Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 23- Showering from a bucket for Eternal Families

Hey family, Thank you for the emails, again I know I say this a lot but Im really appreciative of you guys taking the time to email.  It sounds like this week went smooth for Dad and Colb but Mom had a heck of a time haha!  Dad Im glad the plane is coming along and you have found something to keep you busy.  Colb I am thinking about getting a fishing pole here and fish on Mondays, but I haven't seen a pole since I have been here so I might have to African style one and make one. Mom take a deep breath haha things happen in threes I guess so I hope it has settled down a little! As well we have a new mailing address now so let everyone know please its

West AFrica

Well this week was such a great week for us we had a ton of success, its amazing how when you get with someone that you can relate to and know how to work, how successful you will become!  This week though was a ton of fun, we saw a ton of miracles, and had a crazy amount of success.  We had 11 NEW investigators this week, with 21 contacts, 20 total lessons and 2 investigators at church...the lord has really blessed us.  The thing is even with these numbers which I'm proud of I dont take credit for any of it,  literally I just feel like an instrument in the lords hand it amazes me, its hard to describe but this isnt our work. A funny thing that happened this week was on our way home from accra we were riding in luxury...not haha in the tro tro and Elder Bigler and I were just talking on the way home in the back just staying entertained, well all of a sudden this woman turns around and tells us that we talk to much, she doesnt like talking and we should shut up...haha it was so funny.  As well this guy she was sitting by got mad at us for literally just talking but what you have to understand about ghanians they will never fight they only yell and use words haha but it was super funny.  They started speaking twi and I could understand most of it then they realized that I have been here a while so they quit talking about me but you know me I'm kind of a smart alec some times, So I was talking to Elder Bigler and I was like I love talking and they all started to laugh, then I yelled at the tro tro driver to turn the radio off because we don't like talking in the back and again they all started to laugh so I smoothed it out.  The lady said she was really tired after I smoothed things out so I told her all she had to do was ask us nicely and so it smoothed out and we stopped talking for her to sleep.   Dad don't worry, I know Ghanaians and I know Ghana now, the people say my English is very understandable
and some believe me when I tell them I am a half cast from Ghana and they say that's why my English is good haha I love Ghanaians!! Well for one day we had the branch missionary and he speaks twi so we took that to our advantage.  We took him to S's compound (the boy we are preparing to get baptized on the 15)  well we walked in their compound, they gave us the usual wood stools to sit on, and we began to teach.  Well we invited everyone that was around, and by the middle of the lesson we had around 15 people surrounding us, listening to us as we taught the restoration.  The branch missionary did a great job I was really proud of him, we had a ton of fun and the spirit was so strong there.   Just in that sitting we had 6 people accept baptism and had 7 new miracles!!!!    We were just laughing and it was such a powerful lesson, we then had a couple straglers come in and had the investigators teach them and they were teaching it perfect it was great, they asked us to come everyday.  We went another day and I decided to teach them the law of chastity and Word of Wisdom and it was perfect because a bunch of the teenagers in the compound were going to go out and club and they stayed and listened to us! Well S is still progressing really well, and so is s and another serious investigator K.  They all are wanting to get baptized, so I am very happy for that!!! 
Well Family this was great for me!!! I am super happy!! Time is flying by, I feel I just buckled up and I am just trying to hold on to the time I have.  I cant wait for the day to give you all a hug again!   Mommy B and the family extend their greetings to you, and say they love me very much!  I know that was my purpose for coming to Oda was to baptize them and I'm so glad that I came here.  It reminds me of what I told Tan one day when he was struggling with his mission and I said It may not make sense now but it will when you look back when your finished.  I didn't know why I was showering out of a bucket, fetching my own water, and adjusting to this culture, plus dealing with all the other distractions of being a missionary, but now I look back at it and realize the lords purpose for me here and It was all worth it!  I would shower out of a bucket the rest of my life if it meant that a family would be with each other for eternity! Family I love you all so much!  I love you all tons, miss you like crazy!!!

Love you all so dang much!!

Elder Duke
Elder Carson