Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 21-Witnessing miracles daily!!

Hey you guys!!!:)  Things are going so great, I can’t even begin to describe the difference in my attitude, and my overall feeling wow I’m so happy!!  It sounded like your guy's week was pretty good, I understand things don’t really change that much week to week but I love your emails and the stories.  Dad’s emails always make me laugh haha, grandpa is so dang funny haha that sounds like something that would happen in Africa.   I am so relieved that we got some snow I hope it keeps coming, we really need a lot more than that but I’m grateful for what we  got!   Mom thank you for keeping up to date on things, has Albertsons changed much?  I am so excited about everyone going on a mission that’s so freaking cool, let them know they are in for an adventure and showers of blessings.   I’m so proud of them!   

This week was so great I can’t even begin to describe it!   Monday we went to Big tree and it is supposed to be the biggest tree in West Africa but it wasn’t that big haha.  As well they charged the Blacks we were with 1 cedi and the whites 10 cedi but we got them down to 5 cedi a person but I told the guy he was racist and he is lucky I’m a missionary or I would have beat him haha!! Tuesday we said a lot of goodbyes for Elder Dranii so we got fed pretty good to say the least!  Our investigator J fed us baked potatoes and stew and she knows I liked coke and Dranii like fanta so she got us each are own.  Then we went to B and ate again, rice and stew, and Don Simon which is like a great smoothie, then went to N's and he fed us Yams, and plantains haha it was great.  It reminds me mom, I think B would love something but send it pronto I think I will leave after this transfer.  I think she would love that picture of me when we took it outside with my suit coat if you could please send two of those I would like to give one to n as well!   Thank you for doing that as well you do so much for me and I’m so grateful for it! I did get my packages and I’m excited to open them only one more week haha!:)  Elder Bigler came on Wednesday!  He is a great guy, he is from Blackfoot Idaho, he is 19 years old so he just graduated and he works hard, likes to be clean, and yeah we are just going to kill it out here in Oda.  I’m in fear that I will be leaving next transfer, who knows though, but I really just want to get Oda heading in the right direction, and back on track. My goal is to get them heading in the right direction to achieve the Branch's goal and split the branch by the end of the year, I know Elder Bigler and I can do that!  Well I will tell you more next week but he works super hard, and we will do great!  It was crazy this week we had 20 contacts in just three days, 10 lessons, and had 4 new investigators haha I think I’m going to kill this kid haha but I’m just ready to work and the lord has really prepared his children for us.  It seems like I have witnessed a miracle almost every day this week!  

This week we found so many things lol haha guess what????? They had mountain dew in ODA what the heck haha I was so pumped so I bought 6 haha so I have plenty for my bday and then guess what????  We found DR. PEPPER haha and it was straight from America.  The mountain dew tastes a little different as does the coke, everything in Africa tastes different but the DR. Pepper was just like home haha it was so dang good.  They only had two so it worked out perfect.  It was wild it was just in this random shack/store haha it was a sweet surprise!

This week though as we were contacting we contacted this woman named V, and she didn't speak English very well, but we still decided to go back there the next day!  Well when we went back she told us to wait and she went and got this other woman.  This woman’s name is S.  S then expressed to us that she was kind of a wild girl and wanted to get back on track, she said she has really been searching the scriptures, and trying to find the right church!  She said after we contacted V she immediately ran our pamphlet to her and she read it that day and had so many questions for us!  A dang miracle the lord has really prepared her so I’m praying that she will keep commitments, I have faith that she will!  Then another woman we contacted was a woman named E she is around 40 years old and has 3 children, and is married.  She had a nice house on the top of this hill overlooking oda and we just sat outside and got to know her.  I have been able to see my personality magnified here I love it I now can just chat with anyone and get them to laugh and just get them to trust me I am so grateful my heavenly father has gave me that gift,  I will use it definitely to invite as many people to accept Christ as I can!!  Anyway she was a great woman and offered to make us FuFu you betcha jack that’s my best food here!  
I am so excited for my new companion Elder Bigler we will work hard these six weeks and just turn a new leaf here in oda.   Well those were the highlights of my week.  I am so grateful for Heavenly Father preparing his children and answering my prayers with a good companion that’s ready to work, I may have to slow down a little I was working hard haha but I am truly so blessed, I have gained such a strong testimony of prayer, and faith since starting my mission.  I have gained a testimony of the both of them together as well as we pray with the faith that our heavenly father will answer our prayers and trust in his will, I can assure and promise you this day that he will!!!!!   I am just super blessed and I am enjoying sweating my behind off in this hot sun haha it’s been a blast though!  We have been walking too not riding, I think I like that better it builds companionship and allows us to talk more about are plans for the day, Dang I am freaking happy!!!

Anyway family, I am so thankful for the three of you!  I love you all tons, and miss you guys like crazy!   Until next week!  We truly need our heavenly father every hour I love feeling my testimony increase! I love you guys!!

Love you all Tons,
Elder Carson