Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 18 continued

Etesen family!! How are you all doing?  I am doing so good haha im
just killing it out here in Ghana haha I have to say I almost feel
like this is my home it’s kind of different haha and these are my
people!  I am sorry that I didn’t get to email you yesterday very well
but we had a zone activity and then had some errands we had to do
after and by that point the cafe was closing down!  You all sound
great I can’t believe the weather is this out of wack something is up.
I am a little nervous about it but know that you are always in my
prayers. Dad I am glad you are able to stay busy while you can’t
snowmobile dang it get that ole plane fixed up!  Mom I can’t believe the
school year is half way over what the heck its flying by I was just
talking with elder dike and I would have been out 4 months
yesterday...haha its flying.  I am glad the boys were able to come and
visit they are a handful but I miss them a ton I am glad you were able
to see them and they have the desire to serve their heavenly father.
I always pray every day Father if there is one thing I would want in
return for trying my best in this mission would be to bless my family.
So I am glad that lord is keeping up with his end of the bargain like
I know he would! 

This week though we were able to do a little service for the church they
cut down a bunch of trees on the church premises.  So we chopped the
wood (African style) and moved them up this hill!  I think I mentioned
last week how they did it but we did more of it haha they get a piece
of steel, place it on the log and then use a big hammer looking thing
and hammer it in until it splits haha its just different.  L wasnt
around this week dang it so we weren't able to teach her.  However our
investigator S came to church and we extended him a date so that
marks 3 times visiting church and he accepted it with great desire so
I think we will baptize him next week.  Again this isn't me doing all
the work with my investigators it’s the lord and the Holy Ghost.
Literally the Holy Ghost just does all the work and I just speak with
as much love as I can!!  Ha I got a haircut and Africans lol they don’t
know how to cut white man’s hair haha so basically I have a mullet lol
so I proselyted with a mullet lol it’s funny the boys in the zone were
laughing at it when they came down!  Jonesy said I look freaking old
though it’s funny the Africans think I’m in my thirties for the most
part and married so I always have to clear that up right away and some
still don’t believe I’m 19!!   I don’t think I have mentioned before but
it’s kind of different most of our lessons take place outside at least
for me!  You contact a house and they bring out chairs or stools and
you teach it’s so cool I love it but it doesn’t really give you a rest
from the heat!  You really have to work smart in this mission because
you don’t want to be out in the sun too much so you have to work
diligently!  Dang this is random but I love the pineapple here and
man I love fufu it’s so good!
I wanted to let you all know though that I am so proud of the family!
I wouldn't change this family for anyone else’s. I love you all tons! 
A message I wanted to share with you this week is something
that has helped.  Personal study is so important and truly I have
been inspired to study something and literally will teach that same
thing usually not that day but within the week it’s wild.  I had a case
last week I shared with you Nephi and how he didn’t murmur and that was
something I studied on Saturday well I taught that to my recent
convert family on Wednesday ha the lord works in mysterious ways.
Well again I have really come to understand the importance of
patience.  When I was going through trials and obstacles I learned how
important this is!  In the book of alma when alma and Amulek, or alma
the younger, or anyone else in alma was going through a hard time the
lord would always say bear with patience (alma 26;21)  and I will
grant unto you success.  Never does the lord say okay your trial is
gone but he always says bear with patience and I will ease those
burdens. I have come to realize that Heavenly Father has a plan much
greater than we can understand which reminds me of the scripture in
Isaiah 55, 8-9!  Part of that plan is for us to be tested, maybe to
the point where we might quit but if we bear the trial with patience
he will surely grant unto us success and show us the light at the end
of the tunnel!  Overall we have to rely on faith and trust in the lord
and he will direct our paths which is one of my favorite scriptures
Proverbs 3, 5-6,  if we have faith in him and his plan for us I
promise that he will deliver us out of our trials.  I know he answers
our prayers, and he I know one thing he loves us beyond our
I forgot to tell you though we have water but it doesn't fill up our
polly tank as fast as it used to I think because when they dug it, it
was rainy season and now its dry season so we don’t have as much water.
 It has rained small so I hope we can get more water but I’m back to
bucket baths, I truly love them though I get my music going, sit on a
stool and just listen to music, ponder the day, and take my bath haha!
 As well for dishes we fetch water than put bleach in the water to
kill all the germs and then wash the dishes haha don’t worry though I
am getting an iron stomach and I am striving to be positive every day
and find the joy in the work every day!!

Family I love you all beyond any word to describe!  I miss you all
like crazy and am so proud to be a carson!  I sent dad a birthday card
and some letters so dad don’t open it until your b-day!  Be safe!!

 Tell aunt Melissa thank you for the email they always build
me up and I am thankful for her!!:)  It was great elder dike and I
went and saw mommy B and the girls and the youngest son g
on Wednesday and Saturday!  Well it was so much fun we played games
and shared spiritual thoughts with them.  Mommy prepared us rice and
stew both days and we really had a great time we spent almost three
hours there on Saturday and the girls were asking mommy B if
we could stay until 10 haha dang I love. It was crazy though 
Elder Wall and Sister Well came down and
they brought an extra frying pan and they didn't mean to but I was like
I will take it and so they gave it to me.  Following that we went
right to B’s house and I had the pan and g looked in the
bag when I was inside and showed mommy well she is such a humble
person and told him to return, but anyway as we were leaving g
pulled it out again and mommy said g Chii (stop) (sp?) and put it
back well I came to realize that they needed a frying pan so I was
like mommy please take it we don't need it!  She rejected many times
but I then just took it and put it in her house!  I could tell she was
overwhelmed with gratitude and elder dike and I came to realize that
she needed a frying pan!  I think that the lord knew maybe that she
needed a frying pan and that it maybe was an answer to her prayers but
overall I am glad that I gave it to her!  I love giving!  It was great
though we were really enjoying and having a great time and then after
the spiritual thought elder dike and I gave we realized that fast
Sunday is coming and so we felt that they should all bear their
testimonies so we all bore our testimonies and it was great we were
like who should go first and mommy stood up, fast, and happy and said
I will dang I was so happy!  I was crying as the girls and mommy bore
their testimonies, and then I helped g bear his he is only 7
years old and it went great!  Mommy said elder Carson will you come
back and baptize g?  I wish I could but they need to develop
relationships with different missionaries, and more importantly
members so when I leave they will still stay strong recent converts!
The girls testimonies went we didn't think this church was true, we
were always told this church wasn't true but then they said as the
missionaries taught us and we began to pray we knew that it was true!
It was so powerful here these 12, 10, 13 year old girls gave some of
the strongest testimonies I have ever heard!!!  I know that there
isn't much flow to my emails but thoughts just over flow my head as I
begin to write and I hurry so ignore my spelling and grammar!! It was
neat though after the testimonies I asked every person to say a prayer
and then I followed with the last prayer and it was such a great
compliment to me Mommy said everyone quiet Elder Carson is going to
pray for us and she said it like with the respect that she wanted to
hear it and it just was the tone of voice where she respected me and
desired for me to pray for her and the family dang I love it!!  Again
I apologize for being spotty and writing with no flow!!!  As well
Elder Bednar and Clayton are coming I am so happy he is my favorite
apostle!! They are coming on the 30th I am so pumped I feel like it’s
the World Series!!  The bush missionaries get to spend the night in
the temple apartments as well so I will get to spent the whole day
with my boys Bianucci and Jones and then get to take a hot shower and
sleep with AC holy cow it’s going to be the best two days ever.  And
sleep with carpet.....dang it’s so sick!!!!!  I love you all tons!!!:)

Love You all Tons!!!:)

Elder Carson