Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 17

Thank you so much for the emails I always love reading
them, moms gives me the details, dads make me laugh, and Colby’s help
me know things are usual;)

This week was great it amazes me how the lord prepares his children
and it seems that we as missionaries are just reaping in the reward.
It amazes me how we set a goal and have no idea how to achieve it but
somehow we seem to achieve and accomplish our goals.  As missionaries
if you stay close to the spirit and work hard the blessings will come
it seems the lord does most of the work and we are just there to be
the messengers!  We were able to find some good people this week a
woman named L who just lost her mother and so we discussed the plan
of salvation with her but it’s so frustrating they don't understand that
there is only one true church it’s just like well I go to church, I'm
blessed so we really try to help them understand hey there is one true
church, it’s this one, we have the priesthood but of course we do it in
a loving way!  We have seen many miracles since being here and things
that would take too long to write down but the lord is always with us
as missionaries and if we trust in him and just lose ourselves he will
do the rest. I am so thankful for the holy ghost and the role it plays
for us a missionaries but more importantly the role it plays for
conversion of investigators!!:)    B's baptism was beyond words
to describe.  I love her so much and I love her family so much!  When
I leave Oda there will be tears for sure.  I am almost crying writing
this with the love and joy I have for her!!:)   She was so happy for
me to baptize her as well it was funny there was a little lizard in
the font so we baptized the lizard as well haha!!:)  She was glowing
with the spirit and the lord really has prepared her now my goal is to
get the father into the waters of baptism as well!! This week we will
continue to focus on finding more people, I should say more serious 
people, we could literally teach 20 lessons in one day just because the 
people it seems just always let us in but we are trying to find serious 
people we are hoping for this girl L. As well a boy has come to church 
with his father he is around 16 years old so we will extend a date to him 
and baptize him at the end of the month again the lord is just preparing his children!!:)

I know I have really been focusing on gratitude and not thinking about
ourselves but it’s something that is really important to me.  I have
really seen the importance of expressing our gratitude and to never
murmur.  I hear a quote in the last general conference doubt your
doubt before you doubt your faith!!  It is true at times we face tough
trials or persecution but before we turn to murmur and ask why just
give thanks instead.  I have made it a personal goal that whenever I
feel like murmuring or complaining instead I will turn to the lord and
express to him how grateful I am for the blessings I have.  It reminds
me of a story in the book of Mormon when I’m sure we all know the story
but when Laman and Lemuel bound Nephi up on the ship on the way to the
Promised Land.  When they untied him poor Nephi had swollen ankles and
joints and I'm sure was suffering from exhaustion, hunger, thirst and
many more things.  However Nephi said that through his trials he did
not ever murmur against his god.  Wow what a great example of a true
testimony and a man that trusts in the lord.  I hope and pray that I
can strive every day to follow the example of Nephi!!:)

This week though was usual I wish I had more to share but we are just
trying to find more investigators and serious people to teach.  All my
other investigators are baptized and are strong converts of the
church.  They come almost every Sunday and we are working on getting
them callings:)  I love my family so much Mom, Dad, And colb man, I
love you guys tons!!:)


Love you all tons,

Elder Carson