Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 18

Family, I apologize for not getting on at the normal time but we had a zone activity today and so we did that and now I am barely able to sit down and email you!  However they are closing in 30 minutes, I'm bummed but I think we will come tomorrow and I will email you a longer more detailed explanation of my week.  I love the emails, and tell grandma I got her package I loved it!  I love you all so much I am healthy, I am happy, I’m enduring this grind.  I love this work and I love my heavenly father.  I love you all so much, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to email you but if I don’t than understand my predicament and know that I will email more next week.  The work is moving on and we are bringing more souls unto Christ.  I miss you all tons.  Please be safe snowboarding and snowmobiling.  I love you all tons!!
Dad real quick transfers are in two weeks, Bednar is coming on the 30th I'm so pumped he is my favorite apostle, I don’t need anything dad I have more than enough.  I love you all tons!!
Love you all tons!!!

Elder Carson