Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 22- Doing the Lord's work

Hey family I’m on!!  I opened my presents and loved them!!!!!! Thank you so dang much I loved all the gifts, the cards, and the pictures awwww!  Well just for short everything this week was great we had a ton of success and S came to church it was the greatest Sunday haha I loved it!!!   I loved the pictures so much and the memories, thank you make sure everyone knows how much I loved them!!:)    This week was amazing and I told my heavenly father all I wanted for my bday was for an investigator to come to church and sure enough S did and she is wanting to get betcha baby!!!:)  I'm still freaking happy and I will fully enjoy my bday on Wednesday because elder bigler and I are going to stop by shop-rite on the way home, get some steak, food, everything, then go home, settle in, email you guys, and then just celebrate. I'm excited for Elder Dube and excited to email you more about my week...if anything though I just want you to know how truly blessed I feel to have such a great family!!! I am indeed so thankful for the gifts and I love you guys so dang much!!!!  Know however that I am safe, happy, and just overall feeling way blessed. 

Love you tons!!!
Elder Duke
Elder Carson

Grandma and Grandpa,
 My companion and I are getting along great!!! We are working hard and doing what the lord expects out of us and we have already seen so many miracles and jaw dropping moments!!  I think I was working him a little too hard though he is losing weight, and has been super tired so I will slow down a little this week, I don't want to kill his spirit!  Overall he is a great guy and we will stay in touch when we go home!  This week though at the beginning we had a ton of distractions, one day it was our water, the next it was our sink, but now we have everything fixed and the house looks great so we can just focus on the work I love showers though 4 months of taking bucket baths was getting old I am so grateful for showers haha.  Anyway we finished the week so strong it was great!  We taught a total of 24 lessons in really just 4 days one day every person we met wanted us to teach them!  We have so many new investigators and we extended two serious dates and preparing S and I for baptism on the 9 of march!  S Came to church it was so neat, we had to take the long way though to dodge her pastor though haha I'm so proud of her it’s not easy going to a new church but she has had a ton of courage!  As well I have the best relationship with the branch so I'm going to set up classes after church or on Wednesday to teach people how to invite friends to church and how to contact so hopefully we can get Oda into a stake by the end of my mission!  This week though has really strengthened my testimony on being patient and trusting in the lord!!  When we had a ton of distractions at the beginning of the week I was like Heavenly father help us please finish strong and feel successful and sure enough he blessed us and this work really isn't our work it’s the lord work, all I am is a servant and he directs me it’s so neat!!   
Something I ate this week was a mars candy bar, it is basically a milky way it was so good and ate the dried apples Jen sent and my companion and I are eating these sweet heart things they are so dang good!
I am sorry if this email seems spotty or with no flow but I only had one hour!!  Anyway I wanted you to know how much the gifts meant to me I loved them so much!  I love the memories and the pictures they are something I will cherish for my entire life!!  I love you both so much and I'm so blessed to have the best grandparents in the world!  Elder Bigler says he is jealous about our family and the love we have haha we truly have the true love of Christ in our family.  I love you both tons!! This week as well I have gained a testimony on how the lord supports, benefits, and carries us as missionaries as we do this work! Investigators ask us all the time how we walk (by the way we walk now, it’s easier) 10 miles a day in this hot sun just sweating all day and still have the energy to teach about the gospel.  The only answer I have for them is, it isn't me, this is the lords work, and I love the lord

Love you both tons!!!:)
Elder Duke
Elder Carson

P.S One birthday down, only one more left!!!:)