Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 60- Stay Strong, Have Courage, Trust in God!!!

(Taylor, found out in this email that his cousin, whom he adores, has to have dialysis at Primary Children's Hospital while she waits for a kidney and liver transplant.  She will be living there with her mom and dad for the next few months.)

Hey you guys!!! I am on sorry it’s so late, we had a meal we had planned more fufu haha!!:)  I would really appreciate that:)  I am sad this email but I remember I read a talk by one of the prophets and they said it’s okay to be sad, don’t think because you are mourning or you are sad it is questioning your testimony, it means you love that person.  I follow the Saviors example, even though Christ the very son of God had the most Perfect knowledge of the Plan of Salvation he still wept with the families when they were sad.  Everything will be okay:) :) :) Cami is a fighter and she has support on both sides of mortality and spiritual so she is being watched out for:)  I love you though all very much!!!

 (Taylor actually took the time he had to write to his Aunt and Uncle and they agreed to let me post it.  I thought it was a great letter and very comforting)

Hey Uncle Preston and Aunt RaeAnne!:) I love you guys!! I heard the news that you had to do Dialysis with Cams. It’s okay I wish I could be there to support you, know that I am here thinking and more importantly praying for you both.  I just want you to know that I love the both of you very much; I admire the strength you both have very much.  Uncle Preston and Aunt RaeAnne, I’ll be honest I have learned something out here on my mission that will help me in my life.  I have learned the power of prayer! I know that Heavenly Father always hears our prayers and he knows what we are feeling and what we stand in need of.  I have learned that even though we do what is right, we keep our covenants, we pay our tithing, we fast, we serve, we have good intentions and we pray STILL it seems our life isn't easy!  I ask why?  I remember when I was very sick when I first came to Ghana, I was homesick, physically sick and mentally sick, I sat in the bathroom crying to myself thinking here I am trying to be obedient, keeping my covenants, and trying to do what is right, but still I was very sick, but still I was the one experiencing these things while my companion was doing the exact opposite and was having an easy time? I was asking God why do you do this? Then as time went on and I was able to study every morning, one morning when I was thinking why this happens I had a spiritual experience that the reason Heavenly Father does that is he trusts us and he loves us. Now we think awww if God loves us then why would he do this to me?  I then had another spiritual experience that the reason why is it’s like a sports team.  When a player does something wrong the coach will correct the player, why because the coach wants the player to be better than he was.  However as soon as the coach doesn't mind the player and allows the player to make mistakes time after time without correcting him it shows that he doesn't care or trust that person.  Now I learned Heavenly Father is the coach and he is trying to make us better because he really does love us!! I thought about that and it really made a difference in the way I looked at trials, I now tell Heavenly Father thank you for this trial, thank you for trusting me to be better, thank you for loving me enough to cut me down to allow me to become who you want me to become!! Remember....................... "Hardships Often Prepare Ordinary People for an Extraordinary Destiny..." -C.S Lewis..............Preston and RaeAnne stay strong, I know Heavenly Father is there with you every step of the way! He loves Cami so much remember it’s his daughter too.  Preston and RaeAnne I love you both very much, I wish I could be there with my whole heart but I will see Cami again!!! Please tell Cami "Tawa Duke loves you very much!!"  I will be there in prayers I love you guys tons!!

Love you both very much!!! 

Elder Carson

 (He did write this real quick email the next day)

Hey family! It sounds like this week was an okay week! For me I'm doing really good, just trying to endure and push along through the grind of missionary work! Everything is cool here in Ghana! As well before I forget I pulled some money out it was 200 cedi , 100 was for my suit and the other 100 was for me.... I did terrible on sub this month but as well I bought some shower cream and other hygiene stuff. As well it was Elder Bangi's bday so I bought him a cheeseburger and have done that a couple times so next month should be a little better I always feel so bad taking money out it pains me the whole day. I was sad and happy to hear about Cami. It's a bitter sweet moment but its part if the process. She will do fine she is a fighter and everything will work out in the end. I felt so dang bad as I read your guys email I just wanted to be there I felt like there was nothing I could do and I didn't like that very much but as I thought about and relaxed small I was fine! Everything will be okay I will see Cami again! Stay strong though for Preston and RaeAnne they will need your strength, I know Corban is there watching out for them he will be their guardian angel!  Well mom dad and Colby! Thank you so much for the emails I really appreciate it a ton! Colb man it sounds like you are doing good little brother I'm glad to hear that, don't worry man I’ll be home soon and it will be chill, a ford ranger though chili you just bought a dodge Cummins bro haha man you act like your 30 little brother! Dad and Mom thank you for the emails I really appreciate them I love you both and pray for you both every day!  This email is short and nothing really in it but everything is cool I just want to lay low while you are with Camille and everything. Remember priesthood blessing as well with her!!!!  I love you all very much! You are always in my prayers and always on my mind!!

I love you guys tons!!!

Elder Duke