Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pictures and videos of Taylor in Africa

Taylor sent us a SD card with some pictures and videos.  This was his Christmas gift to us.  It came a little late but it was well worth it.  It was one of the best Christmas gifts he could have given me.  I am attaching some links of some of the videos and including some of the pictures.  I hope you enjoy.

Taylor walked about a mile with these on his head and he said that it was hard but he loved it because he was serving the woman that was carrying them.

Taylor flexing his muscles- he hasn't changed much!

This picture was for Colby because he always takes pictures of sunsets.

It is good to see that Taylor still likes to be silly and have fun.

His companion got him back and took a picture of him asleep!

Taylor loves playing football with the natives.  He says he wishes that he would have listened to mom and played it in High School.

A school in Africa

Taylor says he really enjoys the children.  This one is so cute. You just want to kiss him on his cheeks.

 Click on the following links to watch some fun videos.
Taylor doing his laundry
Eating FuFu a traditional Ghanaian dish
A West African Rain Storm
Making FuFu
Taylor talking to us outside of his apartment