Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 26- "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith"

Well family, Transfers are here. I can’t believe Elder Bigler and I have spent 6 weeks with each other already...time has literally flown.  I have gained a brotherhood with him and we will always stay in touch, I will miss the kid! First I wanted to say how much I love your emails, Mom, Dad, Colby, thank you so much, even if they are short, right to the point emails they mean the world to me. I was thinking this morning how lucky I am to have a family that emails me every week, know I love you three more than words can describe!  I am glad Colby you are playing man, just have fun my brother enjoy every day of high school they go by fast little brother, I have talked about it with Bigler how lucky I am to be home to spend your senior year with you, I’m pumped for that.  Mom I am so proud of you that’s amazing you ran that fast, my mom’s a stud no doubt, but more importantly I am more proud that you have turned to the lord for help regarding your decision.  I know that with whatever decision I make in Life I will turn to the lord first, proud of you mom!  

This week I wanted to just remind you of conference coming up.  One of my bucket lists goal was to go to conference with the family when I arrive home but I would encourage you to not wait for me, maybe not this one but try to go to the next.  I am reminded of when I listened to Bednar, when that man bore his special testimony of Jesus Christ never in my life have I had such a strong impression that, that man was an apostle of the Lord.  I know without a doubt he is called of our Heavenly Father and hearing that testimony is beyond words. 

This week though was kind of a short week.  We had Zone Training Council on Tuesday and that took up almost the whole day, then on Wednesday my companion got called to train so he had to go to Accra, so I went on an exchange with a kid from Uganda and so those days were cut in half, so basically all we had was Friday.  Friday was a great normal day just the usual.  Saturday was sweet though we had our baptism.  S he is a great kid, he is 17 years old and very shy but he has entered into the waters of baptism and it was by far the best going away gift from Oda I could have, I felt blessed to have served here.   This week though Mommy B, expressed to me some very deep concerns.  I truly love this family and all I want is for them to stay faithful in this gospel.  We talked and she said something that was very familiar to me, she said Elder Carson, "I won’t leave this church, I go to church to serve God, and that’s it, no one else,"  I have heard this many times in my life by my sweet and loving mother.  Mom this brings tears to my eyes as I write this but I am so thankful for you and your example...know I love you mom!!  Mommy B then went on to say the reason she won’t leave and she has this faith is she said " Elder Carson, I won’t ever leave because of you"  I know why I was supposed to be in Oda for 6 months and I know the lords reason for me coming here...I have been truly blessed!  I will say my goodbyes to her this evening.
Well transfers are here haha and I’m going to Accra.  It’s in Kasoa, and its literally like in the rich part of Accra. I loved the people of Oda but at least my English is good for when I go there.  My companion is Elder Giles, he is from Utah. 

Well family I wanted to ask you to watch a video on You Tube called The Wall by the Anime Series.  I wanted to bear my testimony that I know this church is true!  Dad I’m right there with you I am glad to be a quarter of the way done but as well it has strengthened my testimony beyond words.  I have had the opportunity to defend our faith from literally every faith in the world, using only the bible.  I have gained such a strong testimony of the Bible and I know that this is the lord’s church once again established on the earth.  I love the Book of Mormon though so dang much, I literally get over excited to study and get pissed when something disrupts it, I know it’s true.  You know a lot of peoples testimony dwindle on Joseph Smith and I have thought about it a lot and just put joseph smith aside, look at the teaching, the principals the doctrines, they all follow the lords teaching, then look at the book of Mormon, that book has to be true, no one can just write that, especially not Joseph Smith, this uneducated farm boy.  The book of Mormon literally has no contradictions, and its perfect in Grammar that book has to be true.  That means if the book is true, then joseph is true, then this has to be the lords church. Again just put everything aside and look at the facts, it reminds me of saying president Uchdorf said "doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith"

Family I love you three so much words!  I can’t wait to hit the one year mark. Only one more of what we have just done :)  I can’t wait to call in just a little over a couple months. I love you three tons!!!

Love you Tons!!

Elder Duke