Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 55

Hey family!!! It was good to hear from you this week :)  I always love hearing how you are doing :)  How was conference this week?  I want to watch conference so bad, I love watching it, and we should get it in about a month so that will be good!  Can you believe this is my third Conference, only one more after this one.  I got your package too, thank you so much, I loved it! I loved all the pictures they were great.  You are all getting so big, chii I can’t believe it.  Colby looks like a grown man, Magi looks like she should be married, I can’t believe it.  Also I can’t believe how big Saryn and Will are getting, they can talk now pretty good, and they couldn’t talk when I left.  They are so dang cute!! It is wild how Burley is changing though, I can’t believe that. Mom that is good you were able to go and have a good weekend with Cindy.  It sounded like you had a good time.

This week was a really good week!!  We had a lot of distractions due to transfers and we got rained out a couple days so we weren’t able to work as hard as I wanted to but it was still a fun week.  Tuesday we spent the whole day with elder Jensen because he was leaving and that was a lot of fun!  We had a couple Free Meals with some Recent Converts and just had a good day with him.  Then we had Transfers on Wednesday.  Well Elder Jensen gave me a cowboy looking straw hat so I rock that thing everywhere now, I feel like a redneck haha but it’s nice to keep me out of the sun, I’m so sick of the sun I hate it, I just want cold snowy weather. I love Transfers though, it’s nice to be able to see all the missionaries and chat with them all.  I like seeing the missionaries I came to Ghana with; it’s fun to talk about how far we have progressed.  It’s been one year and it feels like yesterday I got here, missionary time is a lot different.  We picked up Elder Akpossus companion Elder Jesse, he is from Sandy, he is a cool guy, we will have a lot of fun together, and he came just one transfer after me.  He is cool so we will enjoy in the apartment.  The rest of the week we just had a normal week.  We found and contacted this really cool woman.  Her name is P.  She has a couple children and just barely moved to our Area.  Well she gave us a chair and we had a very powerful first lesson with her.  Well we invited her to pray and read the pamphlet and she said she would.  Well we visited her two days later and she had read the pamphlet (which is a miracle) and she had prayed.  She said she prayed before she read and she read about Joseph Smith and it really touched her heart. It was so dang cool, well I was all pumped like this women is awesome she is progressing so fast and so I was like well church is tomorrow at ten will we see you there?  She was like elders I have to be honest, it will take a miracle for me to leave my church (catholic)  I was thinking to myself God has answered your prayers and you won’t’s very hard here in Ghana.  She explained to us that her husband is Catholic and her whole family so it will be hard.  Plus the culture here in Ghana is the women have to follow their husband to his church, it’s so stupid, so we are going to work on her and we all know how Roman Catholic baptize so we are going to explain baptism with her and help her understand that only one church has the one true baptism Eph 4:5.  Well as well we were able to see G!! It was so cool when I contacted her I didn’t get her number so we stopped by her house on Thursday but she wasn’t there.  Well she got our number off of the pamphlet and called us the next day and asked when we are coming again (another miracle in Gh)  I was so happy, I was like right now we will come.  We went there met her children and had a very good lesson with her.  She was so happy!  She said this week Sunday she will come to church so we are happy for her!  We just have to hope she prays.  Everyone else we had been teaching we kind of put in the back of our minds and are trying to find more serious people to teach.    The S Family is doing great.  We are going to go to a Family Home Evening with them tonight.  They are so dang beautiful.  The Bishop gives them a ride every Sunday, it’s so cool to see your Recent Converts progressing in the church. It’s the best feeling in the world:)  

Mom, Dad, and Colby!! I love you three tons! Thank you for the emails and the support.  I thank you for the prayers you have sent my way.  I can feel them and I can feel your love and support.  I know this church is true.  My testimony strengthens every day I am out here.  I get to defend this church and our Saviors Gospel every day, I love it!  I love my Savior and am so grateful for what he has done for me; with him we can do all things.  I know that with whatever trial we are going through or whatever we are facing Heavenly Father is always there for us, he loves us, and wants us to talk to him every day.  I know that with whatever happens with my family, I will see them again, thanks to my Savior!  I love you three very much, don’t forget that this is Christ’s Church not a man’s church!  

I love you three so dang much!!! 

Elder Carson