Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 56- Flexin in Ghana!


What’s up Family!!:)  I swear weeks just go by faster and faster it feels like.  Thank you for the emails, I am so grateful that I can always get on my email and have an email from my family.  You know some of the African missionaries here don’t ever get emails their whole mission, we always need to be grateful for our blessings.  Mom it sounded like you had a good week.  That story about Dad and the ear wig is funny.  When I go home I beg don’t make rice either haha.  We have a very bad cockroach problem in our apartment so we get a cockroach every once in a while in our food lol.  Dad you sound like you are staying busy boss, that is good to hear.  I saw the pictures of you guys in Sun Valley I know where you were at.  That is such beautiful country, I sure miss the mountains.  I’m still wanting to get a bunch of chocolate( m$ms) and some mountain dew and start the jeep up and go for a ride when I get home so be ready for that.  Grandpa looks healthy and happy I bet you guys’re getting old though haha chii Dad is almost 50 I’m going to be able to kick his freaking butt when I get home haha:) you all looked great though.  Ghana is still the same.  I realized that I am just used to this place, it feels like home, As I was washing my clothes this morning I thought of how grateful I was for a washing we are blessed.  The weather here is about the same, it is warming up a lot though, I think I am used to it though.  The apartment is still cool, Elder Jesse is a good guy, we get along really well, I enjoy being around him.  I miss ole Jensen though that gay boy haha but it’s been great to build another brotherhood with Elder Jesse.  I miss fishing!!! 

This week was awesome. It’s been different here in Kaneshie but it’s been fun.  We are working and that’s all that matters.  I was thinking about how cool this mission is because you get to adjust to every different types of culture.  Right now I’m adjusting to Uganda culture and is has been a blast.  Elder Bangi and I get along very well.  We are laughing a ton and are always joking.  Bangi when you fart says oh Elder Carson you are always Gassing haha, he uses gassing it makes me laugh.  We always make fun of each others english and have a good time.  I was so happy at church this Sunday seeing my Recent Converts there.  Speaking of that Mom next email I need the pictures of me and the three girls, they are the S Family. We took T and A to FHE on Monday to the O's house,  They are members that have a big FHE every Monday.  T was asked to give the closing prayer there and gave an outstanding prayer, it made me so happy.  I love those girls, they are so dang cool and are great examples to their father who is currently less active.  We were able to get a draft board which is like checkers and play with him, he is an old wise fart and made me and Bangi look like small boys but it was fun to gain a relationship with him.  G is doing pretty good, she is progressing small small, we taught her the Plan and it was good, we are praying that she will progress.  We as well were able to contact this older woman who just automatically brought us out two chairs and said lets learn...that was cool.  She is a very nice strong old lady, she is a catholic and is very lovely we will love to teach her and see how she progresses.  The highlight of my week though was Saturday.  Elder Jensen and Elder Akpossu were teaching a man named K, he is a young man around 25 and is very smart...awesome guy.  Well they could only teach him on Sundays, so I would always join and just chat with him. We chatted and we get along really well.  He actually came with his Girlfriend who is a very beautiful member and he loved the church.  Well this Saturday was his baptism, well they asked him who he wanted to baptize him and he said me. I felt honored it was a very good baptism too the spirit was so dang strong.  As I sat back and watched him get the holy ghost at church I just thought to myself this is why I’m on a mission to help this man join our Heavenly Fathers fold and then he in the future will have a family in the church, they will get married in the temple, and his children will serve, it’s so dang cool.  I love missionary work.  We as well went to this funeral at this very nice Catholic Cathedral in Accra,  It was a very nice funeral.  Well we were chatting with this family off in the corner about the gospel and some other guy came over and started learning with us.  Well he was a very nice man and we had an enjoyable discussion with him and some women.  Well as were learning this big guy wearing this nice suit comes up and says what are you doing you can’t learn here.  The man responded oh we are just chatting and the guy in the suit said oh but I see a bible well we said okay no problem and he got his security to come and warn us.  Well there is a saying in Ghana that one palmnut tree bears palmnuts, well if one palmnut out of the hundreds is spoiled it will spoil your soup.  We talked about how that man just spoiled the reputation of the Catholic church.  I love how people worship Christ here and I will never tell them to stop, I don’t mind the Catholic Church but all it takes is one man to spoil a reputation of a church. As we discussed that I thought about the LDS church at home.  The same thing applies, all it takes is one person to spoil or leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth about the church.  We always need to remember that we are being watched as members of the Lords church, and we always need to represent in the correct way.  

I was going to tell you as well.  Here in Ghana they always talk about how parents train their children.  Well if a child is stubborn or a punk they will always say that his parents didnt train him or her well and it makes the parents look bad.  So they always try to train their children in the right way in order to not have that reputation (Africans care about what people think very bad) .  Well I was going to tell you that I talked to Mommy Beatrice and some other people that I am close to here and they told me Elder Carson your parents trained you right, they must be great parents.  It always makes me smile.  I am thankful for my family, a lot of the credit goes to mom and dad but a lot goes to the whole family.  I love you three very much Mom Dad and Colby.  I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my family!! 

I love you guys tons!!!

Elder Carson