Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 57-Another Week another Dollar!!!

Hey Carson Fam!!!:)   It sounded like you guys had an eventful week! As I read your emails I was just laughing at the things Grandpa had said this week.  When I first read I was like oh no, but I am glad he is doing okay.  He has to start being careful and not getting himself too far off the ground, he is getting to old, he can’t stand on things anymore.  I am so grateful that he is okay, maybe this is a warning to him to not do that stuff anymore.  Dad sounds like everything is pretty normal at work and at home, I bet your getting the sleds prepped and the bikes put away, is the weather cooling off at all? Glad all is well boss.  Mom I think that is a great idea to do with Dad and Colby.  To be honest reading the Book of Mormon is what got me through the first couple of months of my mission.  I have found such great comfort in reading it, you can just feel and know how Heavenly Father works as you read it.  I have the strongest testimony of the Book, I can’t wait for you to see how my scriptures look when I get home, I love reading them.  I know the book is true, I don’t doubt it for a minute!  Like even if I didn’t have a testimony of the book or Joseph smith I still have to keep my covenants in hope that I can live with my family forever, no other church on this planet offers that, that’s all I care about I hope and have faith that it will happen and have to keep my covenants. 
Well everything with me is going good.  Ebola is still not in Ghana and that is good, I did read an article though that Ghana has a 50 percent chance of getting it by the end of this month and is the highest country in the world that has the biggest chance to getting it.  I hope and pray it doesn’t come because if it does it will kill a lot of Ghanians.  This inside scoop here is, the African cup of Nations which is like the fifa cup for Africa was supposed to be held in Morocco but they don’t want it because of Ebola and now they are pleading with Ghana to hold it, we will see what happens.  I just stay focused on the lord’s work and listen to the spirit and it will keep me safe.  We had a great week this week.  It seemed very very fast and was good.  We had to let Sister G go she isn’t serious that is hard and also sister P she too wont progress.  So now we are preparing a young man named C who is a great humble man who has been coming to church since last year, he loves the church and came to us to be baptized...we thought he was a member already haha but it has been fun teaching him.  Also there is a young girl named V.  She is the cousin to two of our recent converts and is a very very smart girl.  She told us she has to make sure that this is the Lords church before she is baptized and she doesn't want to go on her cousin’s testimony...that answer is the best I have had in Ghana.  She has been reading the book of Mormon and has been praying every night, she is doing awesome.  Well other than that our Area is so freaking cool, it’s super hard but we are trying our best.  We went on Exchanges this week, I went with Elder Valdez, we have been in the same district for almost 6 months now I love that guy, he is from Utah, boy he is a handsome guy!! So if you have any hotties from Idaho or anything boy this guy is a keeper!!  Elder Bangi and I are getting along really good!! They play a game called draft here, it’s like Checkers and is a lot of fun so we play that plenty and it has really brought us closer together.  Bangi always tells me Carson I love you, you are a successful missionary....but you are very stubborn why?  haha I laugh and say I’m a Carson!  Elder Jesse is a cool guy and we get along well too, we have been having a good time in the Apartment, we always have something to chat about and it has been fun.
I have been working out in the mornings and have been enjoying that, I actually found some protein here and it was cheap so I am excited to start using that it’s all natural so I am excited. 
Today marks my 13 months, I can’t hardly believe that I have been here for over a year time has truly flown bye.  I have loved my mission thus far.
Well family, ask me questions next week on some things you have been wondering or on some things others have asked, I have found that Ghana feels like home and everything is normal to me, so nothing really stands out to me anymore.  I destroyed a public toilet today at Shop-Rite that was fun haha!! Also they are building a huge mall right by shop-rite and it will be open at the end of this month I am so pumped to go there!!!  Mom Dad And Colbs I love you guys tons.  I pray for your safety and health every day.  I also pray that you are always happy.  I watched the video of Dad opening his present and that made me laugh, I am glad you are all happy!!  I love you all very much!!
Love you guys Tons!!!
Elder Carson