Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 58- No Jesus...No Life!

October 27th
Hey family!!!:) For me I had a great week this week full of everything! Well Elder Bangi and I are doing great, we are always getting along very well, always laughing and enjoying it’s been a lot of fun! The people in the apartment are all fine and we are doing well! It's my companion’s birthday tomorrow also so we are going to celebrate! He is turning the big 26 so he thinks he is no small boy   In the apartment we all just about eat the same thing every single day, in Uganda they have these things called japates, they are basically  tortillas so we eat breakfast burritos in the morning, noodles for lunch and rice and stew for dinner....basically when I go home I don't want to eat eggs, rice or top o Romen again haha but then I remember Africans, they don't really have much of diversity they eat, rice is very cheap as well with their local food it's very cheap so they will eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner, we are so blessed where we live, at times I want to curse or talk bad about what America or Americans are doing but I have also learned on my mission patriotism!  I am so grateful for where I live; it's my humble prayer that I don't complain again!  

So these past couple of weeks we have been able to do some service which has been awesome! Like we try to serve Ghanaians all the time but they are very stubborn people! Ghanaians think if they can do it then they do it they don't really like help it’s like us to though I guess but Ghanaians are very stubborn with it so this was one of my first times on my mission that I was really able to do some service. We had a member who had a bigger yard in her compound so we came and weeded that sucker out and weeded like some flower beds out. Also in our own compound where we stay we have a big tree right in the middle and one of the branches broke during our Personal study, actually in my room my desk faces outside right in front of that big branch....well I heard it start to break then saw it starting to fall and I was getting under my desk haha it made me laugh but it didn't go through the house or anything just broke the roof small. Well one thing I realized during this experience was how grateful I was for my own Father Papa Carson. Like during this mission when I see someone pushing a car, or a woman needing help to pick something up or for this example someone needing help to clear out this tree I don't even have to think, I was already getting out of my Priesthood to help, I run over to help them push or automatically help the women. Elder Luvhengo once told me elder Carson when I see someone that needs help it seems you are already there helping it's like you don't even have to think! Well I was thinking awww why am I this way and then I remembered my father, whenever there was someone on the side of the road he would always stop and help....I remember one even when I was just a little fart we helped someone and then they brought us some nice treats...those treats were bomb, or Dad backing out that couple at Jack in the Box, there are countless amount of instances were Dad has gone out of his way to help. Now Dad doesn't do it for praises of man or for a reward but does it out of love and service. He doesn't get as much credit as he deserves but I know when Dad was doing those things I was watching his example! You know Dad has never read the bible to me or talked really about the gospel but through his example I have learned how to serve, love, have a relationship, and honor my God!  As I helped I felt the joy of serving others, I felt the joy Dad gets when he helps those people and right after I went inside and wrote in my life long goals to always serve those who are in need....I challenge you all to challenge yourself and to find the joy of serving others...remember when we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God!!:)  Also we are going to serve this women we contacted last week, her husband Is a brand new recent convert and loves the church, well his wife is so nice and invited us to teach her, she is 40 but looks like she is 25 she is so nice and fun to be around, we her compound has some weeds so we are going to weed that out for her. We also had a great lesson with her and have some high hopes for her! Well we dropped J it was a hard decision but we had to she isn't being completely honest with us! We actually dropped a lot of our investigators it was hard so this week we are going to do a lot of finding this week and are going to work extra hard! On the plus side we have two C and V who are progressing very well, their baptism will be on the 15 of November! They have such a strong testimony of the church and we are super excited for them!!!

I also learned this week that those who die before they are 8 or those who have autism will go to paradise and then go to Celestial kingdom straight not needing baptism or any other covenants! We were arguing that they still needed work done for them but then we studied it very deep and found they already inherit Celestial Kingdom so that was something that we learned in our apartment this week! Are argument was the only way a person can inherit the kingdom of God is If they are born again by water and by the spirit John 3:5. So we were like that's why baptism for the dead is so great so we can do their work and that proves gods mercy, but then we studied the words of prophets and apostles and they said they inherit the celestial kingdom!!

Well I can't believe we are already over with October now months feel like days for me I can't believe it, If I go home in August I have 9 months left its wild! I love my mission...don't like the sun but love my mission haha! I have strengthened my testimony so much on this mission! I know without a doubt that is our Saviors Church! I know that we if we keep our covenants we will live with our families forever!! I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ I love him so much! I love you all very much, I miss you three everyday but know you are all happy and doing well...Colby you’re a stud boss!!!

I love you all tons!!!

Elder Duke!!

 (I asked him some questions so he wrote back and answered them)

My area is called Kaneshie but I proselyte in a place called Darkuman official town, and odokor official town.  It’s a very hard area but it’s been good for me to be here. We deal a lot with women because men go to work in the day and dont come back until late in the evening so its been okay.  If I had the choice to go back to Oda I would do it in a heartbeat. I would not have to think twice about it.  The city is sweet because you have a ward of around 100 or so members and they speak English which is nice but it’s just different style of missionary work, you don’t have to speak Twi because most speak English so it’s just different but the city is still cool.  My district is called the Kaneshie District.  Elder Valdez from Orem is our District leader, I have been with him for 5 months now so we get along really well, actually his cousin lives right next to Jason and Melisa, we pulled out google earth and we could get to his cousins house in 5 minutes from Uncle Jason’s. then his companion is Elder Miller from the U.K. he is one of our only UK missionaries, he is a great humble guy and is fresh in training and doing well, then we have Elder Jesse from Sandy who is one of my good friends in the apartment we get along really well and love to argue about the gospel but it brings us closer together and we have a ton of fun, then his companion Elder Akpossu from Bernin, he is a quiet humble guy and is so righteous, I swear he will be an apostle one day, he once said I wonder how missionaries would act if Jesus was their companion, he is a great guy.  Then its elder  Bangi and myself.  Elder Bangi is a stud and we get along really well he is humble and loves to laugh he always says make others happy so we are always laughing and smiling.  Well everything else is about the same.    My converts our doing well and are staying active and our happy so I am happy about that, I’m a happy camper and just enjoying life.