Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 24- Stripling Warriors

Haha it’s so true another week holy smokes!!:)  I am just trying to hold on with how fast this is going.  I can’t believe winter is almost over and conference is next month!  My six month is here in about 17 days haha wow can you believe that?  I feel super settled in.  I feel like I can do anything here and the people can understand my English and my Twi is coming along really fast so I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father answering my prayers.  It reminds me of one of President Monson’s talk about life and how we face trials and difficulties to mold us into the people our heavenly father wants us to become; all we have to do is align our will with his!  It sounds like the week went great!  Dad and Colb got some sledding in which I’m sure they needed, I know I miss it like crazy don’t ever take it for granted.  Mom it sounds like you had a great week, I’m so glad you are all able to spend time with the family, grandpa is hilarious, I love his letters so dang much they always make me laugh.  I feel so blessed to have a great family, I am so full of thanks and gratitude.  Real fast mom as I was reading your email and you have the opportunity to help hire a principal, the thought popped into my head...counsel with the lord mom, for me I can’t understand the stress that might bring but I do know that as we fast and pray for things like that, I know without question Heavenly Father answers prayers, so keep that in mind...don’t forget to pray;)   I seriously miss baseball, I put my glove on today and it almost put me into tears!  Truly though I am so thankful for you three, I feel so blessed and I love each and every one of you beyond words, know that I’m trying my best each and every day to honor our name!  Mommy B wants me to come and baptize her son next year but I won't be able to dang it.  B got you some way nice kinte cloth, it’s the best cloth in Ghana you will love it...its sweet, she really loves our family, she is my mother in Ghana and this family is the reason I came to’s amazing how when you look back you realize the lords purpose of things...again just trust in him at the time, Isiah 55; his ways are higher than ours and his will is as well just have to allow him to do his work.  I think of how hard it was for me to adjust and to get used to this but overall I would have done that for 2 years just to know that I helped this family enter into the waters of baptism!!  

Correction to our mailing address;
Ghana Accra west mission
PMB CT 209
Accra, Ghana
West Africa

This week went really well for us, we are really working hard and trying our best!  It’s so hard here because we have to determine who is serious or not and it’s so hard, everyone lets you in, everyone wants to hear what you say, but their mentality is as long as you go to church, say you are a Christian then you are fine, so we try our best to make them understand that there is only one church, only one Jesus Christ haha it’s pretty hard.  Well this week it was scary mommy B called me around 3;30 in the morning on Friday and I answered and she said Elder Carson I'm dying...awww I was like what no I'm coming, she was having a hard time breathing and was really sick, she was just really scared,  she told me she didn't want me to come but she just wanted me to say a prayer on the phone.  So I went into the other room and said a prayer and she was quiet for a minute and then said thank you I think I will be okay, so I told her I would come in the morning.  So when we went there she looked great, the girls all gave me a hug and mommy said they love me more because I saved their mom.  She said right after the prayer, she felt fine and was able to sleep.  I am so grateful heavenly father heard my prayer.  As well it was perfect timing because when we were there some Jehovah witnesses showed up and mommy just said elder Carson brah(come) so I came and as soon as they saw us they just gave us a book and left haha!  We taught this lady who was using a JW bible! She was staying with a person we are teaching and they have a really nice house I realized the importance of why I was there.  We didn’t know at the time when we were teaching but her daughter who was around 14 was sitting behind us.  Well when we said we are leaving she called on her daughter to say the prayer.  Her daughter was being shy and she got angry well I calmed it down and asked her nicely to pray.  Well her prayer went along the lines of thank you for these kind men, and for them teaching us the truth, we love you amen!  We were there for one reason and that was to plant a seed in that girl’s heart.  A true miracle I love being a servant of the lord.  We are truly at war with evil, why do you think we have so many missionaries, we went from 50,00 to 80,00 in three months...this is our last push.  I am honored to be a stripling warrior in these last times.  I feel like one of Heleman’s warriors for real it’s great!! None of our investigators came to church this week dang it, S is really making me frustrated if she doesn’t come this week we are dropping her.  I pray she will come.  S traveled but he is excited to get baptized next Saturday!  K as well didn't come I don't know why we will find out this week...she is just really trying to develop her own testimony by herself which is great, but it will take time for her!!  However what we could control, other lessons taught, contacts, new investigators were great!  We taught a total of 20ish lessons, and had 20 contacts, with 6 new we had a great week!!
Family I love your emails thank you for the emails!  I love each and every one of you so much!  However I miss you like crazy I know without a doubt we will live again, I know we will live with each other for eternity!  I Know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, and I KNOW this is Jesus Christ Church!  I have spent 6 months defending him and his church and I know that this is the one and only true church on the earth.  Truly we have to help everyone receive this message!  I love each and every one of you so much I am so thankful for you all and the family I have been raised in!! Until next safe, continue to pray hard and have a great week!

Love you all tons,

Elder Duke
Elder Carson

Elder Carson with some of his buddies in front of the Accra Temple

Elder Carson and Elder Zollinger (He is from Malta, Idaho)