Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 36- I hope everyone can feel of my love!!!

Well I am currently 1/3 of the way through my mission!  I can’t believe it, it truly has gone by super-fast but needs to continue in that speed or even a little faster, and I miss my family!! It sounded like you all had a great week.  I can’t believe how different everything looks.  Everything is so much bigger then when I left, I always think of that, and how much bigger the pine trees will be when I get home.  Dad you sound busy with that road, if I was there it would have been done in a week haha.  You made me laugh when I read about Mikey I miss that man, can’t wait to see him again, he is funnier than heck!  
This week was great.  We have had a ton of success and have been able to find some more people that the lord has prepared for us.  It was kind of a normal week though nothing much has happened.  E and F are still on track to being baptized this week so I am super happy to get them baptized, I love seeing them glow as they come out of the water, it gives  me the motivation for another couple of months.  G is so dang funny, J is G's daughter in Law, I’m sorry I get in a hurry and probably don’t make much sense.  G is hilarious she doesn’t speak great English but does pretty well.  So me and J always laugh with each other about it.  Whenever I say crap she thinks I say crab so we always say crap and Grandma goes yeah crab haha it’s so funny.  As well I always joke with her that someone is a gay, Ghanians by the way hate GAYS if someone is gay in Ghana literally they get it beat out of them haha, so I always say someone is a gay so me and grandma whenever we see each other she says gay, just hearing her say it is funny to me!!  This Sunday we had stake conference and that was really neat. 
Something really special this week was Mommy B called me and so did Nana!!  Mommy called and said how much she loved the gifts and to tell you thank you thank you thank you and how much she loves us!!  The girls all got on the phone and said thank you as well they loved the gifts. Mommy B said she can’t wear the necklace to church though because the woman will be jealous.  It’s true though Ghanians love Drama and Gossip it’s terrible, and Mommy hates it so she said she is going to wear it around the house!  Nana called and the only thing he said was Carson, my son Carson I love you, I love you, he said that everyone talks about me in Oda and everyone misses me.  He says in the church everyone mentions my name always.  I wrote a message to Nana and he said it gave him the motivation to continue to help missionaries, and how moving it was, he loved it.  Well he called twice that night and said the same thing every time haha it made me feel great!! Mommy B as well said she has my picture on top of the television and all the missionaries know who I am haha and the girls when they watch Grachi get sad sometimes because they miss me haha I sure miss them as well!  After hearing those phone calls it really made me grateful the lord used me to help them, It helped me feel like a successful missionary.  I hope everyone can feel of my love!!! 
Oh yeah so we were teaching an investigator named J he is a great guy, around 25 we get along great, his family is pretty wealthy and owns a big shop, so we always sit outside the shop and BS and learn small.  Well we were outside on Friday evening and the false prophet guy came up and I recognized his face but didn’t recognize who he was so I was All friendly at first and was like hey boss how are you...he didn’t mind me haha and then went inside and started talking about us in Twi, but I can understand hahahaaha fag but anyway I just let it slide and he made himself look like a fool in front of everyone because everyone there knows us and he just looked like an idiot, well as he left, I just said have a good evening sir, just to be polite, in Ghana its very rude to not greet so he passed and turned around and he actually remembered my name and told me I shouldn’t have greeted him and he basically tried casting a spell on me lol it made us all laugh as he went away, what a false prophet lol!! 
I have been eating the same food here as I did in Oda, it’s still rice and stew, Bread and Egg, and Indo-Mei(top-arromin),  Its been hard but I have been trying to eat a lot more!!! 
Mom, Dad , and Colby,  I sure love you guys so dang much!! I miss you every single day of my mission, but I know Heavenly Father is watching out for you guys while I am here.  I love you all tons!!
Love you guys so much!!!
Elder Duke

Elder Carson