Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 34- What a great week!

This was such a great week I can't even tell you!  It was so good to hear your voices and be able to talk with you. It did make me miss home a little but overall I feel refreshed and motivated to make it another 7 months until Christmas and talk to you then.  You all sound so good and happy, I am so thankful for Heavenly Father and keeping you guys safe.  It sounded like the dunes were great and it sounds like you will have a busy summer!  Only a couple more weeks mom and Colby!  Mom it’s okay I love answering your questions but I may think of some later on and ask you next week, don’t feel bad about that I just love hearing your voices and it was like being there in a way.  Mom I hope you had a great mother’s day! I love you so much and have a letter coming your way, I had to write you on that day and I hope it gets to you in a time when you need it!  But thank you so much for everything mom you are the best mother in the world I don’t doubt that, I love you very much!!!
This week was so special to me!!  We first got to go to the temple on Tuesday and that was much needed, it amazes me how much you learn when you go there, I learn something new every time!  I realized how important it is to honor your covenants that you have made with the lord.  Heavenly Father has so much mercy but he is also very stubborn and will never compromise, he will always have a just punishment, but it’s important for us to live our lives to honor our covenants we have made with him!! I don’t know I’m rambling haha but it’s very important in order to receive our overall goal, our salvation and for me personally to be able to live with my families forever!   At the temple though as I prayed in the Celestial Room, (this brings tears to my eyes) I felt that Corban was there with me!! Actually I know he was!  I always read about Jason and Tanner and how they felt Grandma and I always wanted that but I somehow didn’t believe that could happen!  I know that Corban was there and as I sat on the chair It just felt like his hand was on my shoulder saying I love you, I know he is with our father in Heaven and I know he is watching over his family!  I love him and miss him dearly!  Which brings me to a testimony I have gained out here regarding the Christ like attribute of hope!  I realized that having a perfect understanding of this gospel or other things isn’t as necessary as I thought.  I realized that Faith and Hope kind of tie in together, well they do.  I realized that I need to hope for things and I have been working on it. I know this may not make any sense but what I am trying to say is I hope for the day I can see my family again, I hope for the day I am home and I live my life accordingly so that, that hope can come true!!  Our Investigators are sweet!  We have a recent convert in the area and she loves the gospel so much and is sharing it with everyone (doing missionary work as a member helps missionaries so dang much) and has brought her daughter in law, her son and her friend to church this week and the daughter in law wants baptized!! Plus E came to church as well, he is struggling with some addictions but he wants a better life and he is such a humble hard working man, I am going to give him a pair of pants, a shirt, and a tie at his baptism he doesn't have one, it will be next week Saturday!  

Well family it was so good to hear from you, I hope you know and understand how much I love you!!! I miss you three like crazy.  I loved the videos and the pictures.  I love seeing you guys and its weird nothing much really changes it all looks about the same but it will still be weird next year and things will change a lot I’m sure!  Know that I am doing great, I am happy, I am actually at peace with everything, and the mission is sweet!!! Mom, Dad, and Colby, I miss you guys so dang much, I love you three with all my heart, dream of the day when we can get those dews, go to the hills and shoot the breeze about everything!!!
I love you guys tons!!!

Elder Duke
Elder Carson