  I realized how important goals are and I am always making them!  The area is still sweet, there is a big hill and it kills me, I have lost almost 15 pounds here haha I'm sitting around 185 its been hard on me but I have been being positive.  The apartment is sweet, still bucket baths though haha I haven't had a constant shower in about 4 months now haha not many people can say that about their mission, it’s all good though!  Our investigators are sweet dad!  E came to church for the third time so we will baptize him at the end of this month and a man named E came as well for the 2nd time haha the lord has really blessed this area.  This week was somehow short so nothing spectacular happened!  

Well only one more week!!! I am so excited!!!! As well we are going to the temple tomorrow...I need that so badly I miss the temple, I am blessed to have the temple in my mission!  Family, I love you three so much, thank you for the emails and encouragement it means so much to me!  I love hearing from you, and next week we can talk it’s going to be sweet!!!!

I love you Mom, Dad, and Colby tons!!!!

Elder Duke